Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who Should rule,The Moneyed Aristocracy Or The People?

Who should rule, the moneyed aristocracy or the People?  Democrats in a democracy know, but let's find out what the Cons want via some of the news and memes of the day - starting with this warning from the lawless Cons.

Some call Conservatives terrorists...

...and we'll admit it's a close call.

Some call Conservatives extremists and racists...


...and with their sponsorship of the extremist NRA, some call them murderers...

...and murder is an important aspect of Conservatism's War On Women...

"GOP Lawmaker Warns Women Will Die If Texas Keeps Defunding Planned Parenthood."

Pro-choice activists in Texas rally in support of Planned Parenthood
Pro-choice activists in Texas rally in support of Planned Parenthood/AP photo-Eric Gay
"A Republican lawmaker in Texas is pushing back on her colleagues’ proposal to gut funding for cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics, warning that women will die if they don’t have access to the health providers they need.

"The Texas Senate is currently attempting to restructure the state’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening program in a way that would prevent Planned Parenthood from participating. It represents lawmakers’ latest attempt to strip funding from the national women’s health organization, which has come under repeated attack from abortion opponents..."

...while others say they are just representing the interests of the people who pay them.

And while it seems to be legal, these payoffs amount to wholesale bribery for our death merchants...

...because death is a watchword in Conservative circles where profits are the name of the game...

...unless we're talking about our wounded warriors.

"Family Values" isn't just a Conservative meme, it's a way of life bizarro-style...

Conservatism and human extinction will be synonymous soon through their lies...

The Cons can never tell the truth, of course...

...but it would be fun to see what would happen if they did.

Here's what happens when they own just two branches of government...

...and we see these con artists even legitimize racism!

But accusations of obstruction should be backed up by facts... should we call them "Conservatives?"

Now we know who they are, and here is their natural habitat:


The whole point of our American Revolution was to abolish aristocracy in favor of the People, but Conservatives take a contrarian view - a view that's anti-American, QED.

When this view is backed up by lies and propaganda, the stealing and killing continue unabated and even rise when the Cons are in power.

This sounds like something an organized criminal cartel would do.

Don't you think that criminal syndicates should be prosecuted and punished?

If so, it's time to criminalize Conservatism.

Joyce, Jnr.


"It (Social Security) is a giant Ponzi scheme."

GOP Senator, Ron Johnson.