Monday, July 7, 2014

First Amendment Exception For Criminalizing Conservatism

A "certain organization" kills thousands, steals billions, and then lies about it...shouldn't they be shut down?

The Mafia admits its purpose, kills fewer and steals less, and makes fewer ill or miserable, and uses legal methods to accomplish its goals -- sometimes.

First Amendment exceptions exist for a purpose (from a "Best Answer" in a Yahoo forum from an educated citizen -- the legal beagle sites were a bit lengthy):

  • Speech: You can't shout FIRE in a crowded theater, you can't slander or libel someone, you can't make threats or incite violence. 
  • Press: Members of the press are ordered to reveal sources, can't release classified information, etc. 
  • Assembly: Assemblies often require permits and must follow restrictions of distances and sizes based on applicable local, state and federal laws. 
  • Religion: Religious expression can't take the form of hurting others or infringing on their rights. 
  • Petition: Your petition for 'redress' must not contain threats that may incite the Secret Service, Capitol Police or Homeland Security.

From our post on "Objections Rebutted":

"Free speech does not permit us to threaten another or to lie for profit with impunity, nor does it permit us the proverbial yell of "fire" in a theater.  Mafia figures cannot invade our schoolyards to recruit our children nor to dull their minds by selling them marijuana, and confidence men are routinely sent to prison for robbing their victims without laying a hand on them.

"These are all viable analogies of the crimes committed against our country as a whole and to our citizens individually by Conservatives, and have nothing to do with honest political debates where opinions are examined for the benefits to the welfare of the People.  Conservative rhetoric is aimed solely to acquire total power, maximize income, and retain assets for the benefit of the rich by any means.  Speech supporting such goals cannot be tolerated in our democracy."

And then we have the case of the Conservatives perfect world:

"North Carolina GOP Hits Poor With Crushing Tax Hike While Lowering Corporate Taxes by 17% (Video)"

"Continuing the Republican war on the poor and the middle class..."

And as we noted yesterday, the GOP is the Party of Nyet:

People are fond of saying that "this isn't your grandfather's Party...but it is.

How much would you like to bet that this businessman votes Conservative? From The Political Carnival:

pizza vending machine retailer
Let them eat caviar.
"Unemployment continues to be a problem in this country, despite the recent good news and drop in the jobless rate to 6.1 percent. But there is at least one retailer who is apparently shrugging off and/or disregarding our nation's jobless situation. The retailer in question happens to be from-- le ahem-- Beverly Hills, California.

"In today's Los Angeles Times, there's a lengthy article about how U.S. vending machines are on the upswing. And by upswing, they're not just talking quantity, but also quality. Vending machines are movin' on up(scale), and retailer after retailer is reaping the benefits. And the profits.

"Even if it means laying off the very consumers who need work so they can, you know, keep consuming..."

Conservatives are evil...

Where does this money come from, you ask, and who makes use of it...


"More than a dozen Fox News personalities have made appearances at events for groups funded by the Koch brothers, even as many of them were also defending the controversial billionaires on the network's airwaves, according to a new study from Media Matters.

"Charles and David Koch, founders of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF), have called on at least 15 Fox News hosts and contributors to publicly promote upcoming AFP and AFPF events, Media Matters said. These hosts include Tucker Carlson, Mike Huckabee, Laura Ingraham, Guy Benson, Dana Perino and Andrew Napolitano..."


Laws aren't made to be broken, but they can be re-written.

And to our earlier question, "A 'certain organization" kills thousands, steals billions, and then lies about it...shouldn't they be shut down?,' we answer with a resounding "Yes!"

While the internet is a great place to counter-attack the vast criminal conspiracy called "Conservatism," we suggest a quicker and better way:



"A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy."

Benjamin Disraeli. (British Conservative politician, writer and aristocrat who twice
served as Prime Minister. 1804 – 1881.)