Friday, February 6, 2015

Liars And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them Today

Spoiler alert: They're the same liars that we heard yesterday.

Hillary Clinton once said, "The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they're not," but was she right?

Here are a few of the "lies and the lying liars who tell them" today, starting with a blast from the past...

Getting back to current events, the GOP mouthpiece is dangerously close to sedition through their lying lies...

"Fox News Airs Fake Story While Slobbering Over Another Foreign Dictator."

Fox News

"It doesn’t take much to bring out the veneration for tyrants among the wingnut characters on Fox News. The conservative DNA is predisposed to favor authoritarianism. Last year it was Vladimir Putin who got them all hot and bothered, even to the point of wishing that the Russian dictator was the leader of the United States..."

There's a perfectly good reason the Cons are congenital liars...

"Fox News Embarrassingly Uses Fake Story to Try to Attack President Obama."


"The disdain Fox News displays toward President Obama is something of which they’re very proud. They wear it on their sleeve almost like a badge of honor. I’ve never seen a news network show such disrespect and hatred toward a sitting U.S. president like Fox News has toward Obama. They would seemingly rather praise Russian President Vladimir Putin before daring to say anything positive about this president.

"So it should come as no surprise that Fox News was quick to jump on a ridiculous – and clearly fake – story about King Abdullah of Jordan personally flying combat missions against ISIL following the terrorist group’s barbaric burning alive of one of their captured pilots. It seems this whole 'story' stemmed from a report from a Jordanian television station that claimed the king had participated in combat missions and a few pictures of the Jordanian king wearing what appeared to be a military flight suit. And Thursday on Fox & Friends, the Fox News hosts were quick to praise the 'strong leadership' shown by King Abdullah compared to our own leader based off this fake story..."

The problem is that Conservative lies kill, sometimes by thousands at a time...

"An Obamacare 'Replacement?' Don't Believe The Hype."

"It’s Obamacare replacement season! Or at least, that’s what congressional Republicans want people to believe.

"Nearly five years after the Affordable Care Act became law and two years into its expansion of health coverage to an estimated 10 million uninsured people, GOP lawmakers are renewing their so-far fruitless efforts to develop a health reform plan they can position as a 'replacement' for President Barack Obama’s health care law.

"It’s no coincidence that this is taking place in the run-up to a June Supreme Court ruling that could blow a giant hole in the Affordable Care Act. A decision against Obamacare would kick millions of people, mainly living in red states, off their health plans -- and leave them looking to the Republican Congress for a solution..."

Some think Fox Snooze has changed their lying ways...

"Politifact: Fox News Is Lying More Than Ever!"

"At Fox and Fox News, 10 percent of the claims we’ve rated have been True, 11 percent Mostly True, 18 percent Half True, 21 percent Mostly False, 31 percent False and nine percent Pants on Fire.

"That means about 60 percent of the claims we’ve checked have been rated Mostly False or worse.

"Only 21% of what is being said on Fox news is rated as true! If one were to show Fox News viewers these results I bet they would just call the information a liberal plot to smear conservatives and that's sad.

"Addicting Info has more:

"Want to know what’s even more frightening? Fox News is the most trusted TV news source in America.

The question asked was: 'Which of the following television news sources do you trust the most to provide accurate information about politics and current events?,' 25% said Fox News. Broadcast news came in second with 23%, CNN with 17%, public television with 12%, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart with 8% and MSNBC with a mere 5%..."

Parenthetically, sooner or later that HAS to change...

But getting back to the lying liars in the GOP with this guy...

And this guy...

And this guy...

And of course, this guy...

What happens when a major political party lies and lies and lies?

And how do they get away with their lies year after year?

By lying to you, the Cons are able to hide their true agenda...aka the Contract On America.

And when we say "On America," we ain't kidding...

What goes nicely with lies? Hypocrisy, of course...

And the reason the Cons HAVE to lie is...


Lying is the Conservative way, because if they told the truth in a participatory democracy no one would vote for them.

If a political party is defined by the amount of lies it tells then something is terribly wrong with that party.

And if a political party wins votes because of their lies, lies that are calculated to persuade you that it is not the mouthpiece of the greediest and wealthiest in the country, then it's way past time to...

...criminalize Conservatism!

Joyce, Jnr.



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