Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Want To Drive A Conservative Crazy? Ask Them To Explain White Pride

We begin the New Year with a piece by one of our favorite commentators, Justin "Filthy Liberal Scum" Rosario, "Want To Drive A Conservative Crazy? Ask Them To Explain White Pride," an essay that highlights one of our themes: the bigotry of Conservatives:

"We’ve all heard of 'black pride' and 'Italian pride' and even 'gay pride.' What we don’t hear quite as often is “white pride.” There’s a good reason for this, of course: White pride is inherently racist. There’s really no way around it. But heaven forbid to bring this up to a conservative! Why? Because conservatives do not appear to like being asked about white pride. At all. The reason is pretty self-evident. While not all conservatives are openly racist, almost all openly racist people are conservatives. This is an uncomfortable truth that the right furiously denies. Therefore, they do not want to discuss white pride. To test this aversion to discussing white pride, I performed an interesting experiment in one of Facebook’s many MANY political debate rooms. In it, I asked the following question:
"'A question for anyone that claims to be a proud white person: What, exactly, are you proud of? I’ve asked this a few times and can’t seem to get a straight answer. Please don’t tell/ask me about black pride as it is not relevant to the question. I want to know why YOU are proud to be white. If the only way you can explain it is by comparing it to another ethnicity’s pride, you are not answering the question. Stay on topic and explain what it is about being white that fills you with pride.'
"The last conservative I had asked about this went bat shit insane with rage that I should have the nerve to ask about the source of white pride. I was curious to see if this would be a broad trend among conservatives or if they would distance themselves from the clear racism of the concept of white pride. I really should have known better. What followed was several days of denial, anger and really obvious attempts to derail the conversation. The names of the ignorant and obnoxious have not been protected since this was in a public forum and no one has any expectation of privacy.

If conservatives are SO sure there’s no racism in the right wing, why are they so offended when asked about white pride? Photo of Aryan Guard member carrying “White Pride” sign from Wikipedia .

"The responses generally fell into three categories.

"1. Asking about white pride is not a legitimate question.
"This was the most prevalent theme. They know that white pride is unavoidably racist whereas every other kind of 'pride,' including black pride, can avoid being racist. Therefor they perceive the question as an attack on white people. It’s not. But that they see it that way tells me that they know exactly what white pride means. Here’s a few examples:
"Ralph Bonifant 'I can’t really answer the question. If it were posed as "how does it feel to APPEAR to be a proud white person" then maybe I could answer and the answer would be that I am proud in some ways and disappointed in other ways. But even then neither are a reflection of what I appear to be race wise.' Ralph’s first try to delegitimize the question was simply awful. 'How does it feel to appear to be a proud white person?' What does that even mean?

"Kevin Weaver Or maybe they’re not wasting their time with such a loaded question on a site meant to discuss political views…? This particular chat room is overflowing with right wing race-baiting but I can’t recall Kevin raising that objection before. And the question is quite political. If you view your white skin as a mark of superiority, you cannot view other people as equals. How does that not affect your political intuitions? 
"Steven Bailey 'This is a question that offers no redeeming value.' Steven then proceeded to spend 4 days not answering, at great length, a question he claims not to care about
"Steven Bailey 'First of all I answered your question, at least on a personal level. In my opinion that is all that is required.' He repeated, a bunch of times, that he’s not specifically proud of his skin color. But then why spend so much time trying to deflect the question about white pride if it doesn’t apply to him? Assume for a moment that you are attempting to do a study of ethnic/race contributions, then you should expand your question to everyone. Otherwise your question is in fact moot. Ah. This is why I explicitly said I did not want to discuss other kinds of pride. The refuge of the racist is "Well, if BLACK people get to have BLACK pride, then I can have WHITE pride!" We’ll come back to this later
"Steven Bailey 'How is this different? all you are doing is trying to instigate and drive a wedge between races. I now can see how small minded you actually are.' Poor Steven, he wanted so badly for me to openly attack white people. Again, that was never the point of the question. Most white people do not claim their skin color as a source of pride. Only racists do
"Steven Bailey 'So then what is the point of your question? and I would urge you to ask the same question to the other races that exist within this thread in order to keep the test more controlled.' Translation: Please please PLEASE let me use other kinds of pride to explain white pride! This is the fundamental flaw of "white pride": Its entire foundation is based on "not being black (or Latino, Asian, etc.)."
"2. Attempts to rewrite or turn the question about white pride around.

