Thursday, December 4, 2014

Today's Reasons For Criminalizing Conservatism

"As a young boy, I didn't know a Republican from a Democrat, only in one way: If some man or bunch of men rode up to the ranch to sit or stay all night, and my Father set me to watching 'em all the time they was there -- what they did and what they carried off -- I learned they were Republicans."

WILL ROGERS, Never Met a Man I Didn't Like.

And you thought the GOP was different than before? Even Shakespeare might have been talking about the Conservatives of his day, the believers in the Divine Rights of Kings as they steal, they kill, they inflict misery on innocents, and then they relentlessly destroy democracy, then lie about it:

"I could a tale unfold whose lightest word would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres,thy knotted and combined locks to part and each particular hair stand on end like quills upon the fretful porpentine." (From the ghost of his father to Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.)

But let's go on to today's news and views of Conservatism and the Conservatives who are leading us to our doom, as we first take a peak at how the Cons look at non-whites...

"Conservative Activist: Latinos Not Worth GOP Effort; They 'Don’t Understand' Bill Of Rights."

"Appearing on a California talk radio show last week, famed conservative activist and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly disputed the notion that the Latino vote would be worthwhile for the Republican Party because, she believes, they do not comprehend limited government.

"After the radio host posited that Hispanic voters actually have a lot in common with the GOP, specifically due to their generally social conservative views, Schlafly reiterated her belief that Latinos are actually not a worthwhile pursuit for the party.

"'They don’t have any Republican inclinations at all,' she said, 'they’re running an illegitimacy rate that’s just about the same as the blacks are...'"

The Cons are very efficient...when it comes to their own causes that are not necessarily the Peoples' causes...

And of course the Cons pass everything they know to their kids...

Conservatism is trickle down economics pure and simple...

...everything else they say is a lie.

And as democracy dies a lingering death...

We also say goodbye to the American worker.


Of all the epithets the left hurls at the right, "crazy," "sleazy," "a disease," or "criminal," the last one is the absolute last word on the Conservative "movement."

They make no bones about it when you see what they vote for and what they say, the lies only surface before election day.

If indeed they "...steal, they kill, they inflict misery on innocents, and then they relentlessly destroy democracy, then lie about it," then it's time to criminalize Conservatism -- before it's too late!


"For me, the most disturbing aspect of the Republican political culture is how it
puts its unquenchable thirst for power, domination and a radical ideology above
facts, reason and the truth."

AL GORE, fundraising letter, Aug. 20, 2007.