Sunday, December 7, 2014

How Crazy ARE The Conservatives?

Our quote of the day at the bottom of the page is from Ronald Reagan, probably our only president with mental problems when he was in the White House.

But are Conservatives really crazy, or crazy like a fox?

Let's see what today's news tells us...

"So How Nuts Are The Anti-Immigration Tea Party Republicans?"

Obama Discipline

"One month ago a distinct minority of the nation’s voters trudged to the polls to elect just enough Tea Party Republicans to gain control of the Senate and join their GOP colleagues in the House in a ritual of Obama bashing and avoiding doing any actual work. Since then the party of “NO” has already demonstrated their determination to hogtie this president and throw a monkey wrench into the administration of government.

"To illustrate just how absurd the right-wing has become, take a look at these actual proposals, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, for responding to Obama’s executive action to reform immigration policy:

"Shut down the government. A tactic that failed miserably last year and made a laughing stock of Ted Cruz and other Republicans. 
"Block ambassador nominations. Because degrading international diplomacy would secure America’s borders. 
"Block executive branch nominees — just about all of them. Another attempt by the party that hates government to prove that it doesn’t work by sabotaging it. 
"Ground the president. Seriously? They want to cut funding for Air Force One to keep Obama stuck in Washington. 
"Start the immigration fight earlier. As opposed to starting to resolve the immigration problem. 
"File a lawsuit. Which they have already done and will solve nothing. It probably won’t even get to trial before becoming moot. 
"Cancel the State of the Union. This idiotic and bigoted idea was covered previously by News Corpse here: Hate of the Union.

"These inane, retaliatory responses to a serious problem facing the nation reveal the deliberately injurious motives of the GOP. They obviously couldn’t care less about advancing the interests of the American people. The only thing on their agenda is beating on the current resident of the White House whom they never believed was legitimate..."

And incidentally, here's one of the prime example of nuttiness in the Tea "Party."

Although the Tea Baggers are just a sub-group in a party FILLED with nuts...

Photo: (M) Very funny.

But back to the news with Conservatives' pride, "Mad Dog Bill..."

"Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Says Non-Religious People are Insane."


"We have met Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, here before. He’s a rabid Catholic – I use the term 'rabid' because he is virulently hostile to the idea of anything non-Catholic – and to say he’s a bit of a crank is to understate the case by a wide margin. This is the guy, after all, who said church abuse victims were “active participants” In their own abuse.

"Now, apparently filled with Christmas cheer and taking a break from inventing stories about 'homosexuality,' what’s he is telling us is that non-religious people are insane..."

And speaking of mad dogs...

And speaking of REALLY crazy people...

...and crazy people in general:

But it looks like the Cons aren't the only ones around here with mental issues...


Before you shed any tears for the criminally insane in the Conservative arena, I think we have to all agree: It's a con job by some of the biggest con artists in political history.

The Cons are crazy, but in their greedy machinations to win their war against the middle class and the poor, they're not really crazy.

What we see is the asylum being taken over by the inmates as the Tea Party gives the Cons some cover while they're ruining us and giving all of our money to their rich benefactors.

We can always institutionalize the crazier ones but for the bulk of the Conservative "movement," the only way out is  to criminalize Conservatism.


"Trees cause more pollution than automobiles."

Ronald Reagan.


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