Friday, April 3, 2015

How To Play The Conservative Blame Game

Here are the lyrics To The Name Game, to help you with the Conservative Blame Game...

Shirley, Shirley bo Birley Bonana fanna fo Firley
Fee fy mo Mirley, Shirley!

Lincoln, Lincoln bo Bincoln Bonana fanna fo Fincoln
Fee fy mo Mincoln, Lincoln!

Come on everybody!
I say now let's play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody's name
The first letter of the name, I treat it like it wasn't there
But a B or an F or an M will appear
And then I say bo add a B then I say the name and Bonana fanna and a
And then I say the name again with an F very plain
and a fee fy and a mo
And then I say the name again with an M this time
and there isn't any name that I can't rhyme

Arnold, Arnold bo Barnold Bonana fanna fo Farnold
Fee fy mo Marnold Arnold!

But if the first two letters are ever the same,
I drop them both and say the name like
Bob, Bob drop the B's Bo ob
For Fred, Fred drop the F's Fo red
For Mary, Mary drop the M's Mo ary
That's the only rule that is contrary.

Okay? Now say Bo: Bo
Now Tony with a B: Bony
Then Bonana fanna fo: bonana fanna fo
Then you say the name again with an F very plain: Fony
Then a fee fy and a mo: fee fy mo
Then you say the name again with an M this time: Mony
And there isn't any name that you can't rhyme

Every body do Tony!
Pretty good, let's do Billy!
Very good, let's do Marsha!
A little trick with Nick!

The name game

Here is how you play the Name Game...

And here is how Conservatives play the Blame Game - First, they find a scapegoat...

"Republicans are Mad Because Obama is the President They Wished George W. Bush Had Been."


"It’s no secret that the vast majority of Republicans absolutely loathe President Obama. While some of it has to do with racism (especially among the tea party ranks), a lot of it stems from their jealousy of his presidency.

"...because he’s exhausting diplomatic efforts with Iran (along with many of our allies) to avoid another disaster like the one Bush caused, Republicans are up in arms, using all sorts of “this will lead to the end of our great nation” ridiculous rhetoric. Basically because the conservative vision for our future is so simplistic and small, they can’t grasp the “bigger picture” that President Obama sees. All the while, he’s taken a strong stance on Israel to show that we won’t let another nation dictate to us what we will or won’t do with our foreign policy – something Republicans seem far too spineless to ever do. It’s not that President Obama isn’t loyal to our ally, but it’s possible to be loyal to a nation while still thinking that nation’s leader is pompous ass who’s trying to have proxy control over your international affairs. Though when you look at how Republicans have behaved these last few weeks concerning Israel, one has to wonder, to what country do they really pledge their loyalty? I’ve never seen a time in our history where an entire political party showed more respect to a foreign leader than they do to our own president..."

...and then they play the Blame Game - like this guy...


Image result for mike pence blame

"The barrage of criticism for Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has backed Governor Mike Pence into a corner that no Presidential hopeful could possibly weasel his way out of.  Pence’s answer to the problem is to flip-flop his position, offer some pleasant pro-gay sound bites, promise to 'fix' the law and blame Obamacare.

"That’s right.  Mike Pence is now in favor of adding the LGBT community to anti-discrimination laws after telling George Stephanopoulos it was absolutely 'not on the agenda.'

"He assured the people of Indiana and his critics that if he went to a restaurant that refused to serve people based on their sexual orientation that he would not eat there. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joked:
"So, if you were worried that gay people might be refused service by a business in Indiana now, don’t worry. That could never happen because the state has decided to wield the grave threat of depriving businesses of Mike Pence’s personal patronage."
"To cover himself for signing such an atrocity into law while still pandering to the right-wing Christian extremists, Pence blamed the whole debacle on Obamacare:
"Many states have enacted [Religious Freedom Restoration Acts] of their own …  but Indiana never passed such a law. Then in 2010 came the Affordable Care Act, which renewed concerns about government infringement on deeply held religious beliefs. Hobby Lobby and the University of Notre Dame both filed lawsuits challenging provisions that required the institutions to offer certain types of insurance coverage in violation of their religious views. 
"Last year the Supreme Court upheld religious liberty in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, based on the federal RFRA. With the Supreme Court’s ruling, the need for a RFRA at the state level became more important, as the federal law does not apply to states. To ensure that religious liberty is fully protected under Indiana law, this year the General Assembly enshrined these principles in Indiana law. I fully supported that action..."

...and this gal too.

"Michele Bachmann Grotesquely Compares President Obama To Suicidal German Pilot."

Image result for michele bachmann blame

"Michele Bachmann is no stranger to making outrageous, asinine comments. She actually makes a living off of it. And she is certainly no stranger to criticism of President Obama. She has accused him of supporting terrorists, of being anti-American, of being a socialist, you name it.

"However, Bachmann today took the criticism a step further when she grotesquely compared President Obama to German pilot Andreas Lubitz who recently murdered 150 passengers when he decided to commit suicide and crash his plane in the French Alps. And how could Michele Bachmann ever come to such a rabid, insanely offensive conclusion? She doesn’t like his Iran deal (the one that hasn’t even happened yet).

"Posting on her Facebook page, Bachmann said:
"With his Iran deal, Barack Obama is for the 300 million souls of the United States what Andreas Lubitz was for the 150 souls on the German Wings flight – a deranged pilot flying his entire nation into the rocks. After the fact, among the smoldering remains of American cities, the shocked survivors will ask, why did he do it?"
"Leave it to a Republican to exploit a tragedy just to take a swing at the President Where does one begin to address the level of stupidity this woman exerts? It is almost comical how ignorant this woman is of anything that is going on around her. This is coming from the woman who said carbon dioxide is not poisonous, that Huma Abedin, former advisor to Hillary Clinton and wife of Congressman Anthony Weiner, along with Congressman Keith Ellison, are members of he Muslim Brotherhood..."

There might be a reason why the Cons blame everyone else for their troubles - it's called "elections."

Of course, that guy seems to be blaming the president for his troubles EVERY DAY...

...because when they play the Blame Game, everyone forgets about what the Cons are really doing behind the curtain - with things like this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and even this...

...because the Cons really, really love you so much that they don't want you paying attention to anyone else!


It takes a kind of a lower intelligence to buy all the accusations that the Cons hurl at anyone else but themselves, but who else would believe the lies but the intellectually challenged - you know, the morons with a touch of meanness.

The Cons can only exist in an uneducated country and they're doing everything they can to dumb our children down as fast as they can.

Conservatism is all about blame.

Conservatism is all about lies.

Conservatism is all about suffering and death.

Conservatism needs to be criminalized ASAP.

Joyce, Jnr.


"They (Republicans) blame the low income women for ruining the country
because they are staying home with their children and not going out to work.
They (Republicans) blame the middle income women for ruining the country
because they go out to work and do not stay home to take care of their children."

Ann Richards.


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