Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conservatives: People Who Need Something Or Someone To Hate

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Today's title was inspired by a comment yesterday from a Facebook guest "NW" and it made us wonder: Do Conservatives deliberately proselytize the most hateful people in our society?

We decided to take a look at some of today's news and views to see if we were right, starting with this question...

"Remember When People Didn't Talk Like This In 'Polite Society'?"

Remember When People Didn't Talk Like This In 'Polite Society'?

"When I read this, I thought perhaps I was reading some historical account of a speech that took place decades ago.

"When I heard it, it felt like I had been transported by a time machine into Mississippi's back rooms during the Civil Rights movement.

"But no, this was broadcast last Friday by Michael Savage. Last Friday!

"'The white man is a quiet man and a peaceful man,' Savage said, 'and right now the white man is very, very quiet, and very, very peaceful, and like many dictators before him, Barack Obama thinks the white man will remain quiet and subdued forever. Hitler made that mistake; Hitler boasted that his supermen, his Hitler Youth, would easily wipe the floor with the GI Joes that were being sent over…. But it was the white man who defeated Superman in World War II. Let me tell you something else, you push the white man only so far, you’re going to have a reaction like you’ve never seen.'"

"Savage added that Obama, whom he called a 'lunatic' who hates America, is 'flooding America with illegal aliens' and pushing for the Iranian nuclear negotiations to irritate and incite white people into a revolution.

"I know Savage is a loon. I get that. But even for the lunatic fringe right, this steps into a place they've largely only implied. Here, he's speaking plainly about how downtrodden poor white folks are because of their African-American President. The Hitler reference is no accident, either.

"This is the beginning of the 2016 Republican GOTV effort. Every single wedge issue they can use, whether it's race, religion, nationalism, abortion, or anything else that stirs the pot, they will use. Including Hitler, and it's really disgusting."

Hate is in the eyes of the beholder, of course...

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...and there's a reason why Conservative haters are beholden to the ignorance of their followers...

...it's because only haters would love platforms like these:

But haters gotta hate...

...and they have to have reasons to hate...

...because it's what the Conservative haters do best.

(By the way, Can't you smell the irony in their Hate Platform?)

But getting back to our review of Conservative hate, here's another example of people hating others - against their own self interests...

...and here is a typical example of a Conservative hater.

Hate can be intermixed with insanity when it comes to the Cons...

...and when they are in the attack mode, you can see that ignorance gets added to all that hate and insanity...

...added with racism...

...and sexism...

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...and democracy...

...all together with a boatfull of lies and greed, because that's the Conservative way!


There's a reason why the Conservatives are filled with hate: They hate because that's what greedy people do when they see that other people are trying to help other people in need.

Conservatism is anti-American, but the Cons don't really care - because Conservatism is all about greed, nothing else.

When a political party spews hate day after day after day, something is wrong.

And when that same party woos the most hate-filled morons to support them, something is REALLY wrong.

Which leads us to our familiar question: Isn't it about time to criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"The ACLU is to Christians what the American Nazi party is to Jews."

Jerry Falwell.