Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Some Advice For A Young Conservative

We don't hear much from the younger members of the Conservative "movement," and we thought we'd show how we are fair and balanced we are, just like the "people in the know," the folks who bring them the news...

But that might prove to be too confusing for the Conservative youngsters, so let's start with the basics: How a bill becomes a law...

...followed by a short history lesson...

"Blast from the Past: Ron Paul’s '92 Newsletter on the LA Race Riots Gives Advice on Murdering Black 'Animals.'"

"There’s a non-zero chance that everything Rand Paul injects himself into will get worse; insert “race” or “poverty” in the subject line and that skyrockets north of 99%. For instance, earlier this week, Rand Paul gave his reaction to the riots in Baltimore — blaming the unrest on black culture and 'breakdown of the family structure.'

"Paul also blamed it on the 'lack of a father' — basically, every racist dog whistle that you’ve ever heard — and said that he’s “sympathetic” to the police. Bad as he is, he’s got nothing on his old man, Ron Paul, who released a special newsletter on 'racial terrorism' shortly after the LA Riots.

"Ron Paul is the original Libertarian Messiah. It used to be a popular joke that his minions would invade forums and post various memes about a 'Ron Paul Revolution.' Paul is also connected to Gary North, the son-in-law of R.J. Rushdooney. Rushdooney, for those who don’t know, advocated 'theocratic libertarianism,' which is summed up as, 'hamstring the federal government; replace state governments with the church...'"

...with a little science thrown in...

...because no self-respecting Cons want to be called ignorant!

"When researchers trolled conspiracy nuts with random false info, they bought it every time."

deadstate conspiracy theories

"According to a February study, conspiracy theorists are so gullible, they completely lack the ability to know when they’re being purposefully duped.

"Looking at the social media habits of people who subscribe to chemtrails, 9/11 trutherism, reptilians and the Illuminati, a team of Italian and American researchers found that these people rarely engage with social media pages that challenge their views, encapsulating themselves in a self-affirming bubble of misinformation.

"Social media proved to be the flashpoint of this phenomenon, since it perpetuates misinformation and allows it to be shared and amplified at a rate not seen before the rise of the Internet.

"From The Raw Story:
"The researchers examined social media patterns for 1.2 million Facebook users and found that nearly 92 percent of those who engage with Italian conspiracy theory pages interact almost exclusively with conspiracy theory pages. 
"The study also found that conspiracy theory posts are much more likely to be shared and liked by Facebook users. 
"The researchers then tested the strength of these users’ biases by posting 'troll information' – or sarcastic comments parodying anti-science views – on Facebook.

"'These posts are clearly unsubstantiated claims, like the undisclosed news that infinite energy has been finally discovered, or that a new lamp made of actinides (e.g. plutonium and uranium) might solve problems of energy gathering with less impact on the environment, or that the chemical analysis revealed that chemtrails contains sildenafil citratum (the active ingredient of Viagra),' the researchers said.

"A whopping 78 percent of those who 'liked' the 4,709 troll posts interacted primarily with conspiracy theory pages, as were 81 percent of those who commented on them.

"The researchers also made sure to point out that 'cognitive resources' were wasted when people who reject conspiracy theories took time to engage in disputing the unscientific 'troll' claims."

But Conservatism isn't about your lack of intelligence, young Con - it's also about the Big Lie...

...and a whole lot of little lies...

...and some fun and games...

...and a whole lot of hate - like this...

...and this...

...because you have to learn how to hate...

...because hate sells...

...under any other name you pick...

...especially if a certain young Conservative is on his way to the White House!


If you love the hater and hate everyone else, you're a Conservative.

If you commit crimes in the name of a "political party" called the GOP, you're a Conservative.

If you believe that nothing is more important than cutting taxes for the rich and eliminating every regulation that helps your fellow citizens because the rich need more money, you're a Conservative.

And if you believe that lies, murder, and theft are necessary to get your own way, you're they typical Conservative that has helped inflict misery on the poor and robbed the middle class of almost all of their money.

So - isn't it time to...

...criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for
the society that tolerates homosexuals."

Jerry Falwell.


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