Friday, September 19, 2014

Who SAYS Conservatives Are Stupid!

In his book The Green Hills of Earth, Robert A. Heinlein said, "You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity."

Did the following statement come from the drooling of a certified idiot or from the brain of a vicious Conservative?

Was Heinlein right? First, a little background to help us discover the Conservatives' own brand of stupidity...

"Poll: 64 Percent of Americans Cannot Identify All Three Branches Of Government."


"In the wake of Constitution Day, there is a truly depressing survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center that found that 227 years after the signing of the Constitution only 36 percent of Americans can actually name the three branches of government. Thus, 64 percent of Americans cannot name the three parts of our tripartite system.

"The same rough percentage (62 percent) was unaware that the GOP controlled the House of Representatives and 17 percent actually thought that the Democrats were in control. The same percentage — only 38 percent — knew that Democrats controlled the Senate. Some 20 percent thought that the GOP controlled the Senate.

"The situation is even worse with regard to the details of Article I. Only roughly a quarter knew that it took two-thirds of a majority of both houses to override a presidential veto (27 percent)..."

When class warfare meets the intellectually challenged, it's the Conservatives' version of Stupid that rings out...

"Hannity Compares Adrian Peterson’s Child Abuse With Birth Control."

"Many people have a difficult time with the fact that child abuse is considered criminal or even taboo in this country. Charles Barkley defended Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson for brutally beating his son with a switch, by saying, 'every black parent in the south' does it. Others are defending Peterson, saying it’s just normal parenting. Sean Hannity, on his show on Tuesday, pondered whether the NFL’s disciplining of Peterson is government overreach.

"His argument is that, somehow, the NFL is the government and by punishing Peterson, the government, who apparently gives away birth control, abortions and gay sex instructions like candy, is being hypocritical. See if you can keep up with that leap of logic.

"Of course, Hannity first blames it on liberals, 'I gotta tell you, this is my problem with liberals. You guys want to tell parents what they can and cannot do. Is it going to become illegal if a parent teaches the politically correct view that being gay is not normal? Why should kids be allowed to get birth control at school?...'"

Of course, Hannity isn't the ONLY dull pencil in the Conservative pencil box...

And some of these idiots think we're just as stupid as they are...

All they have to do is to think of something incredibly mean and vicious, anything that sounds good to others like them, then they push the message on the rest of the morons who actually pay attention to this:

"GOP Rep. calls Obama an 'enemy' of the United States."

President Barack Obama talks to reporters at the end of the NATO Summit on September 5, 2014 in Newport, Wales.
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
"Republicans are often quick to criticize President Obama and the Democrats, and one congressman has done just that. During a local breakfast gathering, the president was labeled as an 'enemy' to the United States.

"Speaking to a crowd at the Cobb County Republican breakfast, The Huffington Post reported on Monday that Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Grantville) spoke about the investigation of the attacks at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the recent rise of the terrorist group ISIS in Iraq and Syria and how the White House has handled each situation. 'I think our enemy stands on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,' Westmoreland stated to a thunderous applause from the crowd at hand. The crowd on hand also broke out in laughter when Westmoreland referred to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as 'ruthless and senile...'"

And failures like her...

"Fox Does It – Links NFL Domestic Violence Scandal To Benghazi."

Loony Liz, herself...
"Fox News host and former reality show star, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, finally figure out a way to link the NFL domestic violence scandal to the Benghazi embassy attacks of 2012.

"On Tuesday, Hasselbeck tweeted 'Imagine if everyone that asked for transparency in the #nfl @nfl Demanded that same #transparency in our #government...'"

Speaking of maroons, have you met the Conservative poster boy for stupidity? Some would call Louie crazy, but we prefer to call a moron a moron...

"GOP Rep: Spanish speakers in schools bring 'education down to the lowest level.'"

"Of all the issues facing the United States today, education and immigration are two of the most important. While both political parties often differ on how to handle these issues, one Republican representative has a new idea.

"With the 2014 mid term elections only months away, members of Congress are positioning themselves for re-election, or to continue their particular parties chances of holding on to the majority in the House and Senate. Tackling immigration and education, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke with 'Fox and Friends' co-host Tucker Carlson on Sunday. 'It’s not fair to kids that come in and speak only Spanish, throw them in a classroom with English speaking students,' Gohmert told Carlson. 'It’s unfair to both the English speaking and to the Spanish speaking students,' he continued. 'It is not fair. And not only that, Texas is going back, and you've got to speak Spanish to teach English in a school. It is incredible the amount of cost that’s being shoved onto the Texas schools...'"

And the Conservative stupidity never stops...

"Right Wing Nut Job Finds Undeniable Proof That America Is A Christian Nation: Bacon! (VIDEO)."

"On September 15, 2014, right wing pastor and certifiably crazy person, Bryan Fischer, revealed 'absolute proof' that America is a Christian nation to his radio audience, saying:
"You want one single item of proof that America is a Christian nation and not a Jewish nation and not an Islamic nation? One single bit of proof is all you need: we freely allow restaurants and grocery stores to sell and to serve bacon. That can only happen in a Christian country."
"Why, yes, of course it’s bacon! Why didn’t we see this before? Only a Christian nation would allow people to sell, serve or consume all that smoky, sweet,  greasy goodness that is known as bacon..."

When it comes down to the truth, Sheeple -- wake up!  You have nothing to fear but the facts...


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Conservatives are primarily greedy and vicious, but even though a few of their leaders are sharp cookies, the vast majority of Conservative Sheepletes are incredibly dumb -- and proud of it.

Maybe there oughta be a law?


"What is it you most dislike? Stupidity, especially in its nastiest forms of racism and

Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir.