Monday, December 29, 2014

What Would You Do If You Were King For A Day?

Conservatives and their billionaire sponsors have just a few simple goals...

REALLY simple. let's just call them weapons of the rich in the ongoing Class Warfare...

While Liberals and Progressives don't like these goals at all...

"Top 10 Progressive Policies We'd Love to See Enacted in 2015 (but Probably Won't Be)."

"Single payer healthcare? The end of the Hyde Amendment? With a nation still struggling to regain its footing after a long recession, and a new generation saddled with debt and lacking job opportunities, 2015 would be an amazing time to pass some real legislation that could decrease the gap between the rich and poor and the have and have-nots. Sadly, with a new, even more conservative Congress to be sworn in this January, the odds of that happening are pretty slim. Still, if we had a wish list to consider, these are the top 10 progressive policies we’d love to see happen in 2015 (although they probably don’t have a shot).

"10) Campaign reform. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your vote count as much as big business and other special interest groups? Thanks to Citizens United, that is never going to happen. SuperPacs can flood the airwaves just before Election Day, and major donors can bundle huge fortunes into shadow campaigns to attack candidates. What could make this better? A limit on outside funds, a ban on “issue” based c4 spending and even a rule on how much money each campaign can spend per election cycle, rather than rules on how much a person can donate to a candidate like we currently have..."

(The others are expanded early childhood education, extended unemployment insurance, ending the Hyde Amendment, student loan reform, housing reform, living wages, single-payer medical insurance, higher inheritance taxes, and reformed voting rules, but click here for the explanations from -->

And here is our Short List:

Prosecute Bush ---> John Woo for war crimes.

A Second American Revolution, criminalizing Conservatism and instituting the banning of speech or activities promoting corporate profits before the People.

Restoring the progressive taxes of the Kennedy era.

Breaking up the Pentagon and "Defense" spending.

Taxing the churches.

Mandatory penalties for vote fraud and suppression.

Fairness and accuracy for our media.

Elimination of carbon-based energy in favor of sun, solar, and other renewable options.

Stripping the rich from their assets and tax breaks while eliminating the Social Security cap and restoring inheritance and estate taxes to at least their highest peak.

Mandatory unionization of any business of two or more employees.

Restoring union rights abolished since the Taft-Hartley Act.

Elimination of charter schools.

Restoration of bona fide reserve rules for the U.S. Post Office.

Giving free, speedy internet access.

Free education for all and instituting mandatory Civics, History, and Critical Thinking courses for high school graduation.

Mandating the vote.

Adopting the Swiss model of the Draft and gun control.

Breaking up megacorporations, especially the oil companies (to be replaced with renewable energy companies through nationalization), the defense industry, media conglomerates, and the banks - with a rewriting of bank regulations to protect the People from risk, fraud, and the "too big to fail" atmosphere.

Writing Constitutional Amendments declaring non-personhood for corporations and eliminating equating money with free speech, capping all campaign contributions and eliminating non-person donations, and extending equal protection to include sexes and races.

Federal rules for the police.

Leaving the extension of judicial jobs to voters, including the SCOTUS.

Returning jobs to America via mandatory fines and prison for employers moving jobs overseas or hiring illegal aliens.

The Cons will resist, of course...

It takes a lot of redoing to eliminate the depredations that the Cons have inflicted upon the People, and this list is you have any other suggestions for us?


Until the demographics of the disappearing Conservatives becomes a reality, it is dubious whether or not any of these things can be done.

The Cons will resist any improvement to our democracy with tooth and nail, and of course all these things can be instituted with one little change:

Criminalize Conservatism!


"Republicans don't care about the deficit. They care about exploiting the deficit
to pursue their goal of dismantling the Social Insurance system.

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-Winning Economist.