Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Should We Do With Our Conservative Criminals?

Before we discuss any punishment, we need to establish the criminality of the "political philosophy" called Conservatism, so let's check in on their plans for us...

"The Terrifying Future Of Republican America Revealed In 27 Photos."

Here's what our future looks like:

LA Smog 1968 and Cuyahoga River fire 1969

"Two countries have major pollution issues, but — thanks to the Republicans — only one has any interest in doing anything about it. And it’s not us.

"Pollution in China’s a serious problem, and we Americans sure love feeling superior to them. There’s just one problem: We’re not. The wealthy plutocrats who run this country aren’t just exporting America’s jobs to China, they’re also exporting our pollution. No minimum wage, safety or environmental regulations? A win-win. Plus, our Captains of Industry get to export their filthy oil and coal to China, too.

"But wait… Not so fast. First, outsourcing our pollution to China is coming back to bite us in the butt. 29 percent of San Francisco’s particulate air pollution comes from China, according to ZME Science. Second, the Chinese government has begun taking major steps to address pollution in China. Sure, they’ve got a long way to go. But at least they’re moving forward. Here in America, we’re moving backwards..."

"...It’s morning in Republican America.

Pollution in china: Polluted water way with dead fish.

"For those of you who are too young to remember, cities in the US looked an awful lot like the following photos from China. And if we let Republicans take down the EPA and roll back the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, this is what we’ll see in the near future..."

That was what they want to do and this is what they did:

Criminals often have the backing of those with the bucks...

Image result for republicans AND crime OR criminals

This is how they work their criminal magic...

This is how we should see them...

Sure, some people need to destroy things - that's okay, isn't it?

"Conservatives Need To Destroy Things And They Don't Care If It's YOU."

Conservatives Need To Destroy Things And They Don't Care If It's YOU.

"Total destruction gives conservatives a better erection than Viagra. Look no further than Kurt Schlicter's column over at Townhall.com today, aptly entitled 'Let's Destroy Liberal Academia.' It reads like the soft porn of conservatives' manifesto.

"To be a conservative is to desire the complete and absolute destruction of anyone and anything that isn't conservative.

"It excites them. Thrills them right down to the tingle in their leg. The prospect of burning down the house, the country, the rivers and streams, and even the polar ice cap is thrilling to them. The stuff of wet dreams.


"Sure, the legions of administrative timeservers, otherwise unemployable tenure ticks, and loan-loaded future baristas who infest our colleges will be plenty sad. After all, their free ride will come to an end when we derail their gravy train.

"And it shall be glorious, for the tears they shed when forced into a world that demands achievement, effort and accountability, will be a powerful tonic for productive citizens like us who have carried these obnoxious parasites for the last few decades. We won’t mourn modern academia’s passing. Once a college education was an aspiration. Now it’s a punchline.

"First step. Make it all zero-sum. Your opponents are cardboard cutouts, sucking off the public teat while making a mockery of whatever institution you hold dear. For Schlicter, who surely carries the water for his conservative idol David Horowitz, today's target is public universities..."

Here's another way to look at one of the biggest problems of Conservatism's impact on the world:

You say you need more evidence that Conservatism is a criminal cartel? Here are just a few examples..

Here is the pride of Conservatism: The Red States...

Those poor people haven't been able to figure out that they're being conned...

...as they think that the worst thing about our democracy is...our democracy.

Here is what they want to do to us...

Somehow we have to rid ourselves of the scourge of extremist Conservatism...

...as well as the worst aspects of capitalism...

Some how we haven't gotten rid of these pests...

...and if we do, some wonder where they will go.

And even if we get some great ideas from men of genius...

...the answer might be in our history books!


The problem with stop-gap measures to combat criminals like Conservatives is that they are relentless in their War Against Democracy.

Criminalizing Conservatism involves the monitoring of politicians and "pundits" whose every action and word is aimed at overturning the Constitution and marching towards the New American Age of Feudalism.

It also involves adding the phrase "the People" to the tired old meme that corporations are responsible to their shareholders, so that our laws read: Corporations are responsible to the People first, then to their shareholders.

Isn't it way past time to criminalize them before they criminalize us?

Joyce, Jnr.


"I think the government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a
televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle
East and sending liberals to Guantanamo."

Ann Coulter.