Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Are Conservatives Stupid Or Just Really, Really Mean?

Are Conservatives stupid or just really, really mean?  We vote "really, really mean" for the leadership and "stupid" for the rest of them, as we remember the old saw, "The Republican Party is made up of a few smart people and a whole bunch of stupid ones."

We now continue with Chapter 149 of Conservatives Are Stupid...

Here are just a few of the lies make up by the "smart" people that are swallowed by the stupid ones...

From aatp.org, "Iraq Burning: Here Are the Top 10 Biggest Lies Told by Republicans Before The Iraq War."
Though Bush Co. said these tubes were for use in nuclear centrifuges, DOE experts disagreed. Guess who was correct?
"Do you have a sense of deja vu? You’d be forgiven if you do. As far as Iraq is concerned, we are hearing from the very same people who got us in there in the first place. Stephen Colbert referred to them as the “Iraq Pack.” But we know them as war criminals. As we watch the violence in Iraq escalate, we hear more and more from these rapacious liars. It’s time we reviewed those lies so that we don’t buy any of them again.
Before we do that, let’s take a minute to review some history..."

Good question!  Maybe the stupes over at Fox Snooze?

Again, from the people over at aatp.org: "Fox Nation Discovers That The 'Stupid People [Who] Are Ruining America' Are Themselves."

Fox Nation Herman Cain

"It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that if you are about to disparage someone’s intelligence, the very least you can do is to spell-check your work. The folks at Fox Nation apparently don’t subscribe to that rule, thus making an already hilarious pronouncement by pizza magnate Herman Cain even funnier. That’s the opening item in this little collection of foolishness from the Fox News community website, Fox Nation..."

Still don't believe the GOP is filled with stupid people?

This is from one of  their elected officials: "Rep. Mark Meadows does not know how insurance works..."

"Well, there's car insurance, and fire insurance, and literally every other type of insurance I can think of because that is what 'insurance against' something means, that's where the word comes from, you know, and from the purely health standpoint you probably have insurance against heart attacks even if you don't personally plan on having one because guess what, poindextrose, insurance. Insurance. Innnsuuuuurance. Please tell me they at least gave you a dictionary when you got this job—"

Rep. Mark Meadows
attribution: RepMarkMeadows | Youtube (screenshot)
"Here's even more of this ridiculous interaction between the Cons and their leaders (pun intended)."

Stupid people lie, even in the day of the internet...

And finally, can stupid people change their "minds?" Somehow we doubt it, but let's try with logic and evidence...

Visual arguments are more effective in winning someone over than verbal ones, according to a Dartmouth study. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
"Seeing Is Believing: The Right Way To Convince Someone They’re Wrong."

"When someone counters your argument with words, you’re less likely to believe them than if they handed you a visual chart to digest.

"A Dartmouth study conducted by cognitive researchers shows that we process information better when it’s presented to us visually, and graphic representations of data can aid in convincing others that they’re wrong. This is because visuals are our “native language,” the authors of the study said..."


In the final analysis, we don't think they can be persuaded.

Sheeplets wouldn't be Sheeplets if they didn't believe everything Conservative leaders and their propagandists tell them to believe, and science concurs as we see in our article from last year, "

"Study: Conservatives More Likely To Make Up Facts In Order To Justify Their Beliefs."

"Even though both liberals and conservatives alike had a tendency to rationalize their views … conservatives created a new reality essentially in all four of these areas in order to square their thought process. The conservative movement by and large suffers from this; another term for this is cognitive dissonance. For whatever reason – the brains of conservatives just make stuff up in order to justify their support for two conflicting beliefs.

"Conservatives are against 'socialism' but love Medicare. They hate Obamacare but nominated a guy who created the model for Obamacare. They’re against abortion but don’t want to teach kids about condoms. They don’t like Wall Street but want fewer regulations. The list goes on. And that’s why people search for the news that reassures them that they are correct instead of simply searching for the truth; cognitive dissonance is the reason that Fox News is profitable."

Perhaps our neuroscientists will come up with a discovery to help the poor boring Sheeplets...until then we recommend rhat you save your breath.


"If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted."

Texas Republican Representative Steve Stockman.