Saturday, January 3, 2015

Are Democrats And Republicans "Just The Same?"

"Democrats give away their old clothes; Republicans wear theirs. Republicans employ exterminators; Democrats step on the bugs. Democrats eat the fish they catch; Republicans stuff 'em and hang 'em on the wall." -- Sean Donlon.

Libertarians, Ralph Nader and others of strange political beliefs like to say that there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans, but is it true? Let's take a quick look...

But the GOP knows how to legislate, they aren't criminals, you say...

"Republicans in state governments plan juggernaut of conservative legislation."

In this 2013 file photo, Arkansas legislators meet in the House chamber at the state capitol in Little Rock, Ark. New Republican governors in states such as Arkansas and Arizona and legislators in North Carolina, North Dakota and elsewhere will prioritize cutting personal or corporate income tax rates. (Danny Johnston/AP)
"Legislators in the 24 states where Republicans now hold total control plan to push a series of aggressive policy initiatives in the coming year aimed at limiting the power of the federal government and rekindling the culture wars.

"The unprecedented breadth of the Republican majority — the party now controls 31 governorships and 68 of 98 partisan legislative chambers — all but guarantees a new tide of conservative laws. Republicans plan to launch a fresh assault on the Common Core education standards, press abortion regulations, cut personal and corporate income taxes and take up dozens of measures challenging the power of labor unions and the Environmental Protection Agency..."

So there are a few differences? Show me their agendas, if you please...

Some accuse the Democratic Party's people of fibbing on occasion...

"Fox Tells Viewers ‘Obama Is Banning Donuts And Sprinkles’ (VIDEO)."

"Of course none of this true. Still, if you needed more proof that the right wing cares a lot about corporate profits but not at all about the lives of American citizens, the latest right wing donut narrative should provide all the proof you need.

"As most people know, trans fat has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

"More than 15 years ago the FDA began requiring food manufacturers to list the amount of trans fat in their products on the nutritional label. Since that time, the amount of trans fat consumed by Americans has steadily declined.

"In 2013, the FDA took steps to begin phasing out trans fat from the American diet altogether. At this point, most companies have already replaced the unhealthy fat with other ingredients.

"But facts never stop the right wing from telling their uninformed, government-hating viewers a good scary story.

"Obama is bad. The FDA is evil. They want to take away your cake, donuts and sprinkles..'"

Of course there are other differences, like this...

And this...

There's even a difference between the parties' supporters...

Especially when it comes to the confusion of all those conflicting issues...

However even the people the Cons worship wouldn't approve of them... the supporters of the Cons are psychologically different too.

So the next time you're tempted to say both parties are the same, especially after watching them at their jobs -- don't bother.


"Nuts" is one word used to describe today's Conservatives, but we would like to suggest "corrupt," "mean-spirited," "traitorous," "diseased," "extremist," and with more than just one word that encapsulates their relentless Class Warfare against the People: "The representatives of the richest and greediest among us."

The GOP is Conservatism's party, and it has never done a thing to help the People, because their aristocratic sponsors hate the People with a white-hot passion.

The Rich will never change, so the only hope for us is a progressive tax schedule like we had in the the 50s, some asset confiscation, and the means to...

...criminalize Conservatism!  (Joyce, Jnr.)


"John Connally's conversion to the GOP raised the intellectual level of both parties."

Frank Mankiewicz.