"These were attempts to get me angry or pretend I was asking a completely different question. The results were pretty sad:
"Peter Loring 'Question right back at you Justin from a white father of an autistic child…. Your picture…. Why are you proud that you and the mother of your child had a mixture of genes that when combined didn’t work?' My facebook profile pic at the time said "Proud Dad of a child with autism." I don’t expect a parade for stopping at a red light, and don’t expect a pat on the back for being a good father to my child…. Its what I’m SUPPOSED to do…… First, he stole this from Chris Rock. Second, this was not a very well thought out debate tactic
"Justin Rosario 'Your picture…. Why are you proud that you and the mother of your child had a mixture of genes that when combined didn’t work?' First, nice attempt to elicit an emotional response. Second, my son has to work a lot harder to achieve what NT kids take for granted. I’m quite proud of that. And I am. Jordan (5) just recently learned to say “I love you” in a clear manner. You can see how much he struggles just to say that simple phrase and I’m insanely proud of how hard he works to improve his speech
"Peter Loring 'Justin Rosario, you didn’t do anything. Your son did it. Just as mine does, I’m proud FOR my son, but me doing everything I could to get him every chance to reach his potential is what any good parent should do……Sometimes talking to conservatives is like chewing on tinfoil
"Justin Rosario 'Justin Rosario, you didn’t do anything. Your son did it.' Yes, and I’m proud of him. I’m sorry, are you having difficulty with common usage of the phrase 'proud parent?' After this, I listed several examples of the phrase 'Proud parent of.' Police officer, soldier, firefighter, etc. You know, how normal people talk about their kids. Peter left the thread never to return. So either he didn’t know what a common phrase it was (about as possible as flying monkeys with gills) or he realized just how stupid he sounded and beat a hasty retreat. 
"Steven Bailey 'You just proved my point regarding the bias of your question. Answer me this. How many left leaning “White” people have answered your question?' I had pointed out, more than once, that the only people answering me were conservatives and they were all insisting that I shouldn’t be asking. I found that to be most curious. Hmmmmm…..

"Am I proud to be white? Of course I am because I am white, all of my own personal flaws not with standing, I am proud of my own accomplishments just as I accept and try to learn from my own flaws and imperfections. This was so asinine I wanted to bang my head on my desk. Did he ever explain what the color of his skin had to do with his personal accomplishments? No, of course he didn’t. But he did pretend to have “answered” the question about white pride.
The problem with the premise of your question is that by the very nature of your question you are instigating racial tensions. The context of your question presumes, by insinuation, an end sum outcome. Steven was VERY offended by my question and said so repeatedly. What he wouldn’t say was why he was offended. Probably because he would have to admit the question exposes the completely racist underpinnings of white pride and that would lead to acknowledging only conservatives claim to be proud of their white skin.

