Friday, April 10, 2015

When Rats Leave A Sinking Ship: Conservative Turncoats

When things get real, Conservatives stand a good chance of losing their converts, like these people...

...and this lady...

"Anti-Vaxx Mother Abandons Dangerous Belief After All of Her Children Contract Whooping Cough."

"Anti-vaxxers are as much a public hazard as Open Carry. And one Canadian mother found that out the hard way when she discovered that her children would have to undergo treatment for whooping cough.

"Tara Hill and her husband, Gavin Hill, chose not to have their seven children fully vaccinated. It was the result of an 'uneasiness about the medical system.' However, this position changed quickly when they arrived at CHEO on April 2.

"According to the Ottawa Citizen:
"That’s why they arrived at CHEO at 4 a.m. on April 2. It took four days for the lab to confirm whooping cough, and antibiotic treatment began this Tuesday. The parents aren’t sick, but the kids are all confined to their home for five days, at which point Ottawa Public Health says they won’t be contagious. 
"Tara Hills was stunned. 'I thought: Am I actually looking at whooping cough in the face? Could it be possible?' 
"The disease was one of those historical oddities she never even thought about dealing with, like smallpox or diphtheria. 
"But she and her husband, Gavin, had chosen not to have their children fully vaccinated — not through strong opposition, but more from uneasiness about the medical system.

"Prior to this, Tara wrote in a blog post that she wasn’t sure who to trust, and that her anti-vaxx views were influenced by a “distrust” for 'Big Pharma...'"

Even this guy turned traitor when he realized how stupid he was.

"Tomgram: Jeremiah Goulka, Confessions of a Former Republican."

"Joining the Reality-Based Community 
"Or How I Learned to Stop Loving the Bombs and Start Worrying 

"By Jeremiah Goulka

"I used to be a serious Republican, moderate and business-oriented, who planned for a public-service career in Republican politics.  But I am a Republican no longer.

"There’s an old joke we Republicans used to tell that goes something like this: 'If you’re young and not a Democrat, you’re heartless. If you grow up and you’re not a Republican, you’re stupid.' These days, my old friends and associates no doubt consider me the butt of that joke. But I look on my 'stupidity' somewhat differently.  After all, my real education only began when I was 30 years old.

"This is the story of how in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and later in Iraq, I discovered that what I believed to be the full spectrum of reality was just a small slice of it and how that discovery knocked down my Republican worldview.

"I always imagined that I was full of heart, but it turned out that I was oblivious.  Like so many Republicans, I had assumed that society’s 'losers' had somehow earned their desserts.  As I came to recognize that poverty is not earned or chosen or deserved, and that our use of force is far less precise than I had believed, I realized with a shock that I had effectively viewed whole swaths of the country and the world as second-class people.

"No longer oblivious, I couldn’t remain in today’s Republican Party, not unless I embraced an individualism that was even more heartless than the one I had previously accepted.  The more I learned about reality, the more I started to care about people as people, and my values shifted.  Had I always known what I know today, it would have been clear that there hasn’t been a place for me in the Republican Party since the Free Soil days of Abe Lincoln..."

Naturally, we'd like to see the Cons jump the Congressional ship...

...which will make everyone happy - and healthy!

It's hard for some people to admit that Conservatism is evil...

..even though every once in awhile, they'll vote their consciences, much to the chagrin of their base.

Some object to the rats leaving their ship...

...but it never seems to happen with the Democrats, and we can't help asking why it's never the Liberals who jump ship.

"Why Liberals Are Smarter Than Conservatives."

liberals smarter than conservatives

"A friend shared an article on my Facebook timeline that explained 'Why Liberals Are Smarter Than Conservatives' by Satoshi Kanazawa. The article was originally written for Scientific Fundamentalist.

"Some of the highlights:
"Liberals usually support such social welfare programs and higher taxes to finance them, and conservatives usually oppose them. Defined as such, liberalism is evolutionarily novel." 
"Kanazawa explains that humans are generally evolutionarily designed to be altruistic toward their genetic relatives, friends and allies, and their own ethnic group.  But liberals are different.
"[Liberals have] the genuine concern for the welfare of genetically unrelated others and the willingness to contribute larger proportions of private resources for the welfare of such others."
"The reason we are genetically geared to care about our own is because our ancestors lived in small bands of genetically related individuals. As such, larger cities with huge populations are also evolutionarily novel.

"As it turns out, study shows that liberalism was absent in traditional cultures.This is apparent in the 10-volume compendium The Encyclopedia of World Cultures, which describes the more than 1,500 human cultures known to anthropology. Sharing of resources and food was more common among hunter-gatherer tribes. Trade with nearby tribes did take place, but there is no evidence that any tribe freely shared their resources..."

But to tell the truth, Cons usually stick together because stupidity is incurable - and hatred is also pretty tough to wipe out when you're a proud Conservative.

Image result for rinos traitors


Whether it's because of rationalization or denial, few Conservatives jump ship, making life unbearable for the poor and the middle class.

And although Conservatism is responsible for the misery, death, lousy education, and teen births in their own Red States, few Cons see that they're responsible for putting the Cons into office - against their own best interests.

If the Cons stick together, especially with their wealthiest and greediest patrons, the country is doomed - unless...

...we criminalize Conservatism as soon as possible.

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"I couldn't imagine somebody like Osama bin Laden understanding the joy of

George W. Bush.