Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Conservatives Are Stupid, Chapter 97.

"Never eat at a place called 'Moms,' never play cards with a man named 'Doc,' and never try to  use facts or logic with a Conservative."

Using facts and logic to change a Conservative's mind is impossible...

See how many of these facts you can post on a Conservative forum before getting booted off...

They at least understand science, you say?  Nope...

"Political, Religious Identity More Influential Than Scientific Literacy."

"IFLScience has reported the results of some pretty horrifying polls about the scientific literacy of people today, including that just 33% of Americans believe in evolution by natural selection, half believe medical conspiracy theories, and 25% didn’t know Earth orbited the Sun. Is the cause, as one poll suggested, that Americans just don’t know the science and therefore lack confidence? Maybe not..."

But surely they understand that the country's problems need fixing...

At least they understand their own language, don't they?

Don't they?

Sure they do...

Oh well, let's be honest...Conservatives are informed, 'cause they watch the news and everything...

"David Edwards' essay in Rawstory.com, 'Mosque arsonist tells court: "I only know what I hear on Fox News,"' reported:

"An Indiana man convicted of setting fire to a mosque in Ohio told a judge on Wednesday that he committed the crimes because Fox News and conservative talk radio had convinced him that “most Muslims are terrorists.”

"Randolph Linn, 52, accepted a plea deal in which he pled guilty to all charges in connection to setting a fire in the prayer room at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo on Sept. 30. Under the deal, Linn is expected to serve 20 years in prison instead of 40.

"Linn explained to the court that he had gotten 'riled up' after watching Fox News..."


To paraphrase the stock line from stand up comedians, "Conservatives - we kid them."

But we really don't.

Ask yourselves the questions above and think: Can we afford their stupidity any longer?

Nope, and the best way to push the mute button on their idiocies is to criminalize Conservatism.


"Republicans don’t like people who talk about depressions. You can hardly blame
them for that. You remember the old saying: Don’t talk about rope in the house
where somebody has been hanged."

Harry Truman.