Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Truth Is Whatever People Will Believe.

A funny thing about Fox News, less than a fifth of what they say is a lie.

And words are a funny thing.  Is a lie "misinformation," or is it just a lie?

In either case, there are lies of commission and there are lies of omission...

"After Thousands of Hours of Spewing Benghazi Lies, Fox News Gives 30 Seconds to House Report Clearing the Obama Administration."

"One of the most telling traits of a sociopath is how they react when caught lying. Most of us, when we’re caught misleading someone, will experience at least some twinge of social discomfort. That little, rattling moment of panic is how you know you’re still socially functional. A psychopath or sociopath, though, often won’t even blink when caught in a blatant lie. As likely as not, they’ll just smile, shrug it off and move right on to the next one. Meet Fox 'News.'

"It’s no secret that Fox anchors get their daily marching orders from a Morning Memo issued by Roger Ailes — a clinical sociopath if ever there was one. Over the last few years, the head lunatic at Fox Asylum has been ramming the Benghazi conspiracy down America’s throats like bleach milkshake through a firehose. Books, thousands of hours of coverage, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney screaming for impeachment, every Teabilly with a length of rope screaming for a tree; two long years, non-stop.

"And the culmination of all of that? About thirty seconds of sideways reporting on a recently released House Intelligence Committee report grudgingly clearing the Obama administration of any wrongdoing..."

But that's just how Fox "News" is...

And since their house organ Fox News is quiet, the Cons stay mum about this whole Benghazi thing too...

You remember the Benghazi scandal that was going to ruin Hillary's run for president in 2016, don't you?

It was one of just two issues that kept the Conservative Congressmen so busy in their Less-Than-Do-Nothing-Congress for the last two years...

It was one of the most exhaustive investigation on the books...

Because Conservatives around the world can agree upon one thing -- tell the truth...

Even in Texas, where the truth is dumb and the dumbness won't set you free...

"Everything’s Dumber in Texas: State Approves Textbooks That Teach Moses is Founding Father."

"Just like with the elections, conservatives on the Texas Board of Education have won — and America (or, in this case, Texas) has lost. While the Board ultimately accepted books that no longer contain passages that were designed to lead students to believe, wrongly, that there is not scientific consensus on climate change thanks to a combination of board members’ admitted failure to actually read the alterations made by publishers and possible illiteracy, period, the Christian extremists on the Board did win the battle regarding their wish to spread Jesus all across American history.

"The Texas Freedom Network says it was successful in getting other alterations made that promote negative stereotypes of Muslims. However, the Board accepted numerous late changes without giving the public time to review them — including the promotion of Moses as a Founding Father..."

But finally, let's call a lie a lie...


And that's the end of the story at the same time it's the beginning...because Conservatives ALWAYS lie -- it's the Conservative way.

Lie after lie, smear after smear, crime after crime...and does anyone do anything about the Conservative criminal cartel?

No?  Then let's criminalize Conservatism and save country and planet.


"I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends...
that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth
about them."

Adlai E. Stevenson.


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