Tuesday, August 19, 2014

America Is Broken, Who Is Going To Fix It?

There's no doubt Conservatives are driving America into a third world country, let's see how...

"America’s Conservative Road to Destruction – A Brief History."

"We ran across an amazing post on Facebook, and we thought it was something that every single one of our readers should see. This wonderful read, penned by Bruce Bacon, details the long conservative-lead road to ruin down which America is headed.

"We contacted Bacon, and are reposting with his permission. Minor alterations have been made to embed links and videos. We encourage you to visit the original post here, as it is a “living document,” i.e. Bacon is still updating it periodically.

"We’d like to thank Bruce for his very thoughtful and thought-provoking study of the right-wing’s attempt to decimate our nation. Read this, share it with your friends, and remember to vote blue in 2014, 2016, and every election year following.

"I was born in the early 50′s, spent 8 years in the Air Force, and had the chance to raise two great kids and enjoy a prosperous America before the right wing tentacles grabbed two thirds of our government. I’ve watched this happen in my lifetime as have many of you. Please take a few minutes and grab a fresh cup of coffee (or tea), sit back and and review the timeline I’ve put together. Yes, it is lengthy, but our American government wasn’t infiltrated over night. It was a calculated effort. This note explains not only what happened, but chronicles the pre-determined sequence of events that allowed it to happen.

"Conservatives reading this will immediately be on the defensive. And you should be. But all the evidence presented here is documented and undeniable. These are the facts.  And denying facts is precisely what you have been systematically conditioned to do. If you read this through to the end, (which I challenge you to do) you’ll know exactly what is meant by that statement..."

Conservatives don't think so though, they just believe that we're headed back to the Golden Days of The Sixties...

...back to the days when we still had our Freedums...

"Constitutional Rights Essentially Suspended in Ferguson as Police Raid Homes Door to Door."

"According to journalists’ firsthand accounts found in the live streaming video from Tim Pool of Vice News (posted above, but may not be currently live), police or National Guard troops are now sweeping houses door to door in Ferguson, MO. Thumbnail credit: Ryan J. Reilly.

"This is a blatant violation of the constitution under the 4th amendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
"These door to door searches are presumably in response to shots being fired at authorities, which were supposedly also witnessed by journalists in the area.

"Freedom of speech, protected by the 1st amendment, has also been suspended in Ferguson. According to Argus Radio’s live stream, peaceful protesters were being mass arrested and hauled away on camera.
Freedom of the press has now basically been revoked in Ferguson as well..."

But we still have the People to rely on...don't we?

Bullets are flying all over the country, not just Ferguson, Missouri...

"Man Killed By Stray Bullet While Playing Computer Game On His Birthday."

Darryl McNair

"A Connecticut man died Sunday when a stray bullet struck him as he played a computer game, just hours after he celebrated his 58th birthday.

"Police in New Haven are investigating the death of Darryl McNair as a homicide, NBC Connecticut reports. The man's family is left wondering how a jovial day turned to sorrow.

"'He was dancing in the street, and I was like ‘look at him,' Chandra Costin, McNair's stepdaughter, told WFSB. 'He was enjoying himself. Now he's gone. What do we do? Where do we go?'

"Police responded to reports of gunfire shortly before 2:00 a.m. Moments later, they received a 911 call from a woman who said her husband had been hit..."

We're okay though, as long as no one gets hurt...

Who in the world can be begging for America to fail? Oh...

"GOP is Begging America to Fail."


"Bill Clinton recently weighed in on the current situation with the government standoff on ABC’s show 'This Week.'

"(The president)...told the host 'I’ve never seen a time– can you remember a time in your lifetime when a major political party was just sitting around, begging for America to fail?'

"Clinton says the GOP has some weird obsession with Obamacare and they have some unfair demands.

"Clinton sided with Obama’s decision to not take the Republicans demands seriously..."

Here's a possible cause of America's Decline and Fall...

"False Facts and the Conservative Distortion Machine: It’s Much More Than Just Fox News."

"A new study found that voters’ values and partisanship had the strongest associations with distorted beliefs."

"Citizens are misinformed — often badly so. It’s not just that they lack good information — which would merely make them uninformed — they have plenty of bad information that leads them to believe untrue things. Or more likely the other way around: They believe untrue things, and that leads them to collect — even invent — bad information to flesh out what they already believe.

"This was vividly illustrated by a 1991 study that found that the more people watched TV during the first Gulf War, the less they knew about fundamental issues and facts, even as they were more likely to support the war. Wanting to believe that the U.S. was involved in a noble cause, for example, only 13 percent knew that when Iraq first threatened to invade Kuwait, the U.S. said it would take no action, while 65 percent falsely 'knew' that the U.S. said it would support Kuwait militarily..."

The Cons still can't understand the problem, maybe we can ask the scientists why...

"Study Proves Religious Kids Have Difficulty Telling Fact from Fiction."

"According to the study:
Children who went to church or were enrolled in a parochial school, or both, judged the protagonist in religious stories to be a real person, whereas secular children with no such exposure to religion judged the protagonist in religious stories to be fictional. Children’s upbringing was also related to their judgment about the protagonist in fantastical stories that included ordinarily impossible events whether brought about by magic or without reference to magic. Secular children were more likely than religious children to judge the protagonist in such fantastical stories to be fictional.
"The results suggest that exposure to religious ideas has a powerful impact on children’s differentiation between reality and fiction, not just for religious stories but also for fantastical stories..."

We rest our case.


The Roman Empire fell, the Ottoman Empire fell, what makes you think Conservatism can't bury America?

As we've seen, you destroy the Constitution bit by bit all in the name of preserving it, while you attack minorities, women, and the poor, dumb down our kids, destroy paychecks, shut down protestors, fix the elections, stifle the press,destroy the environment and infrastructure, and all while you help GOP congressmen destroy the economy -- it's comes naturally to you if you're a Conservative...

...unless we criminalize Conservatism first.


"Just because the Supreme Court rules on something doesn't necessarily mean
that that's constitutional."

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (OK-R), on the legal status of Obamacare.