Saturday, November 8, 2014

Now That You Helped The GOP Win, Here's How They'll Help You!

The usual midterm election no-shows and the Low Information Voters propelled the Conservatives into taking over the Senate, leading us to wonder if Americans know what they're in for.  In the same way that Americans foolishly voted for a second rate actor, a mean old man with fewer scruples than brains, they voted for even more crazed Conservatives to rip our democracy apart.

Let's take a look and see if we can figure out their plans, starting with the Goebbels of the American air waves, the Pigboy...

"Limbaugh: Republicans Were Not Elected to Govern, but to 'Stop Barack Obama' (Video)."

"In the wake of Tuesday’s all-around disastrous (but, as I’ve said before, predictable) elections, the right-wing has been gloating nonstop. About what, I don’t know, since these fools won’t govern. Governing isn’t what their end game is, and somehow, I think that the Republican lizard brain understood this when they marked 'R' on their straight party ticket. The King of Lizard Brains, Jabba the Rush, sure does: he spelled it out Wednesday on his radio program where he said that the Republicans weren’t elected for their capacity to govern (which would be like electing Jefferson Davis for his track record on human rights) — rather, they were elected to stop the Democrats.

"Limbaugh called it a 'landslide running against Obamacare,' showing that the right’s propensity for querulous delusions hasn’t dimmed at all in the wake of their victory, and said that 'The national Republican brand or image didn’t say a word, which makes the mandate that they have all the more incredible. It is rare that a political party running for office in a midterm election, not standing for anything, ends up with a mandate.'l

"Actually, it’s that’s not rare at all. That’s what happened in 2010..." (Click on headline for the video)

And speaking of pigs, along with our thanks to the Republican Party, we need to thank the media too...

"Why the Media Are Ignoring the Dangerous Ideas of Joni Ernst and Other Extremists Now on the Cusp of Power."

Joni Ernst
(Photo: Joni Ernst/YouTube)
"Joni Ernst, who may become Iowa’s next senator, denies climate change, supports a personhood amendment and says she’d use her 'beautiful little Smith & Wesson' to defend herself 'from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.' She’s also seriously flirted with a John Birch Society–backed conspiracy theory about an evil plot called Agenda 21.

"But all you’d know from the corporate media is that Ernst made a really catchy ad about castrating pigs and that she is supposedly (but not really) the victim of a sexist remark made by outgoing Democratic senator Tom Harkin..."

But since the media will give the American Taliban a free pass as always, let's see if we can predict what your non-vote meant to you personally...

Does that surprise you? Even the Cons may be a little surprised too. Because they really hate governing, because they don't know how.  These extremists just know how to wage Class Warfare...

...because this is how they govern.

...although their mentors and donors are celebrating to beat the band.

Here is what's going to happen because YOU were too lazy to vote...

They'll continue their radical assault on our public schools...

The insane War On Women will continue in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton candidacy...

...and their War On Science will continue.

Because whether or not it means the world is doomed, now they're in charge of science in America...

So anyway that you look at it, here is what your non-vote REALLY means...


We are in for it now.  They started with Reagan and ended with Dubya, and now they've captured both houses of Congress to add frosting to the Conservative cake.

We can count on two things: The Cons will reduce taxes for the rich even more, and they'll attack the regulations that keep us safe in the name of bottom-line profits.

Everything else is subservient to those two goals, because Conservatism, the largest criminal enterprise in history, is the handmaiden of the rich and powerful.

Anyone ready for a new law abolishing anti-Americanism?


"Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see
that the world is moving."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton.


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