Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Wacky World of American Conservatism!

We know that Conservatives are mean, and we know that most of them are pretty stupid, but are they crazy as well?

Some of the crazy ones think that the rest of them are crazier, believe it or not...

This was a recent article that sparked the question: Why ARE the Cons so wacky?

"Texas GOP Lawmaker Wants to Make Sure Fetuses are Represented by Lawyers."

Image result for Matt Krause
Texas State Rep. Matt Krause
"In a new example of the incoherent insanity that comes out of the Texas extreme pro-life camp, a GOP lawmaker has proposed assigning lawyers to fetuses whose mothers are brain dead.

"Texas State Rep. Matt Krause offered a bill that would require his state to appoint a lawyer to 'represent the unborn child’s interests' if the mother suffered brain death.

"'This is a bill that just seeks to give the unborn a voice,' Krause told an ABC affiliate...'"

Before you tell us that we're cherry picking, take a look at this...

...and this...

"SC County GOP: If You've Had Pre-Marital Sex, You Can't Be A Republican."

"Before you can join the Laurens County Republican Party in South Carolina and get on the primary ballot, they ask that you pledge that you've never ever had pre-marital sex -- and that you will never ever look at porn again.

"Last Tuesday, the LCGOP unanimously adopted a resolution that would ask all candidates who want to get on the primary ballot to sign a pledge with 28 principles, because the party 'does not want to associate with candidates who do not act and speak in a manner that is consistent with the SC Republican Party Platform...'"

...and this...

"'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson lectures CPAC on hippies, herpes and the Bible."

Phil Robertson speaks to CPAC
Phil Robertson speaks to CPAC
"Duck Dynasty television star Phil Robertson told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday that 110 million Americans were infected with sexually transmitted diseases and that it was 'the revenge of the hippies.'

"After accepting the Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award, Robertson stepped up to the CPAC podium and pulled out a Bible that appeared to be held together with duct tape.

“"'In case one of you gets to be president of the United States, make sure you carry your Bible and your woman,' the reality star advised. 'I’m just saying, safety. Safety.'

...and even this:

"Sean Hannity To CPAC Women: I Have 'X-Ray Fox Eyes' To See You're Pregnant."

"Fox News and radio talker Sean Hannity slipped into the twilight zone Friday, when he went off on a freaky tangent aimed at liberals and said things like, 'if I was stupid like a liberal,' but then he applied his logic to the conservative ladies in the crowd.
"I can look out in the crowd -- I kind of have x-ray Fox vision -- and I can see some of you women, you don't even know it yet, but you're pregnant," Hannity said. "It's not your fault. It's not his fault. Who's fault is it?"
"Hannity went into a knick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone anti-liberal screed before going x-ray fox eyes on the ladies. It is as creepy as it sounded..."

That's pretty crazy, but there's even more when the Cons put their little minds to it - like this...

...and this...

...and like this too.

Wasn't there a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting the same results?

Not all the Cons are crazy, unless you count "crazy like a fox" like this guy...

...and this guy...

...this gal...

...and even these guys!

Although most Cons can feign insanity when it suits their purpose...

But for the creepy craziness of Conservatism, this guy takes the cake...


We may be giving too much credit to the Conservatives' insanity, much like we do for the murderer who pleads for his life with the insanity defense.

Or is Conservatism more like the guy who killed his parents, then pleaded for leniency because he was an orphan?

Either way, if they are deranged, then they are deranged criminals and to control criminals we pass laws.

Shouldn't we be avoiding all this Conservative craziness and just...

...criminalize Conservatism?

Joyce, Jnr.


"We don’t have to protect the environment; the Second Coming is at hand.”

James Watt (Former Secretary of the Interior under Reagan).


Friday, February 27, 2015

The Vicious, Hateful World of Conservatism

Our two major parties are NOT the same, one is hateful and vicious - and one is not.

Let's take a look and see how Conservatism makes the GOP so vicious...first, from the people who tried to kill their own Affordable Care Act FIFTY-SIX times:

"John Barrasso: Republicans Are Not Prepared To Fix Obamacare."

From Huffington Post
"NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- A Republican-run Congress will not support a quick legislative fix should the Supreme Court rule that a large chunk of Obamacare's health care subsidies are illegal, a leading GOP senator said Thursday.

"Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told conservatives gathered at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that he and other Republicans view the Supreme Court's decision in the forthcoming King v. Burwell health insurance subsidy case as an opportunity to pass a conservative-minded replacement to the law. Should the court rule that subsidies can only be awarded to individuals shopping for coverage on state-run exchanges, he said, Republicans would resist efforts to restore subsidies for others.

