Friday, June 27, 2014

The Low Information Voter: Democracy Killer

The Low Information Voter has been responsible for the election of Conservative criminals, yet doesn't understand how his vote changed the country for the worse.

"Some low-information voters' views are more moderate than those of high-information voters, they are less likely to vote, and are looking for a candidate they find personally appealing. They tend to be swing voters, and they tend to vote split-ticket more than well-informed voters do, researchers say because they lack a coherent ideology.

"Linguist George Lakoff has written that the term is a pejorative mainly used by American liberals to refer to people who vote conservative against their own interests, and assumes they do it because they lack sufficient information. Liberals, he said, attribute the problem in part to deliberate Republican efforts at misinforming voters..."


They don't even know which political party runs Congress...

"Nationwide, just 40% of Americans can correctly identify the partisan balance in both the House of Representatives and the Senate (that Republicans have the majority in the former, and Democrats in the latter). The remaining six-in-ten know only one (33%) or neither (28%) of those facts."

Who Controls the Senate and House?

And it makes them "uncomfortable" to talk about politics...

Most Faith and Family Left Uncomfortable When People Argue About Politics

So do you still want to institute mandatory voting?

Here are the Conservative activists, the cream of the crop, and you vote right along with them -- these guys...

And these guys...

Here's who they really are -- doesn't it scare you just a little bit?

If you're a working man or woman, here's what you voted for...

And if you're a really stupid Low Information Voter, you don't do your homework, and you vote against your own best interests by voting the Libertarian ticket:

"What would actually happen if Tea Partiers controlled Congress and Rand Paul was president?"

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks at the Conservative Political Action conference (CPAC), on February 2011 in Washington, DC.

"What exactly does the Tea Party movement want? Other than bringing three-cornered hats, powdered wigs, and knee breeches back in style, that is.

"If every Republican squish in Congress were booted out of office and replaced by a doughty defender of our constitutional freedoms, what kind of laws would this purer, more authentically conservative GOP pass, and which government programs would it dismantle? If FDR gave us the New Deal and LBJ gave us the Great Society, how would President Rand Paul or President Ted Cruz seek to transform American life?"

And this is how they fool you -- even the dumbest among them pulls the wool over your heads each and every day...

If you're voting for the first time or even studying what Conservatism is really all about, remember:  They're criminals, not spokesmen for the working man or woman, they are interested in one thing only -- the money.  And here's how that's translated in real life terms:


This post will be filed under "Low Information Voters," a subsection of the truism, Conservatives Are Stupid.  The "Reagan Democrats" and those who voted for other Republican/Conservative extremists would have changed the course of history if they had only done their homework.

Sure Conservatives lie when they campaign, but it doesn't take a professional researcher to discover what Conservatives and their radical ilk in the GOP really want: a victory against the middle class and the poor ----- and a New American Age of Feudalism.


"We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world."

Vice President Dan Quayle.