Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Conservatives Are Stupid, Chapter 198

Since the beginning of this site, we've posted 197 articles on the topic "Conservatives Are Stupid," and there doesn't seem to be any relief from their stupidity in the near future, as we see by this article...

"Idaho Lawmaker Wonders If Women Could Have A Gyno Exam By Swallowing A Tiny Camera."

Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri (R)
Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri (R)/CREDIT: AP PHOTO/MATT CILLEY
"An Idaho lawmaker revealed his confusion about female anatomy during a legislative debate over a proposed abortion bill on Monday.

"According to the Associated Press, Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri (R) asked a doctor testifying before the House State Affairs Committee whether a woman could have a remote gynecological exam by swallowing a tiny camera. Dr. Julie Madsen told him no, that’s not possible, because items that are swallowed do not end up in the vagina..."

Yup, that's pretty stupid but it's also quite typical of the average Conservative's "thinking" in today's world where Conservatives all hate while most are incredibly stupid...

The best way for Conservatives to hide their stupidity is to eliminate the truth from those who support them - those who might be in favor of democracy if they really thought about it...

"The Conservative Attempt to Rewrite the United States' Progressive History."

White washing USA history

"By The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program | Op-Ed

"Oklahoma isn't the only state where Republicans are waging war on high school history class.

"Conservatives in a handful of other states, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and - no surprise here - Texas are now pushing bills that would ban the college board's AP US history curriculum.

"The main issue that conservatives have with the current AP history curriculum is that it's 'too liberal' and supposedly focuses too much on the 'negative' parts of US history, whatever that means.

"So conservatives want to replace it with a curriculum that focuses on topics conservatives like - topics like, you know, Reagan, Reagan and, just for good measure, more Reagan..."

You mean you didn't hear about this con job?  It's pretty stupid, but not too stupid for Conservatives going by the name "American Taliban..."

"Oklahoma Bill Banning AP US History Would Make Students Study Ten Commandments, 3 Speeches By Reagan."

"An Oklahoma bill banning Advanced Placement U.S. History would also require schools to instruct students in a long list of 'foundational documents,' including the Ten Commandments, two sermons and three speeches by Ronald Reagan.

"The bill, authored by Oklahoma Rep. Dan Fisher, designates a total of 58 documents that 'shall form the base level of academic content for all United States History courses offered in the schools in the state.' Many of the texts are uncontroversial and undoubtedly covered by the Advanced Placement U.S. History course, such as the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg address. But the bill also has an ideological and religious bent. In addition to 3 speeches by Reagan, the curriculum as includes a speech by George W. Bush but nothing from any Democratic president since Lyndon Johnson. (Our italics.)

"Fisher’s bill was approved by the Education committee on an 11-4 vote..."

Dumbing America down is an old exercise by the Cons, as old as time itself...

...because dividing America is how they stay in power.

Like thought they sound like this...

Naturally, someone has to help them think this way...

...as the Stepford wives turn into the Stepford oldsters...

...and the truth turns topsy-turvy as class warfare escalates.

Finally, we see how the leadership dumbs down their constituency...

...just the way this guy likes it...

...as well as this guy likes it...

...because the truth shall set them free.


The idea that stupidity permeates the Conservative world is not a new one, but it is a truthful one.

Moderately intelligent voters in a participatory democracy reject the idea that the rich should rule, and the Conservative "cause" needs people it can sell it's penchant for criminality to when intelligent people run the other way.

Theft is a crime, murder is a crime, and it should be a also crime to indulge in these bloodsports by the Cons just for the sake of overthrowing democracy in favor of handing the government over to the the richest and greediest among us.

Conservatism needs criminalizing - before it's too late.

Joyce, Jnr.


"The First Amendment does? ... So you're telling me that the separation of
church and state, the phrase 'separation of church and state,' is in the First

Christine O’Donnell.


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