Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is Conservatism A "Moral Philosophy?"

Conservatives claim that Conservatism is a "moral philosophy," but is it really?  The evidence suggests otherwise when we realize that the Cons' sponsors are the richest and greediest among us...

We've already seen what a minority of white men can do to a small community...

...and we know what happens when they take control of a state.

"Wisconsin right-to-work law heads to Scott Walker's desk despite union fight."

Wisconsin right to work
A crowd rallies inside the Wisconsin state capitol as the state assembly debates the right-to-work bill in Madison on Thursday. Photograph: Amber Arnold/AP
"State labor leaders rail against legislation over concerns it will cause a drop in membership state legislature votes to pass bill 62-35.

"With Governor Scott Walker saying he will sign a so-called right-to-work law on Monday, Wisconsin’s labor leaders are railing against the legislation and rushing to take steps to minimize any drop in membership and dues it might cause.

"Indeed, some union leaders say the legislation – which prohibits requirements that employees at unionized workplaces pay union fees – will do more to buoy Walker’s hopes to win the Republican presidential nomination than to hurt Wisconsin’s unions.

"Wisconsin’s Republican-dominated state assembly debated the legislation late into Thursday night, and approved it on Friday morning by 62 votes to 35..."

We know they'll take advantage of policies that they pretend to deplore, even when they send innocent baby girls to be raped...and that doesn't sound very moral.


Image result for justin harris arkansas state rep
"In September 2013, Arkansas State Rep. Justin Harris gave his adopted daughters to Eric Cameron Francis, utilizing a ridiculous law that allows people in Arkansas who adopt to 'rehome' the kids if it doesn’t work out.  Rehoming isn’t subject to oversight, it’s a private transfer of children as though they were cattle.

"In April 2014, Francis raped one of the girls, a six-year-old.  Harris said he was 'sickened.'

"He was sickened because Eric Francis was an employee at the daycare Harris and his wife run, the 'Growing God’s Kingdom' pre-school. What he failed to mention was that he had given Francis the little girl after he and his wife decided they didn’t want her anymore.

"That’s but half the story of the deplorable human being that is Justin Harris.

"Harris, a so-called champion of smaller government, collects $900,000 a year to indoctrinate 150 students at his daycare. Of that, only 6% comes from private funds. The rest is taxpayer-funded money directed towards needy children..."

But Conservatives claim to be the "moral majority," don't they?

Some of the Conservative mafiosi want other things for America, and morality has no place in their actions...

...especially when they spout off on religion.

But if you paid attention to how they vote, you might change your mind about their lies...

Sure, their followers are incredibly dumb - but is that an excuse to dumb them down even more?

We know they don't want to put their constituents back to work...

...and we're pretty sure they don't like people of color.

And finally, can you guess how many things the Cons will eliminate if we give them the chance?

So tell us now, are the Cons purveyors of a "moral philosophy" or are they just successful criminals?


Conservatives love to talk about their expertise in business, until their leaders plunge us into depressions.

Conservatives love to talk about "individual responsibility," but only to con their supporters into believing that all of them can be millionaires.

And Conservatives don't mind stealing and killing, if it means that their billionaire bosses can't get the biggest piece of the American Pie.

Isn't it about time to criminalize Conservatism? 

Joyce, Jnr.


"It (Social Security) is a giant Ponzi scheme."

Ron Johnson, GOP Senator.