Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Job of Conservatism: Hypocricy And Lies Required

When your core philosophy is that rule by the rich is best, it's impossible not to lie if you want to keep your job.

And since hypocrisy has to be part of your entire rhetoric and political actions let's see how many ways that we can say, "Conservatism, thy name is hypocrisy."

From the Conservative War On Women...

...because Conservatism is all about telling the truth at all times.

Conservatism also means that there's plenty of blame to go around - for the other guy...

...and we mean PLENTY of blame!

Because blame is the name of the game when you have to wear two faces at once...

Speaking of lies, there's plenty of those going around too...

So Conservatives have to keep their game face on at all times...

...because we have to avoid gridlock at all costs.

For Conservative hypocrites keeping a straight face is very important...

...because for Conservatives, there is a fine shade of difference between lies and hypocrisy...

...especially when they have something to hide.

And Conservatives ALWAYS have something to hide!

Governance is an important job, after all...

...especially to your fellow hypocrites.

So just remember that Conservatives want what's best for America, no matter what...

...unless it has something to do with voting.

Finally, we have to hand it to one of the better liars and hypocrites on the Hill, because few do it better than this guy...


Conservatism as politics is a false dichotomy when we see that they have to lie over and over to proselytize new Sheeplets to their "party" and to keep in office once they get there.

As John Adams found to his chagrin in 1800, if a Conservative were to announce that the rich were the only ones who should rule the rest of us he'd lose by a landslide, because this is after all a participatory democracy.

Lies and hypocrisy have had a place in any criminal syndicate and Conservatism is no exception.

So isn't it about time that we...

...criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"My advice to homeschool parents is to teach geography, history, and
government largely from books which were written in the 1950's and earlier,
before it became popular to teach overt racism under the rubric of

Art Robinson.


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