Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Conservative Government Is An Organized Hypocrisy

Someone once said a long time ago that (scroll down to the bottom to see our Quote of The Day to see who said it), "A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy," and this advice seems no less correct today.

First, let's define "hypocrisy."

As the house organ for the GOP, no one proves it is the champion of hypocrisy better than Fox Snooze...

"Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Says Obama Has Made Race Relations ‘Worse Than They Have Ever Been’ (Video)."

"The folks at Fox News’ Outnumbered honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King on Monday by trotting out their resident expert in fractured history, Andrea Tantaros, to declare that President Obama has made race relations in the nation “worse than ever before.”
Asked by co-host Harris Faulkner if she agreed with the president that race relations are better than they were when he was first elected, Tantaros began by saying that the president was a good role model and father before going on to say that he has intentionally divided the country.

"'He gives a very aspirational goal for a lot of young black men,' she said. 'I think he’s a terrific role model, at least as a father and a good husband. I know people don’t want to hear that...'"

Sometimes lies and hypocrisy are hard to separate...

But don't the Cons deserve credit for our booming economy?

Besides, they have a plan!

And they admit that our president has a plan to, so what's the problem?

But the Cons seem so..OBJECTIVE about our president.

At least the cons have the backs of those making a minimum wage...

The Cons don't want to be labeled as hypocrites, and any day now they'll tell us what they really think...

...because Conservatism is all about helping the People!


An "organized hypocrisy" is the only way Conservatism can survive in a participatory democracy.

Lying and hypocrisy are "musts" for any criminal enterprise in the U.S. because the People aren't going to vote for anyone who believes that the Rich Must Rule...

...and when we have finally had enough, we'll realize that ALL criminal enterprises should all be criminalized.

Especially the "political movement" called Conservatism.


"A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy."

 Benjamin Disraeli.


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