Thursday, June 12, 2014

Separation of Church And State

Republican Jesus


You say you wan't a separation of church and state?  "Prominent pastor/radio host offers chilling advice to parents with adult kids who are gay," by Christian Dem at tells us one of the reasons...

And if that's not enough, try this article at Daily Kos by Horace Boothroyd III, "Churches being used as anti government breeding grounds including giving away weapons."

It's not hard to understand why Conservatives have cultivated the ecumenicals, no one else will buy their nonsense...

Happy Anniversary - To Us!

We started this site two years ago and are going to make a few changes to our format that will prove to be a more efficient site, especially to those who got here from somewhere else than Facebook.

There will be fewer toons on our main stories, and we heartily recommend that you visit our Facebook site at  You'll find many more posts, many more toons, but as always, dedicated to criminalizing Conservatism!

Thanks to all of our readers and fans...and let's hope that we can drive the Conservatives out of town, out of our lives, and out of  existence!


"Welcome to President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and my fellow astronauts."

Vice President Dan Quayle, who was never an astronaut.


International News



The neocons must be salivating again.  Fox News agrees with them, but this time they're the only ones as we see in a piece by Jack Mirkinson at Huffpo, "Fox News Hosts Really Want The US To Attack Iraq."


And Zenon Evans at poses a question that needs answers - quickly: "Pro-Russian Separatists Are Flying the Confederate Flag. Why?"

Chile artist burns studetn debt
Contracts for Chilean student loans worth $500m go up in flames – the 'imaginative auditing' of the artist Francisco Tapia, commonly known as Papas Fritas (Fried Potatoes). Photograph: David von Blohn/REX
Razmig Keucheyan has an interesting post for those who would like to level the playing field in his article, "The French are right: tear up public debt – most of it is illegitimate anyway," subtitled, "Debt audits show that austerity is politically motivated to favour social elites. Is a new working-class internationalism in the air?"

And finally, John Queally at writes, "Bloody Legacy of US Invasion as Tattered Iraq Teeters on Edge," as "Estimated half million people have fled Mosul as Sunni militia forces expand south towards Baghdad."

Eric Cantor says Bye-bye!

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

After one of the most amazing defeats in American politics, the loss of an incumbent House Majority Leader in the primary election, the follow-up to the Eric Cantor loss is striking...

What happened to Cantor's own pollster?  How did he miss it by almost 50 percent? Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy at tell us in their great piece, "HUFFPOLLSTER: Why Did Eric Cantor's Polling Get It So Wrong?"

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From Ryan Grim and Ashley Alman at, an article telling you all you needed to know about the heir apparent: "11 Things About Kevin McCarthy You Need To Know, Or Might As Well Know."

And Ed Mazza at the Huffington Post tells us how "Jon Stewart Can't Believe This Reason For Eric Cantor's Primary Loss."

Huffington Post finishes the thread with Paul Blumenthal's story, "How David Brat Turned Eric Cantor's Fundraising Advantage Against Him."

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