Thursday, January 1, 2015

Conservatives: Stupid, Liars, Mean, Or All of The Above?

As we begin the New Year, we're once again faced with the question: Are Conservatives stupid, liars, mean, or all of the above? Let's see how the Cons behaved last year...

"The “Damn, These People Are Stupid” Awards For 2014."

2014 Stupid People Awards

"The 'Is Our Children Learning' Award.

"Leading off the ceremony is a Hall of Famer dolt, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, who laments that 'the problem with American schools is just that kids are…learning too much.' That’s the sort of thinking that makes every other item on this list possible. It is also a recipe for growing new Fox News viewers who appreciate the stupidity of people like Carlson.

"And let’s also give Carlson an honorary mention for his screed on 'The Wussification Of Popeye...'"

So that's one vote for "stupid," let's move on...

"Conservative Media And Ethics - An Oxymoron?"


"During a segment of The Ed Show on MSNBC Monday evening, host Ed Schultz was joined by political analyst Zerlina Maxwell and Senior Fellow at Media Matters Eric Boehler to run down the list of this year’s biggest ethical disasters by conservative media.

"You can't consider what a wreck Fox News is without thinking of Scott Brown. The former Senator and Cosmo centerfold has been a regular on the network for years. After Brown lost his 2012 Massachusetts re-election to Elizabeth Warren, he went running to Fox as a paid contributor where they fawned over him — not on his policy, but on superficial matters — and gave him a platform for the next step in his political career.

Ben Carson Obamacare

"There’s also Fox News host Mike Huckabee and former Fox News contributor Ben Carson who have let Fox boost their political careers. Fox is primarily responsible for the rise of Carson from an unknown pediatric surgeon into a bombastic political figure. Carson recently released a 40-minute biographical ad, setting him up for a 2016 presidential run. Fox broke ties with Carson after he announced he was releasing the biography, while Huckabee is still enjoying the benefits of having his own show on Fox, despite it being obvious he is thinking about running for president as well.

We'll mark that down as a vote for "mean," and move on to "stupid" again with a Goldie Oldie...

Then there's the candidate for "liar..."

"Stupid" and "mean" get mixed up sometimes with our Conservative friends...

Here is the "mean."

And here is some evidence for more "stupidity."


"It’s that time of year again when we all take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the joy of the last year. It’s also the time of year we bring to you the stupidest, most asinine Republican quotes of the year. Get some popcorn or a barf bag and delve into the dumb.

"Republicans on gay rights:

"Anthony Culler (R-SC): “If you believe in traditional families and that marriage is defined as an institution between one man and one woman then I ask you to start acting like it and START VOTING like it! Do not buy the ‘cuteness’ and ‘What will it hurt?’ arguments whispered in your ears and marketed to our children. Same-sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.” 
"Don Young (R-AK): “You can’t have marriage with two men. What do you get with two bulls?” 
"Texas Republicans: “If the right to select ‘partners of their choosing’ is the criterion used to invoke marriage as a fundamental right, then marriage restrictions on age, polygamy, and consanguinity are also ripe for challenge.”
(Click here for the rest of the moronic quotes --> )

And finally, we have Louie Da Liar...who is also stupid and mean.

"Watch: Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert Compares President Obama To An Alcoholic (VIDEO)."

"On a serious note, where does the irrational hatred and disrespect towards our president end? Since he took office in January 2009 (and here we are in January 2015), Republicans have gotten more sinister, more vile, and more outrageous in the things they say and the conduct in which they see themselves in.

"Take Louie Gohmert as a perfect example of the right’s repulsive standard for  speech regarding President Obama. While appearing on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom two days ago, the Republican Congressman from Texas thought it would be necessary to compare the Commander in Chief to an alcoholic. Why would he say such a thing? Because, in the mind of Gohmert, President Obama has “admitted” that the Democratic Party is 'the party of no:'

"Trace: 'It’s gotta’ be great news, the President says he wants to work with Republicans now.'

"Gohmert: 'Well, what he says is he wants to get out his pen and veto. But what I’m excited about is after all these years, Trace, now the President is finally admitting they’ve been lying, he and Harry Reid, all those folks that have been saying “Republicans were the party of no,” he’s basically admitted in this statement that “Uh yeah, we’ve been the party of no,” but I have been able to rely on Harry Reid to say no so I didn’t have to. But we’ve been the ones to really stop it. That’s what I’m hearing in that statement. And I’m glad the President is finally admitted, like an alcoholic, the best news is when you finally admit what your problem is...'"

We've tabulated the votes, and the winner is...All of the above!


We like to say a la Bill Maher that we kid the Republicans - but we don't because their stupidity is mixed up with their special kind of extremist lies and meanness and class warfare is the result.

The GOP was once the finest bunch of liars on the planet until recently when the Tea Bagger nuts took over the Conservative asylum, making the GOP the Party of Stupid, Mean, Liars.

We're also kidding ourselves if we think that this kind of behavior should be condoned.

Because a better, more democratic country is only possible if we criminalize Conservatism.



"I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid
persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and
undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it."

John Stuart Mill, in a Parliamentary debate with the Conservative MP, John
Pakington, May 31, 1866.