Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Has Anyone Heard From The Tea Party Lately?

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We haven't seen much of the Tea Baggers lately, and an intensive search brought some of them out of their lairs...

They don't seem to want to run against their favorite enemies - because money talks and the Wall Street Cons and the Country Club Cons have tons of it.

"Is the tea party afraid of John McCain?"

Senator John McCain is shown. | Getty
"The senator’s hardball tactics seem to spook would-be challengers.

"By Manu Raju and Kyle Cheney 4/15/15 5:41 AM EDT.

"'Absolutely, there will be a tea party challenge,' McCain said in an interview about his race.
'I think they have to be ready,' McCain said of his potential opponents, with a smile. 'Everybody knows it’s not beanbag.'

"What’s happening in Arizona isn’t unusual: Tea party groups are having a hard time ousting GOP senators in key primaries across the country. Coming off an unsuccessful 2014 midterm season — after taking out Republican senators in 2010 and 2012 elections — the activist right has yet to field formidable candidates in any of the 22 states where Republican senators are currently running for reelection.

"Even in states where there’s a potential threat from the right, such as Illinois, Republican senators are building up big cash reserves that will make them very tough to beat..."

But where did the rest of them go?

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(Not that we miss them.)

Naturally, the Baggers ARE pretty embarrassing to their mentors who gave them all that attention to begin with...

...and by embarrassing we mean REALLY embarrassing...

And by really embarrassing, we mean hateful and crazy... this famous Bagger...

...especially when facts take care of all their complaints.

So are they breaking out a new Tea Party?

Because the old one really sucked...

...because besides the crazies, it was filled with idiots like this gal...

...and this guy...

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...and of course, this Bagger too.

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Maybe those morons fled the country...

...and that would make their buddies in the defense industry really sad!

But don't worry, there's a whole new breed a-coming...

...with membership cards and everything...

...and by "new," we mean the "same old thing..."

...because haters gotta hate... matter what...

...even when their rats leave the sinking ship of Tea Baggery...

...and there's always room for even more of them.


We were just kidding, of course.

The Tea Baggers are still out there, even though the Conservative leadership made a terrible mistake in creating their own Frankenstein monster and wishes the monster would keep quiet.

Some think that the creation of the Tea Party ushered in an era where the inmates have taken over the Conservative asylum.

And some think their organization has made a difference at the polls.

In either case, it's pretty good reason for demanding that we...all together now:

Criminalize Conservatism!

Joyce, Jnr.


"How did [the Holocaust] happen ? Because God allowed it to happen…
because God said, 'My top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come
back to the land of Israel.'"

Rev. John Hagee in 2006, aired on YouTube in 2008.