Friday, January 31, 2014

Republican Party Dying?

Our series on the apparent struggle of Fox News and the GOP continues with a few short pieces, first a story from  at titled, "Veteran gay conservative activist: 'No Hope For The Republican Party,' and a second piece by Jason Easely at, "Fox in Freefall as Rachel Maddow Beats Fox News For an Entire Week In the Ratings."

First the story about "No Hope For The Republican Party:"

"Top Line

"Gay political activist Jimmy LaSalvia is having a loud and public breakup with the GOP.

LaSalvia and friend...
"Before announcing last week that he is leaving the Republican Party to become an independent –pointing to 'tolerance of bigotry' within the GOP in his parting blog post – LaSalvia was a veteran GOP operative and activist, known for co-founding the conservative gay rights group GOProud.

"LaSalvia sat down with 'Top Line' to discuss his dramatic departure and explained that he has 'no hope for the Republican Party.'

"'No matter how good your autopsy … the changes the Republican Party is implementing really amount to nothing more than lipstick on a pig,' he said. 'It was the Romney campaign that really got me to understand just how severe the problem is. … It's a culture of intolerance that I don't think any amount of messaging or policy changes can fix.'

"Though LaSalvia still identifies as a conservative, he said he believes that the GOP is 'out of touch with life in America today' and has consequently been rendered useless as a political party.

"'The object of political parties is to win elections, and I've determined that the Republicans can never win a national election again, and so at that point, what's the point?' he said.

"'Forty-two percent of Americans are independents, because they don't feel like either party represents their values or principles,' he continued. 'I'm like everybody else, and I think that 42 percent of Americans who aren't represented by a party represent the new majority.'

"He said that he held out hope for many years that the Republican Party would evolve in step with the American public on its view of gay marriage. But he said the change has come too slowly and now 'it’s just too late.'

"'There is a segment of the party who seems to be anti-everybody who's not like them,' he said. 'You have such fear that they might lose a small sliver of intolerant voters that they're not willing to say to those people you either need to modernize and get with the program, or you can't come on our journey to help our country.'

"LaSalvia said he’s not sure what his next step is in defining his place with 'the new majority' but said he’s received an outpouring of support across the political spectrum since announcing his political shift last week.

"For more on LaSalvia’s split from the GOP, check out this episode of "Top Line.'"

(ABC News’ Alexandra Dukakis, Tom Thornton, Melissa Young, and Bob Bramson contributed to this episode.)

And on to the second story on Fox News's ratings:

"Fox News is hemorrhaging young viewers, but last week, things hit a new low for Fox. Rachel Maddow beat Fox News for the entire week with viewers age 25-54.

"According to TVNewser, 'The Rachel Maddow Show' averaged 325,000 A25-54 viewers for the week, topping Fox News’ 'The Kelly File,' which drew 305,000, and 'Piers Morgan Tonight,' which had 159,000. It was MSNBC’s best 9pmET performance since the week of the Boston Marathon bombing (4/15/13). MSNBC’s coverage of the Chris Christie bridge scandal propelled MSNBC to#1 in the primetime demo on both Thursday and Friday of last week. Maddow won the 9pmET timeslot among younger viewers both nights.

"Moving Megyn Kelly to 9 PM was supposed to lure young viewers to Fox News. That move has failed as Kelly isn’t drawing the younger demographic that Fox News desperately needs for the future. The Maddow victory comes on the heels of Fox News seeing a 30% drop in young viewership in 2013. These numbers are also a huge victory for Maddow. She broke the Bridgegate story, and it is nice to see her being rewarded for some excellent reporting.

"Rachel Maddow’s ratings have plummeted since Chris Hayes came aboard, and singlehandedly destroyed MSNBC’s primetime ratings. Despite her big week, Maddow still drew less than half of the total audience of Megyn Kelly (2.156 million to 1.034 million). Her program still has a long way to go before it is strong enough to overcome the weak All In lead in and challenge for number one, but this is real progress.

"Maddow’s ability to defeat Fox News for a week demonstrates how dire the problem with attracting younger viewers has become for the Roger Ailes. Fox News is television’s senior citizens center for Republicans. If Maddow had a decent lead in at 8 PM, the kind that Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz used to provide, she could be beating Fox News with younger viewers on a regular basis.

"Fox News needs younger viewers in order to guarantee its long term health, and those viewers have consistently demonstrated that they have no interest in what Fox is selling. Putting a younger face in front of the same Republican propaganda isn’t going to draw younger viewers. Fox News doesn’t get that the problem is the message, not the messenger.

"Rachel Maddow has an extremely appealing program, and if MSNBC could ever get its act together, Fox News would be in real trouble."


If Fox News is dying along with the GOP, and presumably Conservatism, then there will be no need for this site, but we suspect that this is not the case even though LaSalvia said that the "...GOP is 'out of touch with life in America today' and has consequently been rendered useless as a political party," as well as his opinion that he's "...determined that the Republicans can never win a national election again."

Conservatism will continue as long as the Elites fund Conservatism, and the Elites will always continue funding Conservatism in the form of any factional political party that they can control as a front group - the GOP, the Republican Party, the National Socialists, etc., etc.

Conservatism is the means for the elevating of the upper classes over the 98 percent of us, they are the most greediest and power hungry among us, and the only way to rid ourselves of the vast rightwing criminal conspiracy called Conservatism is to outlaw it.


“America was established not to create wealth but to realize a vision, to realize an
ideal – to discover and maintain liberty among men.”

Woodrow Wilson.