Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On Our Way To The Election, But Not Ha-Ha Funny.

A funny thing happened to America on Election Day, but it wasn't that funny as most people forgot to vote - making America a democracy in name only...

What those votes meant to the country, no one knows - least of all the Low Information Voter...

Because most of the LIVs aren't really bright thinkers...

...and the rest have no thoughts at all.

But apathy and ignorance aside, there were those voting restrictions the Fascist Five bestowed upon us...

"How Much of a Difference Did New Voting Restrictions Make in Yesterday's Close Races?"

Election voting 2014

"The Republican electoral sweep in yesterday’s elections has put an end to speculation over whether new laws making it harder to vote in 21 states would help determine control of the Senate this year. But while we can breathe a sigh of relief that the electoral outcomes won’t be mired in litigation, a quick look at the numbers shows that in several key races, the margin of victory came very close to the likely margin of disenfranchisement..."

And doesn't the truth count with voters?

"Reality Check for Democrats: Republicans Sell Lies Better Than You Tell the Truth."

"In the days after every election, I avoid the political media as much as possible. During this time all these 'experts' will go back and forth trying to overcomplicate the 'whys and why nots' of what happened, just like they have this election. Even though the truth is glaringly obvious: Republicans sell lies better than Democrats tell the truth.

"All I’ve heard since Tuesday night is how 'serious' Mitch McConnell is about working with the president to end the gridlock in Congress.

"Really? McConnell is 'eager' to end our perpetual gridlock in Congress and work with the president? The man who once famously declared, with a smile on his face no less:
"Our [Republicans] top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term."
"That is the individual Republicans are 'promising' will work with the president to end congressional gridlock? Just think about that for a moment..."

But it wasn't all your fault if you were one of the 80 percent, unless you didn't vote...

Because here is what's going to happen because of your apathy, and it's all your fault...

And the Cons send you a heartfelt thanks for not voting - or not paying attention...

Finally, here is what the non-election means now...

"The Democrats Have Two Choices Now: Gridlock or Annihilation."

"In the giddy wake of Obama’s 2008 election, Democrats almost immediately plotted ways to keep their army of newer, younger voters mobilized as a continuous standing force, exerting constant pressure on Congress to deliver the change they had demanded. There would be meet-ups, there would be emails, and there would be even more emails.

"None of it worked. The Obama movement melted away almost immediately, withdrawing from politics even before the new president had taken office. The face of grassroots political activism during Obama’s first two years was the furious, disbelieving backlash that had emerged in the waning days of 2008. Democrats plotted tactics to bring their voters back out for the 2010 elections, but these proved a dismal failure — the midterm electorate proved to be much older and whiter than the one that had elected the president..."


As the nation grieves over the results of the election, it's wise to remember that on the day after a losing election, amateurs grieve but the professionals figure out what happened and plan accordingly.

What happened? The same old story: Americans stayed home while the Cons lied and the progressive politicians laid over and died - and the Cons won yet another battle in their War Against The Middle Class and Poor.

If the Cons are able to convince the nation that they are a bona fide political "party" instead of the largest criminal cartel in history, we are doomed.

Criminalizing Conservatism will rid of us these gangsters once and for all.


"Every election is determined by the people who show up." 

Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing.