Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Importance of Symbolism To Conservatives

Symbols are important to the Conservative cause.  Symbolism generates hate from fear, propels their propaganda, and helps the intellectually challenged to "get" their message, and God help you if you ignore what they're trying to say to us...

"NBC Cuts ‘Under God’ During Commercial Pledge of Allegiance — Tea Partier Goes Insane."

"I pledge allegiance/to the flag/of the United States of America/and to the Republic/For which it stands/One Nation/Indivisible/With Liberty, and Justice, for All

"It’s been over a decade since I said the pledge of allegiance, but it was drilled into me throughout my elementary years. In fact, as I was writing that, I could still hear a chorus of children’s voices repeating it. We stopped saying the pledge when I was high school, because there just wasn’t enough time in the day to devote to silly formalities. But I have prefect recall of it.

"Of course, some may bicker with my claim that I have perfect recall. Astute readers note that I left something out– or, rather, I didn’t put something in.

"That phrase I left, Under God, is also missing from an NBC commercial for their new spy-thriller, a show called Allegiance. 

"So why’s that a big deal?

"I don’t know, but Todd Starnes is fit to be tied over it. He’s got a new column over on the Tea Party News Network condemning the network for their lapse in deity worship during commercial breaks..."

Symbols have been around for a long time...

And we're familiar with most of them...

...especially the demagogic pachyderm with issues.

...although some of them didn't make the cut.

But the "God" symbol in our Pledge of Allegiance is something magical to uber-patriots...

...and their symbols are something special, indeed!

Symbols serve all kinds of purposes to the tolerant Conservative "movement..."

"Right-Wing Media Lusts For Images That Offend Muslims."

"The murders of the staff of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris are universally regarded as a heinous assault on humanity and free expression. Virtually every public commentary on the crime repudiates the killers and the violently extremist ideology they claim to represent. That includes the prominent Muslim advocacy organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the major Islamic governments of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, Iran, and more.

"Yet even as this international chorus of condemnation resounds throughout the world, there are some petty voices in the media that seek to take political advantage of the situation. 

"One of the tactics they employ is to attempt to cast shame on any media enterprise that fails to publish the offensive images that are reputed to have incited the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Many conservatives are calling anyone who doesn’t repost the images cowards and terrorist appeasers. (Our italics.)

"Why is the willingness to give more attention to a specific example of insulting imagery a test of dedication to a free press..?"

And the underlying reason for most of their symbols is their "patriotism."

Most importantly, symbols keeps the Conservatives Sheeplets' attention spans down to five seconds or so because if they understood the radicalism of the American Cons it would scare them spitless...

...and symbols keep the Cons' vocabularies fresh and engaging!

"Tea Party Dictionary – Fun with Vocabulary."

"A humorous look at what a Tea Party dictionary might look like…. Too bad reading is not a strength for them….

"Abortion n. A deeply personal medical decision made by a woman and her legislators.

"Activist n. Anyone you disagree with.

"Activist judge n. A judge who attempts to protect the rights of minorities–most especially homosexuals.

"Agenda n. All political objectives you oppose. Republicans have “hopes” and “dreams” – not agendas.

"Alternative energy sources interj. Slang. New locations to drill for gas and oil.

"Animals n. Creatures put here for the sport of hunting.

(Click here for the rest -->

Symbols keep those Tea Baggers with lower intellects from having to understand those long words and sentences...

Sometimes the Cons' enemies play the same game with their symbols...

And that's why we call our Conservatives the American Taliban instead of American Fascists!

Because the radical Muslims' Taliban is just like ours, symbolically and politically...


No matter what kind of buzzwords, pictures, or other symbols the Cons keep in front of our faces, we just have to remember that they're still the same old American Taliban with the same old con job by the same old con artists.

If these are the things they believe in, they don't belong in America anymore than their fake political "philosophy" of Conservatism.

It's way past time to eliminate the pestilence called Conservatism from our midst, it's time to...

Criminalize Conservatism! Joyce, Jnr.


"If you have to ask what it symbolizes, it didn't."

Roger Ebert.


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