Sunday, February 15, 2015

We Found Out What The Letters "GOP" Stand For!

We dug up this oped from a few years ago, when the Wall Street Journal decided that "GOP" was outdated...

"'GOP' Means...What?"

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"Apparently there has been some hand-wringing going on at the Wall St. Journal about using the term "GOP," as Francie Grace reports in her post, "What Does 'GOP' Stand For?" at CBS News Politics:

The elephant - symbol of the Republican Party since 1874 - remembers that GOP stands for "Grand Old Party," but increasingly, the elephant is standing alone...At least that's the thinking at The Wall Street Journal, which has decided to stop using the acronym to refer to the 148-year-old political party.
In an internal memo issued to staffers last week, Journal higher-ups said the term GOP will be dropped because not all readers know what the letters mean, and some may not realize that they are a reference to the Republican Party.

Grace adds that reporters will still be able to use the term in quoting people who say it. There's a bit of convoluted logic behind the WSJ's reasoning, having to do with the word "Grand" supposedly indicating some pro-Republican bias. Horrors, you say, aghast that the Journal would stoop to such political bias. Here's a taste of the tortured soul-searching behind the decision from the text of the memo:

"Because the short form may seem baffling (or even spin-doctored) to some new readers, we want to avoid its use in articles and headlines," says the memo. "Beginning in December, use it only in the direct quotations and then be sure to explain what GOP means. Even among people who know that GOP refers to the Republican Party, many may not know that it stands for Grand Old Party."

We'll all sleep a little better, knowing that the WSJ remains ever-vigilant against creeping conservative bias. 'Grand' indeed. Harrumph.

But the fun behind Grace's post is in the comments section, where wisecracking Dems have their say. Among the printable responses:

"'This is the party of Greed Over Principle whose goal is to create a Greedy Oligarchic Plutonomy,' writes ProgressiveRepublican. '(G)reed, (O)bstruction, & (P)aranoia party,' says mb99. 'Greed Over Prosperity,' adds wdrussell1. 'Guardians of Privilege' from 88 Ronin..."

Those are some interesting suggestions, and here's a poll that tells us a bit more...

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...but they forgot this one:

Maybe we can figure out what those letters stand for by looking at who belongs to that organization...

And we might see WHO the Economic Elites are to find our answer...

...and of course, what they do:

Sometimes these GOPers talk in code...

...and the code can be hidden by one lie after another.

So it's difficult finding out just who these guys are, except to a few among us with some smarts...

...and sometimes it's not that hard at all for the rest of us.

...because they don't care who knows.

Believe it or not, there's been a GOP for a long, long time...

...doing what they do best:

So NOW we know what those letters stand for:


Greed is the basis of EVERYTHING the GOP stands for, and as we've pointed out for years the Republican Party is a hidey-hole for the criminal cartel known as "Conservatism."

Conservatism is and always was focused on one thing, the enhancement of power and riches for the one percent who fund and sponsor the GOP.

Some call Conservatism Murder, Inc., and some call it fascism, but either way it's extremism, pure and simple.

When Conservatism is finally outlawed and the assets and income of the greediest among us is distributed to the 99 percent, then we'll only see the GOP as an ancient, barbaric group that almost killed us off by stealing everything they could while almost plunging us into extinction.

Isn't it PAST the time to criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"Whenever the Republicans talk of cutting taxes first and discussing the
national security second, they remind me of a very tired rich man who said to
his chauffeur: 'Drive off that cliff, James, I want to commit suicide.'"

Adlai E. Stevenson.