"'You can imagine if a Supreme Court rules against the president ... he is going to completely attack,' said Barrasso. 'He's going to call it a partisan court. And then he's going to say I have a simple one-page bill as the solution. Just make everything I've done, make it legal. And we are not prepared to do that...'"

But all this hyper-aggression is just political fun and games, isn't it?

"Stephen Hawking Claims Aggression Will Be Downfall of Human Race."

Photo credit: Adaeze Uyanwah/ via Twitter
"Physicist Stephen Hawking has been garnering quite a bit of attention this week, as Eddie Redmayne won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the scientist in 'The Theory of Everything.' However, Professor Hawking is also making headlines for a conversation he had with Adaeze Uyanwah, a 24-year-old student from California. Uyanwah was treated to a tour of London’s Science Museum accompanied by Hawking as part of her prize package from the 'Guest of Honor' contest by During their time together at the museum, Uyanwah asked Hawking which human trait he would most like to change.

"'The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression. It may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory or a partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all,' Hawking answered her, according to the Independent. 'A major nuclear war would be the end of civilization, and maybe the end of the human race,' he explained.

"only does human aggression no longer serve an obvious purpose, but technological advances, such as nuclear weaponry, have made it so that an incredible amount of damage could be done with very little effort by a small number of people. Hawking isn’t the only prominent scientist to have made this observation; Carl Sagan was outspoken against the development of nuclear arms during his life..."

Much of the hate is coming from an under-educated bunch of Conservative followers...

All this hate and spite is a new phenomenon, right?

Well, maybe so - but they say it's not THEIR problem, it's that Democratic president...

...because Conservatives hate other peeps, so what's the problem?

Of course, there's one way out for us...

...because haters gotta hate...

...even if it costs them votes.


Conservatism isn't new, and their vicious hate is inbred in them as an adjunct of their authoritarianism.

Marching in lock step with their leaders, Conservative followers preach the hate that their leadership promotes by instilling fear in their adherents' psyches.

Why? Because these intellectually-challenged "patriots" have had this fear transform into hate through the clever manipulation of propagandists by the Conservative leadership.

We can only describe their behavior as criminal, and if they are truly criminals then we should...

...criminalize Conservatism.

Joyce, Jnr.


"AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for
the society that tolerates homosexuals."

Jerry Falwell.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

What The Low Information Voter Doesn't Know About The GOP.

The Low Information Voter, aka the Misinformed Voter doesn't know what Conservatism is all about, and if he doesn't know he doesn't care.

So in the interest of spreading information, education, and entertainment we present What The Low Information Voter Doesn't Know About The GOP....starting with one of their core beliefs: The Constitution doesn't count.

"57% Of Republicans Say Dismantle Constitution And Make Christianity National Religion."

flag and bible

"A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted between February 20th and February 22nd of Republican voters, found that an astonishing 57 percent of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution, and establish Christianity as the official national religion. Only 30 percent oppose making Christianity the national religion.

"Although the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment clearly states that 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,' GOP voters want to cast aside that provision and impose Christianity as the official American religion.

"While a number of red states have passed statutes forbidding the implementation of Islam-based sharia law in their states, Republicans apparently have no misgivings about turning the United States into a Christian theocracy. The poll’s crosstabs reveal that support for making Christianity the official religion is strongest among Mike Huckabee (94 percent), Rick Perry (83 percent), and Ben Carson (78 percent) supporters..."

They can't be THAT stupid, you think...

Republicans Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Scott Walker. (photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty, Kevork Djansezian/Getty, Darren Hauck/Getty)
Republicans Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Scott Walker. (photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty, Kevork Djansezian/Getty, Darren Hauck/Getty)
"Republicans Unlearning Facts Learned in Third Grade to Compete in Primary."

("The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, 'The Borowitz Report.')

"In the hopes of appealing to Republican primary voters, candidates for the 2016 Presidential nomination are working around the clock to unlearn everything that they have learned since the third grade, aides to the candidates have confirmed.

"With the Iowa caucuses less than a year away, the hopefuls are busy scrubbing their brains of basic facts of math, science, and geography in an attempt to resemble the semi-sentient beings that Republican primary voters prize.

"An aide to Jeb Bush acknowledged that, for the former Florida governor, 'The unlearning curve has been daunting.'

