Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Conservatives Must Lie -- Because The Truth Won't Work.

"You can fool too many of the people too much of the time." -- James Thurber.

To examine the fact that Conservatives have to lie, let's take a look at their fearless leader, Mr. Orangeman himself, John Boehner:

"Far right’s secret SCOTUS strategy: What Boehner’s lawsuit is really about."

Far right's secret SCOTUS strategy: What Boehner's lawsuit is <em>really</em> about
Rand Paul, John Boehner, Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Ed Reinke/J. Scott Applewhite/Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
"When a fringe party can no longer win legislative elections, boosting the impact of judges is its best last resort.

"If you hadn’t thought the House GOP had gone completely around the bend before, their decision last week to sue the president for failing to enforce a law they had all voted against and to which they remain adamantly opposed must have convinced you. They are actually suing the president because he delayed the health care mandate for small businesses — one of the most highly valued constituencies in the Republican Party. That’s right, they are going to court to screw over one of their most prized voting blocs simply in order to challenge the limits of executive power. That’s either a hard core commitment to principle or their desire to hurt the president is so overwhelming that they are willing to sacrifice their own voters in the process. (And one can’t help but wonder just how dictatorial the president is actually being if the only example of his tyrannical policies they feel confident in citing is one they support.)

"So why are they doing this? The most common assumption is that John Boehner is trying to head off impeachment. Evidently the crazies are getting very restless and the leadership thinks it would be a good idea to throw them some red meat just to keep them from jumping the fence. Having been more obstructionist than any minority party in history (keeping in mind that they only hold a majority in one house of Congress) they are now taking offense that the executive branch is moving ahead with its agenda the best it can. It’s a very neat trick..." has another slant on the Orangeman's Big Lie...

"The False Statement Of Fact That Forms The Backbone Of John Boehner’s Anti-Obama Lawsuit."

"David Rivkin and Elizabeth Price Foley are the lawyers behind Boehner’s lawsuit. In their Politico piece, they correctly acknowledge that the biggest obstacle to suing Obama is something known as the 'standing' doctrine. Standing is the requirement that a plaintiff bringing a lawsuit must have actually been injured in some way by the person that they are suing. But neither Speaker Boehner nor any other member of Congress has been injured by President Obama’s decision to delay implementation of a provision of the Affordable Care Act requiring employers with more than 50 employees to pay a fine if they don’t offer a minimal level of health insurance coverage. Boehner has not lost his health insurance because President Obama delayed this provision. Nor has this delay cost Boehner a single cent..."

But on cross-examination, Boehner admits the truth...

"Boehner Gets Embarrassed by Reporter’s Question, Blatantly Lies About Obstruction of Immigration Reform."


"...a reporter confronted Boehner on his blatant obstruction of a comprehensive immigration reform bill and Boehner did what he does best - lie.  Boehner insisted that he 'doesn’t trust' President Obama to properly enact immigration reform because of some of the issues 'Obamacare' has experienced, which prompted the reporter to ask a few follow-up questions.

"'Since when does Obamacare have anything to do with immigration reform?' Jorge Ramos asked.

"Boehner sarcastically responded, 'Me? Blocking?  The issue of immigration reform is an issue I’ve talked about for 18 months...'"

Maybe we should leave Boehner and see how other Conservatives measure up to the truth:

"Fox News' Gretchen Carlson Claims Seinfeld's 'Festivus' Is Real Anti-Religious Threat."

"Fox News' host Gretchen Carlson thinks Seinfeld's 'Festivus' holiday is an example of how anti-Christian ideas are eroding American values.

"I've heard many anti-intellectual thoughts spewed out on Fox News, but there's plenty of room for more dim-witted ideas to flourish in the conservative media and Fox News' host Gretchen Carlson is leading the way of the feeble-minded with her take that Seinfeld's episode containing the very funny 'Festivus' holiday is one of her most feared examples of how anti-Christian ideas are eroding America's heritages..."

Fox Snooze is just an arm of the GOP, so let's look at some respectable journals and...oops.

"Federal Reserve Numbers Destroy Republican Lie That Obamacare Caused More Part-Time Employment."


"Resident conservative alarmists at Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and unsurprisingly, Fox News continue to advance irrational Republican dogma by adding hollow noise to the right wing echo chamber, feverishly repeating the mantra that President Obama and his health care law are to blame for driving America toward a part-time economy, as if they could make it come true through repetition.

"Unfortunately for them, this is egregiously transparent demagoguery, and the numbers show it..."

Actually, we were just kidding, here's a few reminders of the Conservatives' need to lie:

And here...

And here...

But in the interest of fair play we'd be remiss if we didn't show one of the few times Conservatives told the truth:

"Rushbo Doesn't Even Try To Hide His Racism Anymore."

"Ordinarily I wouldn't subject anyone to Rush Limbaugh's nonsense, but really, you have to hear this to believe it. He's not even trying to disguise his racism anymore. In fact, he's wearing it right out there on his sleeve. This little riff on Central American immigrants, housing discrimination and suburbia is right up there with Cliven Bundy's musings on 'The Negro.'

"I will try to summarize if you just cannot bear it.

"Rush begins by saying that everyone 'wants to live with their own kind' as a matter of course, which is why neighborhoods tend to be segregated. In his infinite wisdom, of course.

"He then shifts to discrimination, specifically housing discrimination, claiming the "regime" is testing the limits of the Fair Housing Act by studying why people want to live with their own kind..."

Disgusting, aren't they.


Just like children, Conservatives lie to escape punishment -- at the polls or hanging from street posts.  And in the case of Conservative adults, lying is the knee-jerk reaction to their knowledge of their own criminality.

Politicians do lie, but Conservative politicians and their mouthpieces lie all the time...they have to.


"A conservative is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run."

Elbert Hubbard.