Friday, April 24, 2015

Rednecks And Billionaires: Two Conservatives Bases of Support

The image the Low Information Voters have of Conservative Republicans is the guy in the coat-and-tie, quaffing down cocktails as he offers his sage advice about business and the economy, while bragging about his knowledge of all matters military...but is this image a true one?

Mr. Bush indentified his *funding* base quite correctly, but neglected to mention his other base - the Tea Bagging Redneck rightwing evangelicals.

Let's take a look at both bases and see whether they fit our notions of the democratic voter, starting with a look at how Congress has been polarized because of these bases...

"See Congress polarize over the past 60 years, in one beautiful chart."

"The growth of partisan polarization has transformed US politics in recent decades, and the effects are especially visible in Congress. Now a new paper in PLOS One (and flagged by Wonkblog's Chris Ingraham) demonstrates this transformation in a particularly cool way.

"Six researchers — Clio Andris, David Lee, Marcus Hamilton, Mauro Martino, Christian Gunning, and John Armistead Selden — have created a visualization of how likely the House of Representatives' Democrats (in blue) and Republicans (in red) are to vote with their own party, or to cross party lines. The change over the past six decades is remarkable:

Polarized Congress

But back to our thesis on the Two Conservative Bases... we see the pablum that the billionaires' lackeys give to their other base...

"Republicans Want to Give Employers The Right to Discriminate Against Women who use Birth Control."


"When you think of 'pro-life,' does discriminating against women for using birth control and family planning services in a work environment spring to mind? If it doesn’t, you’re not GOP enough.

"Against all odds, a House committee voted to overturn a new D.C. law on Tuesday. This pressing law that desperately needed overturning?

"One that prohibits employers from firing women because they use birth control.

"Still don’t think they’re coming for your birth control?

"From the Washington Post:
"A House committee voted to overturn a new D.C. law on Tuesday night that would ban discrimination on the basis of employees’ reproductive decisions." 
"The rare congressional effort to turn back a local law pleased social conservatives who view the measure as a threat to religious organizations that operate in the nation’s capital. But it signaled a potentially perilous new chapter in partisan relations between the liberal city and its Republican overseers." 
"Over outbursts from activists for D.C. statehood, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 20-16, and along party lines, to block the law. To succeed, the repeal would still have to pass a vote of the full House and Senate, and President Obama would have to sign it within the next two weeks."
"The Post notes that Republicans urged House budget leaders to block funding for the reproduction discrimination law, just in case the congressional repeal doesn’t succeed before the May 2 deadline. And it probably won’t, so D.C. may be looking at a finance bottleneck..."

...resulting in problems like this:

And here is the Other Base, the greediest and wealthiest in the country...

"For the GOP, it's the billionaires' primary."

David Koch
David Koch, who recently spoke favorably of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as a Republican presidential candidate, speaks in Orlando in 2013. (Phelan M. Ebenhack / Associated Press)
"The news that delivered the biggest jolt to the 2016 presidential campaign this week wasn't anything the candidates said or did.

"It was an offhand comment from a billionaire, David H. Koch, at a dinner of wealthy Republicans in New York.

"'Scott Walker is terrific,' Koch told a reporter for the New York Observer. 'He's a tremendous candidate.'

"The New York Times reported that Koch was essentially endorsing the Wisconsin governor as his favorite in the GOP race. It sounded as if the Koch primary, in which Republicans compete to unlock billions of dollars from a network of conservative donors, was over.

"That's where the action is right now in the not-very-majestic process by which we are choosing our next president. The most important players aren't the candidates; they're the mega-donors. In American politics, money talks.

"That's always been true, of course. But this year, we're reaching new lows: The Republican race has devolved into a battle among headstrong billionaires, each with a pet candidate..."

...operating under the protection of something called the "GOP..."

...which has something to do with this "political party" that ONLY represents the interests of the rich and powerful.

But let's see what they look like when we mix the two together, like this Tea Bagger...

...and what happens when the billionaires' pals woo the Tea Baggers...

...especially with hard cold cash...

...and the promise that hooks the religious folks until they believe in the holiness of the rich and greedy.

Image result for david kuo

Sometimes the poor babies get SO confused...

...especially when their billionaire buds command them to look as crazy as they can.

But the supporters of greed are relentless, aren't they...

...almost as relentless as their hypocrisy!

And sometimes the Baggers get REALLY confused...

...but the tycoons NEVER do...

...because no matter what they say, their redneck followers are kinda intellectually challenged.

Both of the bases share the same fears...

...but those fears aren't really shared by anyone else.

And finally, the Other Base doesn't really care if the Tea Baggers look stupid...

...because that's the way they like it... matter what the evidence says...

...because this is what the rich base has in store for the poor base, giving new meaning to the term, "Conservative Sucker!"


The success of the Conservative "movement" has always depended on the proselytizing of the most stupid voters in the polity - voters who can be counted on to vote against their best interests.

In a participatory democracy, ANYONE with ANY sense would shy away from candidates who believe that the rich should rule the rest of us.

But El Estupidos don't get it - AND they are the loudest supporters of the billionaires and their political lackeys and propagandists.

Shouldn't there be a law to weed them out of our politics and out of our hair - before it's too late?

Joyce, Jnr.


"If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another
Democrat president.''

Ann Coulter.


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