"3. Attempts to conflate “heritage” with “skin color” for the white pride question.
"These were soooooo ham-handed. Seriously, if the best you can do to explain white pride is say that your ancestors were white so you’re proud of that, you’re not even trying.
"Randy Lutz 'Im deff proud to be who i am, and as with everyone genetics and heritage are unavoidably part of that. Im not anti any other group, im pro me and mine. My ancestors were vikings, some of the baddest warriors this world has ever seen. We’re proud of those things in our history, why shouldn’t we be?' Ummmm…and if the Vikings had been black? How would that have changed anything? 
"Justin Rosario What history? White history? I’m white and my ancestors were not vikings. Can I be proud of the vikings because we share a skin color? Of course not. This is another gaping flaw with white pride: The Irish can’t lay claim to the historical achievements of the Italians and vice versa. White “history” doesn’t really exist as a entity separate from nationalities. Think of it this way: Neil Armstrong was the first human to step foot on the Moon. Do you think Russians look at that and say “YEAH! A white man got to the Moon! Hooray for us white people!”? Ridiculous
"Randy Lutz 'And i didnt say anything about white. My ancestry is almost 100% Scandinavian, my great grandparents got here in the 1920s and i prefer to identify with my actual ethnic background than this big group of people with white skin color who are apparently the root of all evil in the world.' Root of all evil? Hmmmm…methinks someone is feeling persecuted. The poor little lamb. His Viking ancestors must be vomiting in Valhalla over his whining
"Justin Rosario "i prefer to identify with my actual ethnic background" Good for you! None of which tells me why a person would say they are proud to be white. Can you tell me why? Nope
"Randy Lutz 'You didnt ask that. You asked who was a proud white person. Im a white person, and proud, i was saying why.' 
"Justin Rosario 'I want to know why YOU are proud to be white.' – OP 
"Randy Lutz 'I ignored the rest of the post when you started in about black pride.' Ah, there we go. “Black pride.” The very idea that black people can have something that white people cannot absolutely enrages conservatives. This was why I refused to let the conversation go in that direction. It would have degenerated into “Why do black people get to be proud? You’re a racist! And so are black people! Obama is a Muslim!” Conservatives are very predictable. When they don’t want to discuss something, they spew all kinds of nonsense until the conversation is buried. Randy here left the thread after this and never came back. 
"Steven Bailey 'I am proud of who I am as well as everyone in my family. Yeah my family happens to be white/Caucasian, so what? I have Black and Asian friends that are just of proud of their heritage as I am of mine. As a matter of fact my wife is Taiwanese. so what is your point?' A fun thing about conservatives is that, if you let them talk long enough, they WILL destroy their own arguments. Steven kept insisting that his color and his heritage are inextricably entwined. And then he foolishly told me about his Taiwanese wife
"Justin Rosario "As a matter of fact my wife is Taiwanese. so what is your point?" Actually, that’s a great point! If your kids look just like your wife, does that mean they can’t be proud of your heritage now because they’re not white? Check and mate, sucker
"Steven Bailey 'Now who is the racist, to even ask such a question?' In his anger at having screwed himself, Steven plays, of all things, the race card. I was laughing so hard I could hardly type my response
"Justin Rosario Racist? I’m sorry. Who said, 'I am proud of who I am as well as everyone in my family. Yeah my family happens to be white/Caucasian, so what? I have Black and Asian friends that are just of proud of their heritage as I am of mine.?' You’re the one tying color to heritage. Not me. Now please answer my question, does the color of your children dictate what heritage they can celebrate or not? Steven never ever answers this question.
“I’m a racist for asking. I’m attacking white people. Why aren’t I demanding black people explain black pride? There’s nothing wrong with white pride and I don’t have to explain it to you. Bla bla bla.”
– Justin Rosario on how people responded when he asked them to explain “white pride.”
"The thread continues for quite some time (over 600 comments) but you get the basic idea: I’m a racist for asking. I’m attacking white people. Why aren’t I demanding black people explain black pride? There’s nothing wrong with white pride and I don’t have to explain it to you. Bla bla bla. Like I say a number of times in the thread itself: I’ve never seen so many people spend so much time not answering a question they insist isn’t a real question in the first place. What this entire exercise in right wing verbal contortions boils down to is that conservatives will go to great lengths to deny the blatantly obvious racism behind some kinds of conservative rhetoric. Unfortunately for them, the nastiest, ugliest part of the conservative movement is ascendant and they’re not just unafraid to be openly racist, they’re proud of it! I wouldn’t be surprised at all, especially when the GOP loses another election cycle or two (or three or four), if White Pride becomes an open part of right-wing groupthink. It’s the ultimate in 'Us and Them' rhetoric and the shrinking and increasingly unhinged base will demand purity in all areas, even race.


White Power!

The debate was unusual in the absence of the usual Conservative Sheeplet expletitives, but the atmosphere of rancid racism was the same.

Whether talking about race, economics, or politics the average Sheeplet is tragically left looking like an idiot, acting like an idiot, and showing the world that he is indeed an idiot.

Unlike his Conservative masters and propagandists, the typical Sheeplet should be judged by his stupidity, with a dash of fear and hate that the propagandists have instilled in him.

Racism is hate, and the bigotry of the typical Conservative is in too many cases, a reflection of his self-loathing.  While the Sheeplet spews the hate that comes from the propagandist-induced fear, his masters toodle on their merry way, spending money that comes from the Sheeplets' taxes.

We'll file this as post #93 under the label, "Conservatives Are Stupid." (


“Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust
of the people tempered by fear.”

William E. Gladstone.