"'The biggest strike against Jeb is that he graduated from college Phi Beta Kappa,' the aide said. 'It’s going to take a lot of work to get his brain back to its factory settings.'

"At the campaign of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the mood was considerably more upbeat, as aides indicated that Walker’s ironclad fa├žade of ignorance is being polished to a high sheen.

"The fact that Scott instinctively says that he doesn’t know the answers to even the easiest questions gives him an enormous leg up,' an aide said.

"But while some G.O.P. candidates are pulling all-nighters to rid themselves of knowledge acquired when they were eight, the campaign of Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, is exuding a quiet confidence.

"'I don’t want to sound too cocky about Rick,' said one Perry aide. 'But what little he knows, he’s shown he can forget...'"

"Republican" is a synonym for "Conservative," of course, and what Conservatives want after they shred the Constitution is privatization...

Here are the ways the Cons do their dirty work...

...after they're paid enough, of course.

The average voter hasn't a clue how bigoted some of the Cons' heroes really are...

And if you're looking for intelligent people to guide you, Republicans/Conservatives aren't the sharpest pencils in the box...

...although the Cons always claim to be the most patriotic...

...and with rugged individuals like all Conservatives, they're their own man!

Conservative love to say they're for "smaller government..."

...and that they're really religious:

Somehow they're managed to convince the Low Information Voters that money equals talking.

And they're brilliant at pointing fingers at others, aka psychological projection...

So if you're looking for politicians that double down as attack dogs, vote GOP...

...because they're relentless when it comes to protecting the interests of the rich and greedy.


The Low Information Voters and the Misinformed Voters are the bane of democracy and no one knows this better than the criminals who make up the Conservative Syndicate.

Will the voters ever figure out how Conservatism is anti-American and how they've become the largest criminal cartel in history?

Probably not, and that is why we have to...

...criminalize Conservatism.

Joyce, Jnr.


"Segregation in the South is honest, open and aboveboard."

Strom Thurmond.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are There Really Two Americas?

Image result for america divided

Ever since time began, Conservatives have been watchful over claims of a divided country, and today's Cons are no exception.

Let's see how America is divided today, starting with the smart people - and the dumb ones...

"SHOCKING New Poll Shows Majority Of GOP Total Idiots."

Obligatory Republican stock photo

Brace yourselves for some stunning, shocking, jaw-dropping, too-amazing-to-believe-yet-totally-believable news! According to a new poll from PPP, the Republican Party is overflowing with morons. It’s true. In fact, it’s SCIENCE! Or MATH! Or some kind of liberal hoax thing!

Let’s nerdsplore how goddamned dumb Republicans are, shall we?


If you think that’s depressing, well, OK, you’re right, it is depressing. But it gets worse:

global warming

"Didn’t Republicans used to more or less accept that basic science was real, scientifically speaking? Yes, but that’s before the entire party adopted the official 'I’m not a scientist' platform, thanks to Fox News teaching the 'controversy...'"

Then there is the smart political party - and the dumb one...

And here's the Poster Boy for the dumb ones!

There are politicians who adhere to the Constitution - and there are the other guys...

There are people named "Bush," and there are people NOT named Bush...

There are people who love America, and then there are the Other Kind...

There's the Tea Party - and then there's the Taliban...

There's healthcare - and there's wealthcare...

There are also two large differences in racists in America...

There are Trickle Down folks, and there are those who believe in democracy...

There are good citizens - and there are lawbreakers...

There are educated people...

...and there are the Conservatives...

...just like there are illiterates and people who can read.

Though sometimes it seems the functionally illiterate are taking over.

They're even taking over our government...

There are normal peeps - and there are the sociopaths among us...

There are even as many people who like dark times as there are those who think differently...

And there are apparently two kinds of communists here too...

There's the law - and the only law west of the Pecos.

And there's science - and non-science...

There are even people who talk to God - as opposed to sane people...

And finally, there are lawful people - and then there are those Conservatives again!

So please stop dividing America...before we come after you!


Image result for conservative criminals

In American politics there are two major parties, the criminal one and the one representing the rest of us.

The one representing the rich and the one fighting for the non-rich.

The party who believes in democratic ideals, and the American nazis, aka the American Taliban.

So in the final analysis, when one party is rich AND criminal, there's only one cure - and that is to...

...criminalize Conservatism!

Joyce, Jnr.


"What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas.
Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in
the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) — this
is working very well for them."

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, on the hurricane evacuees at the Astrodome in
Houston, Sept. 5, 2005.