Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cheating, Lying, And Treason: It's The Conservative Way

When things go wrong for Republicans, the lust for higher office never interferes with their penchant for criminality and lying...

...and you'll be hearing the biggest lies of them all for the next two years:


"Ted Cruz thinks that the Republicans are the party of the little guy, while the Democrats are the party of the one percent. On the surface, it might appear that he’s right, since most economic gains over the past five years have gone to the one percent, while the little guy’s paycheck has, at best, stayed stagnant. Cruz, however, is cruising with blinders on.

"According to the video on 'The Raw Story,' Cruz said:

"The top 1 percent under President Obama, the millionaires and billionaires that he constantly demagogues, earn a higher share of our income than any year since 1928. Those with power and influence, who walk the corridors of power of the Obama administration, have gotten fat and happy under big government. But I’ll tell you, hard working men and women across America are hurting."
"As 'The Raw Story' points out, the first thing Republicans did upon taking control of Congress was to pass a bill rolling back many of the already-watered down protections in the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. Dodd-Frank was passed in the wake of the economic crisis the big banks wrought upon us in all their greed, leaving millions unemployed and unable to find decent paying jobs. Apparently, Republicans think that maybe, just maybe, this time, the banks will keep themselves in check.

"They’ve also voted 56 times to repeal the ACA, but while they trumpet “repeal and replace” like it’s their favorite Sousa march, they actually have yet to get behind a single plan and advance it through Congress. Yes, various Republicans have proposed various ideas, but nothing has really come together. They’ve had years to work on this. Repealing the law now, without a plan to replace it, would force millions of Americans to give up their newly acquired, reasonably affordable insurance policies.

The Republicans are also still the party of trickle-down economics, which has done more to stagnate wages and increase income inequality than anything else either side has done. According to The Guardian, the OECD released a report last year that rejected the trickle-down theory, because it redistributes too much wealth upward, and slows economic growth..."

We know a few of the Conservative congenital liars that are in our faces all the time, like this guy...

And this cheating liar want to be our President...

And this conman does too, of course...

But what in the world makes you think that Cruz and the rest of the Cons are lying when they claim solidarity with the middle class?

Are they just lying for laughs?

But don't hold your breath for the truth...

Throughout history, the Cons have always lied to the People...

...because these crooks have always had big-time plans, just for YOU.

What happens when the poor Conservative followers believe the lies?

With Conservatism, it's not only the lying and cheating...sometimes it's something worse: Treason.

"It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors."


"These Republicans’ malicious, calculated, and concerted acts of betrayal of their country and its people started the evening of Barack Obama’s first inauguration and, despite his overwhelming re-election victory in 2012, they have persisted unabated and in fact continue to grow. Of course the latest blatant example of betrayal is Speaker of the House John Boehner violating a 216 year-old federal law by 'joining with the leader of a foreign nation against his own president.' That was the assessment in a scathing article published in the conservative magazine Forbes that rightly asserted that Boehner 'seeking to damage any  American President by helping a foreign leader can never be considered something that is best for the nation.' That comment, in a nutshell, elucidates exactly why Republicans are traitors to America; they have no regard whatsoever for 'what is best for the nation' or its people. Coupled with their blatant disregard for the Constitution they swore to uphold, their opposition to what is best for the nation has become the defining characteristic of the 21st Century conservative movement and it is why they are traitors.

The Republican drive to subvert this nation and its people’s well-being began when they met and secretly plotted to undermine economic recovery after they just spent 8 long years creating the Great Recession for the benefit of the rich; including starting two wars of religious aggression. At no time in history has a group of political leaders purposely conspired to destroy the nation’s economic well-being as Republicans did on Inauguration night in January 2009. They ramped up their war on the economy in 2011 when they nearly destroyed the full faith and credit of the United States that the Constitution states 'shall not be questioned,' much less deliberately decimated. The constitutional betrayal garnered America’s first credit downgrade in history and a ploy they came precariously close to repeating in 2013 when they shut down the government by betraying their Constitutional mandate to legislate for the 'people’s general welfare;' all over their opposition to Americans having access to affordable healthcare. It was a betrayal of their fellow citizens, and their oath to uphold the Constitution that tasks them to pass legislation, not shut down the government or threaten a credit default. Over the past six years, Republicans have shown that their allegiance to the Constitution is as non-existent as their allegiance to this country or their fellow citizens..."

And finally, HOW do they get away with treason?


A funny thing happens when Americans go to vote.  They forget all about the lies, cheating, and treason and vote for Conservatives to "govern" us (assuming they even know how Conservatism is criminality with lipstick on).

Chasing them "down the streets" and lynching them is ONE way to stop Conservatism from ruining us any more, but isn't there a better solution - without all the blood and gore?

Well, criminalizing Conservatism comes to mind...


"The Republicans stroke platitudes until they purr like epigrams."

Adlai E. Stevenson.


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