Sunday, July 13, 2014

Conservatives And Class Warfare

Conservatives like to claim that there is no class system in America, but now voters know about Romney's 47 percent nemesis as well as the fact that 2 percent rule the rest of us.

In a piece called "The Emerging Democratic Debate" at, we learn that "extreme inequality results from rules that were rigged to benefit the few and not the many."

We learn the ugly truth in an oped at, "Tackling Inequality With Politics."

"In 1973, the top 1%  of income earners garnered 8.5 percent of total income. Today, they take in 23 percent (much of it from dividends and interest). The figures for wealth distribution are even more striking, with the top 1% of Americans controlling 38 percent of non-housing wealth and the top 10 percent some 80 percent. The bottom half of the adult population has zero wealth, and many are seriously in debt.
About 25 percent of US jobs do not pay wages sufficient to lift a family of four out of poverty (an annual income of $23,000 or $12 an hour). During the past decade, 40 percent of US families have spent at least a year living below the poverty line.

"The post-Second World War landscape was not one of racial and class equality, but from 1947 to 1973, living standards improved for millions of working-class families, and the civil rights struggle enabled millions of African Americans and Latinos to escape a previously segregated labor market. During that period, in part because nearly 30 percent of the working population belonged to unions, family income kept pace with the gross domestic product.

"As the GDP rose 95 percent, median family income rose 93 percent as well. In contrast, from 1979 to 2010, a period when union density in the private sector fell from 20 percent to 6.5 percent, GDP and productivity rose 80 percent, but median family income rose only 17 percent. Even this paltry rise only came about because of the massive entry of women into the labor market and the rise of two income-earning households. In fact, 80 percent of income gains in this period went to the top 20 percent of income earners."

And so Conservatives invented "Supply Side Economics," aka the "Trickle-Down" theory...

Trickle-down helped the rich to get richer, and the middle class to get poorer:

"The Bush Tax Cuts Cost $6.6trn: Enough to Wipe All Credit Card, Student and Car Loans."

"'Consider what $48,000 of additional income over those 12 years would have meant to you,' (David Cay) Johnston wrote. 'It is the equivalent of $11 appearing in your wallet every morning from the start of 2001 through the end of 2012.'

"'Had that $6.6 trillion shortfall been realized as income, it would have been enough to pay off all the student loans in United States ($1.26 trillion), all the automobile loans ($892 billion) and all the credit card debt ($827 billion),' he noted. 'After paying all that debt off and taking taxes into account, Americans still would have more than $2.4 trillion left in their pockets and bank accounts...'"

We've learned about the Conservative War On Women and the War On The Middle Class, but how about the War Against The Poor...

"In States That Didn't Expand Medicaid, It's As If Obamacare Doesn't Even Exist For The Poor."

obamacare medicaid uninsured

"Twenty-five states didn't take up the Obamacare Medicaid expansion at the beginning of this year, and the results speak for themselves: A new survey shows more than one-third of their lowest-income residents remain uninsured, a rate virtually unchanged from last year, even as millions gained coverage elsewhere.

"Nationwide, the share of Americans 19 to 64 years old without health insurance fell from 20 percent to 10 percent, as 9.5 million people got covered by Medicaid or private health insurance, according to a poll of Obamacare enrollees published Thursday by the Commonwealth Fund.

"Among adults who earn less than poverty wages in states that didn't expand Medicaid, the uninsured rate is 36 percent, a decline of two percentage points (termed not statistically significant) from last year. That compares to a dramatic drop from 28 percent to 17 percent in states that expanded Medicaid..."

And their War Against Our Veterans:

So which Conservative do you think will be the best President?

None of the above.


The next time a Conservative Sheeplet tells you that the President is ineffective you can point out that with a Conservative House and Supreme Court, he has still managed to help the 97 percent.

"245 Things President Obama Has Accomplished That Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About."

Yes, you read that right, "245 Things."  Imagine what would happen with a Fascist-free SCOTUS or even a Conservative-free Congress.

Better yet, imagine if Conservatism was criminalized.


"The Republicans believe in the minimum wage — the more the minimum, the better."

Harry Truman.