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How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Be A Conservative?

We've noted that the stupidity of the average Conservative is running neck and neck with the hatred that they generate each and every day, leading us to our question: How stupid do you have to be to be a Conservative when you know exactly what they stand for?

Of course we have to have some evidence that Cons are stupid, so here are a few pieces of proof, like this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and of course, this.

And they even fall for satire like this...

But all kidding aside, they really are that stupid!

"5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid."

5 Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Prove Republicans Are Just Stupid
Photo: David Leo Veksler.
"There are all types of statistics that could lead one to believe that liberals are smarter than conservatives. These include the fact that 'Blue States' have higher graduation rates than 'Red States' and the fact that most people who seek higher education have liberal ideologies.

"But in reality, these numbers provide circumstantial proof at best. We need something more. Something that fully delves into the minds of conservatives and liberals to see just what’s going on. Though the right-wingers out there might not want you to know it, studies that do just that already exist.


"'Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes' is a study performed by researchers at Brock University, and it caused quite the commotion when its results were released. The researchers found that having lower general intelligence in childhood could predict conservative and racist ideas as an adult. That’s right: having a low IQ score makes you more likely to vote conservative… and be a racist.

"Now this isn’t to say that all Republicans are stupid. On the contrary: I fully believe that rich Republicans are some of the smartest people in the world. They literally trick poor Republicans into thinking it’s the big bad government’s fault that they’re poor, and in doing so, they make these people vote against their own best interests.

"Even though being conservative doesn’t make you stupid, there’s no doubt that being stupid makes you more likely to be conservative.

(For the rest of the studies, go here -->

We know that life can be confusing at times, but a little research can prove us wrong IF we don't mind admitting that we're wrong instead of hiding behind a veil of denial.

And understanding your denial might wake you up to understand what the Cons are really about...

Most Conservatives don't mind telling you that they are for "limited government" and "individual responsibility," but they don't tell you that those are code words for "no taxes from the rich" and "no benefits for you."

Here are some of the other code words that the Conservative spin machine pumps out day after day after day:

But why can't the typical Con figure that out?  Here are a few reasons why...

"13 Ways Republicans Have Declared War On Average Americans : So Why Do People Vote For Them?"


"If nine and out ten polls keep telling Congressional Republicans what their constituents want regarding the economy, it’s amazing that they not only do the complete opposite, but continue getting reelected.

"One day someone is going to have to explain to me why certain people continue to vote the party line while the Republicans continue to raises taxes on already struggling lower wage earners, while they also propose in their nonsensical ridiculous budget, that is doomed to fail should it ever get passed, one that cuts taxes for the top 1.5 percent.

"If gutting taxes for the super wealthy, screwing around with entitlement programs, forgetting about our ailing infrastructure, all but demanding a war, while doing nothing to help our economy is the aim of Republicans – then congratulations. The Republican proposed budget does all that and much more, all damaging to 99 percent of American Citizens.

"Obama has cut our annual deficits by more than 50 percent since he took office, fact checkers have found. Obama’s 2016 budget would continue this, cutting about half a trillion next year, and $1.8 trillion over the next decade.

"Here are the lucky unlucky thirteen reasons why Republican members of both houses of congress have declared a war on the middle class and the have-nots while the average Americans’ living standards slip further down the ladder rungs.

  • Bleed domestic programs to death.
  • Who needs new or better jobs?
  • Who needs a good education?
  • Who needs health care anyway?
  • Next on the chopping block: Social Security.
  • Privatize Medicare, health care for seniors.
  • Kick 7 Million Poor People Off Medicaid.
  • Our century’s version of “Let Them Eat Cake.”
  • But give the Pentagon more blank checks.
  • And use the excuse of endless war to do it.
  • Corporate taxes are still too high, right?
  • And the rich can’t afford to pay, either.
  • But working class and poor must pay more.

"The Republican’s budget proposals would undeniably make life much harder for millions of average Americans. So I’ll ask again; why do people keep voting for them?..."

So the answer to our question is that you can never be too stupid to be a Conservative, and incidentally, Conservatives fall for the spiels of guys like these guys...

...and these conmen from the GOP house organ.


Stupidity by itself isn't a crime, even though in most cases it's incurable.

The crime that works for the Conservative leadership is dumbing down our kids to match the stupidity of their followers.

Coupled with hate and lies, Conservative stupidity has brought our country to its knees.

Don't you think it's time to...

...criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn't even one study that can
be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.''

Rep. Michelle Bachmann.


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