Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why Conservatives Love Stupid People.

It's no hidden secret that the GOP courts the dumbest and most vile sections of our society, and we understand why they need the vile people - but why the stupid ones?

The advent of the Tea Party let some of them creep into public life and one of the dumbest of the dumb, Christine O’Donnell, even ran for political office where we were treated to idiocies from her like, ""If evolution is real, then why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?" and ""American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains."

But first a little housekeeping - You probalby say we have no proof that Conservatives are really that stupid...but check out what science has to say about that as we repost three of the five studies below:

"5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid."


5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid
Photo by David Leo Vekler
"'Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes' is a study performed by researchers at Brock University, and it caused quite the commotion when its results were released. The researchers found that having lower general intelligence in childhood could predict conservative and racist ideas as an adult. That’s right: having a low IQ score makes you more likely to vote conservative… and be a racist.


Fox News less informed

"It’s not like we really needed a study to tell us this, but the survey “What You Know Depends on What You Watch,” undertaken by Fairleigh Dickinson University, found that watching Fox News results in knowing less about the world. Researchers asked 1,185 respondents which news shows they consumed and then asked general questions about newsworthy events.


Conservatives are dumb.

"Let’s get this out of the way first: Yes, there are 'liberals' out there who are homophobic. That being said, homophobia is a largely conservative disease. It’s conservatives who usually hold homophobic attitudes and fight against marriage equality. With that being said, let’s look at abstract reasoning skills.

"A researcher out of Kent State University undertook a study he would eventually title 'Abstract Reasoning as a Predictor of Attitudes Toward Gay Men.' What he found was no big surprise. Those who have lower abstract reasoning skills experience higher levels of anti-gay prejudice.

"When they looked at other predictors of anti-gay prejudice, they found that right-wing authoritarian ideas were most strongly related to this prejudice. So lacking abstract reasoning and being a right-wing nut job increases your prejudice against gays..."

Now that we have that out of the way, let's take a look at some of the stupidities from the rightwing Sheeplets...first, we see how stupid people voting makes a difference for all of us:

They get their "news" from propagandists like this...

But let's see some more, you say? Well, there are these people...

..and these people...

...and this person...

Image result for stupid conservative signs

...and these peeps too.

Stupidity may be contagious, so watch out when you see them in large groups!

The stupidity of Conservative followers can be amazing...

...and the stupidity of their leaders can be even more mind-boggling.

So the next time you hear something like this...

...or this...

...or this...

...or even this...

...or these people:

...just remember that there's a reason why they love stupid people:

...just as long as they're living, breathing voters.

Here is the saddest thing about Conservative voters...

...even though the fog of stupidity means that they'll never get it... they eat garbage prepared by garbage men who laugh and laugh all the way to the bank.

...because ignorance and politics just don't mix well...

...and this is what you get by voting for ANY Conservative...

...while these guys also laugh and laugh at YOU...

...for voting for guys like this evil guy:

And why does the Conservative leadership proselytize stupid people?


We've seen the proof that Conservatives are bigots and really, really stupid.

We've shown how Conservatism preys on and depends upon the meanest and stupidest people in our midst.

And we've seen WHY they proselytize these dumbheads.

Isn't that enough of a reason to criminalize Conservatism!

Joyce, Jnr.


"Capital punishment is our way of demonstrating the sanctity of life."

GOP Senator, Orrin Hatch.