Friday, February 13, 2015

What Minority Is Destroying America?

The short answer to our question is the rich, but the answer also includes the minions of the rich - the mafia-like Conservative capos and their button men.

What does the so-called political philosophy of those hired by the rich and greedy?  Let's take a look as we first see one of their most recent ploys to put even more money in their pockets...

"Malevolent Republicans Plan Deep Cuts to Food Stamp Program As 1 in 6 Americans Go Hungry."

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"According to a report from the Wall Street Journal yesterday, the GOP is gearing up to tear apart this country’s food stamp program.

"Starting this February 25, the House Agriculture Committee is planning to hold the first of several hearings to discuss the Republican’s plan.

From the WSJ:

"Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R., Texas), who is leading the charge, said he wants to stay away from the type of party politics that can doom reforms before they are proposed. But as the son of a roughneck on oil rigs, he said he favors the kind of hard work that 'built America,' suggesting any changes will lead to a smaller program and fewer recipients.

"'A family that depends on their own work is more secure,' Conaway said. 'There’s a dignity in taking care of yourself.'

"Over 46 million people receive benefits from the program, which is double the amount that did ten years ago. In that time, the costs have tripled, going from $27 billion in 2004 to $74 billion in 2014.

"One tactic Republicans are focusing on is 'tighter eligibility requirements...'"

Naturally, the rich don't like their kids hanging around our kids. because our kids are too dirty and not white enough for them...and they call US out for starting class warfare?

"Robert Reich: How a Wealthy California Town Makes Sure No Poor Kids Attend Its 'Public' School."

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"A California school district hired a private detective to build a case against a 7-year-old Latina.

"America is embroiled in an immigration debate that goes far beyond President Obama’s executive order on undocumented immigrants. It goes to the heart of who “we” are. And it’s roiling communities across the nation.

"In early November, school officials in Orinda, California, hired a private detective to determine whether a seven-year-old Latina named Vivian – whose single mother works as a live-in nanny for a family in Orinda — 'resides' in the district and should therefore be allowed to attend the elementary school she’s already been attending there.

"On the basis of that investigation they determined that Vivian’s legal residence is her grandmother’s home in Bay Point, California. They’ve given the seven-year-old until December 5 to leave the Orinda elementary school.

"Never mind that Vivian and her mother live during the workweek at the Orinda home where Vivian’s mother is a nanny, that Vivian has her own bedroom in that home with her clothing and toys and even her own bathroom, that she and her mother stock their own shelves in the refrigerator and kitchen cupboard of that Orinda home, or that Vivian attends church with her mother in Orinda and takes gym and youth theater classes at the Orinda community center.

"The point is Vivian is Latina and poor, and Orinda is white, Anglo and wealthy.

"And Orinda vigilantly protects itself from encroachments from the large and growing poor Latino and Hispanic populations living beyond its borders..."

But have you even thought about what the rich folks' party stands for?

...or what they really want in their heart of hearts?

To the rich, Conservatism is the means for taking everything from us that isn't nailed down - like our wages - it's the same old con game that we've seen for decades and it smells like conspiracy to us...or an oligarchy.

(If you don't believe it, take a look at this chart.)

Conservatism is the belief that the rich shouldn't have to fork over anything "of theirs" for the public good, like health care.

"RepubliCare: The GOP Alternative To ObamaCare Is A Corporatist Sham That Hurts Patients And Enriches Insurance Companies."

"Republicans in Congress just held their 56th vote to repeal or cripple the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare). It is a pointless waste of time and taxpayer dollars that will never become law, but the wingnut obsession with this boondoggle never seems to let up.

Throughout the debate over ObamaCare, conservatives have tried to pretend that they are concerned about the welfare of the American people and that they intend to replace ObamaCare with their own version of reform. But more than four years have elapsed since ObamaCare was rolled out and there has not been a single bill introduced as an alternative.

"Now the Republicans with a newly fortified majority in Congress are promoting a plan that they say can replace ObamaCare. There are, however, two major problems with their initiative. 1) It isn’t actually a draft of legislation at all and will not be voted on. And 2) it illustrates their bias toward corporations and their animosity to the American people they profess to support. Here is a summary of their 'plan:'

  • The GOP’s Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility and Empowerment – or CARE – Act
  • Calls for the outright repeal of President Obama’s signature health care law, and with that, the individual mandate to buy insurance or pay a fine.
  • Provides for targeted tax credits to individuals and families up to 300 percent above the poverty line to encourage people to buy plans in the market place.
  • Allows insurers to sell plans across state lines.
  • Caps the amount of monetary damages that can be awarded in medical malpractice litigation.
  • Calls for a specific 'continuous coverage' protection where individuals moving from one plan to another cannot be denied.

"What this amounts to is just another ObamaCare repeal bill decorated with gifts to the insurance industry..."

Of course there's a reason they have no real health care plan of their own...

What are we going to do about it, you ask? We'll just donate some of our hard-earned money to progressive candidates...

They'll call you a socialist, of course. And when the Cons yell "socialism," it's for a good reason AND they've been yelling it every since Social Security was put together...

By the way, who was the poster boy for the rich and powerful, you know - the guy that Conservatives remember with such fondness?

And finally, why can't we just throw the Cons out of office?

Well, if we can't do that what CAN we do to eradicate the menace of Conservatism and the greedy pigs who fund it?


The answer to the question, "What minority is destroying America," was...drum roll please, THE RICH.

But we have to remember that this minority has captured our Congress through the relentless efforts of their pet "political philosophy" Conservatism - through gerrymandering, vote fraud and suppression, lies and distortions, and unlimited campaign contributions via the Fascist Five in the Supreme Court.

Whatever the Cons say about Obamacare and socialism, their opposition to health care kills 44,000 Americans - men, women, and children.

Some would call a coincidence, but others know that it's nothing but cold-blooded murder.

And if they're right, shouldn't we be talking about...

...criminalizing Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"Whenever the Republicans talk of cutting taxes first and discussing the
national security second, they remind me of a very tired rich man who said to
his chauffeur: 'Drive off that cliff, James, I want to commit suicide.'"

Adlai E. Stevenson.


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