Saturday, February 21, 2015

2016: 10 Rules For Conservatives!

As we head into the presidential campaign season, there are a few things about the GOP that every voter should know...Rule Number One, there is no such thing as a Republican liberal or moderate; they are ALL Conservatives.

Rule Number 2: There is a stark difference between Liberals and Conservatives...

Rule Number 3: Conservatives must not only lie, they must lie repeatedly...

(And boy, do the Cons know how to put a lie together!)

Rule Number 5: Money talks...and you know which party has the most money.

Rule Number 6: The GOP is not the party of "Yes."

Rule Number 7: For Conservatives, America is for Americans...

Rule Number 8: Be sure to keep your humor intact in these awful times...

Rule Number 9: Keep it in the family...

...because People are comfortable about keeping it in the family.

And to Conservatives, family matters are legendary...

...even though sometimes, things just happen!

Rule Number 10: Hire the best spokesmen money can buy...

...because Conservatives just love America so very,very much!

Rules are rules, but above all Conservatives - remember who you are...'re one of these guys:

Follow these ten rules and be the envy of both parties!


Although it's too early to make any meaningful predictions, 2016 looks to be another contentious year as Conservatism pits its "values" against American values.

Conservative "values" like "personal responsibilty" and "liberty" and the "traditional family" and "American exceptionalism" are just smoke and mirrors to attract the more intellectually challenged and mean-spirited among us.

Conservatism is nothing more than a reason to accept criminality and its attendant killings and theft, aka class warfare.

Conservatism is antithetical to democracy because it advances the old Divine Right of Kings, boiled down to the Divine Right of The Rich.

And Conservatism will always continue on its relentless march to extremism and oligarchy, unless...

...we criminalize it.

Joyce, Jnr.


"The answer is not what we can to do to prevent death, because of a lack of
health insurance, I reject that number completely that people die in America
because of lack of health insurance."

Rick Santorum.


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