Friday, July 18, 2014

The New American Age of Feudalism, Brought To You By The GOP

“We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.” -- Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Conservatives believe in rule by the wealthy, low- or no-pay for the middle class and the poor, bankruptcy via defense spending, and ignoring overpopulation and the effects of climate change.

Let's take a look and see if the ultimate goal isn't The New American Age of Feudalism...first the most greedy and wealthy among us cut off the food supply by choking the waters...

"When a research team set sail on a nine-month, worldwide expedition in 2010 to study the impact of global warming on Earth’s oceans, one of their projects was to locate the accumulations of plastic.

"They found plenty. They explored the five huge gyres, which collectively contain tens of thousands of tons of plastic. The result was the creation of a compelling, first-of-its-kind map of this debris..."


 The Cons worker bees in Congress then turn workers into serfs...

"A desperate worker is a cheap and compliant worker..."

(But not to worry, America will take care of those in need...

"Land of the Free: It’s a Crime for Homeless People to Sit on the Sidewalk in More Than Half of American Cities."

"America continues her war against the homeless. ThinkProgress reports that a new study released on Wednesday by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty has shown that ordinances essentially making homelessness a crime — such as sitting on the sidewalk — are becoming increasingly common across the country.

"According to the report which has tracked laws in 187 cities since 2009 to study the spread of anti-homelessness measures, there’s been an uptick in nearly every type of different criminalization ordinance. The shape of the anti-homeless ordinances depend on the city..."

Then living safely in their private estates, they hire some mercenaries...

"Ever wonder what the largest private armies in the world are? Even though nowadays many countries are struggling to protect peace, there are several official “war” conflict zones on Earth. In many cases, major countries can interfere with their own troops. However, in order to prevent the risk of losing soldiers from a national army, or in case a country doesn’t have enough of a military force, a government can hire mercenaries.

"Mercenaries are soldiers who are fighting in exchange for a gain or material compensation. If we look back in the history, such military force was used for thousands of years in Ancient Greece, Egypt, and the Roman Empire..."

Then privatize the drinking water.


"There are few things as fundamentally crucial to the existence of human beings and, indeed, all life on Earth as water. It is difficult to believe any human being thinks water is privately-owned, a commodity, to use for profit at the expense of human life, but Americans know there are entities that will go to any lengths to feed their corporate greed. In several states in this country, climate change is wreaking havoc on the people in the form of severe, multi-year droughts. So, with extreme water shortages, what do two industries do with the vanishing precious resource? They either mix it with deadly carcinogens and pump it, under extremely high pressure, back into the ground, often directly over active earthquake faults, or draw it out of the ground, bottle it, and sell it for profit. It is a wealthy corporations’ ideal business model; free raw materials and a product no human being can survive without..."

But sooner or later the Cons will have to recognize that climate change is real and man-made, won't they?

The path to human extinction is a people problem, a stupid people problem. When the population is reduced, chaotic, and hungry and thirsty the Conservatives will make their move...

Do you still think it can't happen here?


It's a criminal conspiracy, gang...

What can we do in a plutocracy, with remnants of a participatory democracy barely hanging on?

The first step is to acknowledge the problem, the second step is asset forfeiture and a 1950's progressive tax reform to level the playing field and to restore our democracy.

And the the third step is to criminalize Conservatism.


"People who claw their way to the top are not likely to find very much wrong with
the system that enabled them to rise."

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.