Sunday, March 15, 2015

Who Are Those Guys, Anyway?

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They say that they're a political party, they say they love our "freedoms," and they say that they are experts on defense and finance.

They're proved that over and over that none of these "beliefs" are true - but who are they really?

Well, we get to see them on the tube...

...but who are they, really - and how do I know if I should join them?

Maybe we should get some opinions from other people...

Conservatives say that they're not racist...

...and they say that they're "pro life..."

...and that say that they just LOVE our veterans, the poor, and our children too!

(Unless the greed factor enters the picture.)

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But you gotta admit that they have a way with words.

They are our true believers in the law...

...and honor and truth-telling too.

They also say that they're for equal rights...

...but it's hard to tell, because we never see anything about their real values on the media.

We know that they want to take us back to some glorious past...

...where someone said something about them once.

They say they're concerned about our security...

...and that they're more patriotic than anyone else...

...because we're Number One!

But getting back to our original question, here are some of those guys - and gals...

...and all of them share the same values...

Image result for typical AND republicans OR conservatives matter what it costs other people...

Conservatism always comes with a high price tag.

Conservatives are the same, world-wide.

But Conservatives are busy little beavers...

...because it takes a lot of work to make the little guy appreciate what you're doing for him.

So now do you know who they are?

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And now that we know who they are, now we wonder - why?


Conservatism isn't about liberty, freedom, or anything else they tell you they are - because who they really are would suprise and offend you.

Conservatives love the rich so much that they believe that the rich are the only ones fit to rule.

Conservatives don't mind who they steal from or who they kill as long as their rich benefactors make money.

And Conservatives will lie about anything and everything to get power and to keep it.

Isn't it time to criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"I’ll tell you who should be tortured and killed at Guantanamo - every filthy
Democrat in the U.S. Congress."

Sean Hannity.