Friday, October 31, 2014

When The Greedy Lead The Dumb, That's Conservatism!

There's an old saying that drives the Conservatives crazy, both the leaders AND their Sheeplets: "The Republican Party is made up of a few smart people and a whole lot of dumb ones."

This is the secret of Conservatism: The menace of evil creeping through our polity with the help of some of the most ignorant drones in the universe.

But let's take a look at some of the stories and memes of the day to see why -- because we should...

First, a typical Conservative conning his fans with the supreme con job)...

"Pat Roberts Raises Fears About Terrorists In Kansas."

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) | Tom Williams via Getty Images
"LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts is raising concerns that President Barack Obama may try to place terrorist suspects at a Kansas military prison — and is forcefully vowing to stop it — as he taps into the potential fears of voters during the closing days of a tight re-election campaign.

"The longtime Republican senator, who fought against moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to Fort Leavenworth in 2009, alleged during a rally Thursday in the Army base's home town that Obama wants to try anew to house suspected terrorists there. It marked a climax for a campaign theme that Roberts has been testing over the past several weeks as he tries to fend off a stiff challenge from independent candidate Greg Orman..."

As long as the Cons have idiots like these Mississippians brainwashed maroons, all is well...

"Watch These Painfully Ignorant Mississippians Explain Why They Hate Obama (Video)."

"White, conservative men explain why they hate Obama:
One thing, he’s named ‘Obama'
This is America. Our president should be American. Not Muslim.
"Why they hate Obamacare even though they need healthcare:
I hate Obamacare. It’s retarded.
Back when i was growing up, and my parents were growing up, and my grandparents were growing up, we didn’t have all that and people still made it. And back then, people pulled their own weight, they didn’t sit around waiting for everyone else to take care of them.
"Why they don’t want the government to fix the economy:
It’ll take care of itself. You put God in the saddle, it’ll all be okay.
"Why they vote Republican even though it hasn’t worked for them:
But it COULD [work]. It hasn’t, but it could.
We would rather go broke and die hungry than to give up our moral beliefs.
(Click here for the video -->

This was one of their top conmen...

And these are the people who adored him and what might have happened if McCain won...

Photo: Mike Luckovich AJC

Then if the People hadn't suffered enough under Reagan, the Supreme Court put these guys in charge of one of the biggest con jobs of them all...

Every once in awhile, one of the Cons gets caught...

"Mass. GOP Candidate For Governor Busted In Humiliating Fake Story."

China Olympics Beijing Water Cube Bird's Nest
Charlie shows off his acting skills.
"If you recorded Maddow tonight, you saw this story. Republican candidate for Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker brought on the waterworks (tears) in a debate on Tuesday. It’s not really being questioned whether or not the tears were genuine. It doesn’t matter. Why is that? Because the entire story appears to have been a fabrication, or at the very best, a huge stretch. Massachusetts..."

And sometimes when the leader is as stupid as her followers, even she may have the smarts to keep quiet...

...but when it comes to pumping up their Sheeplets, they're pretty relentless with their cons.

The need for an ignorant base is typical of Conservatives all over the world...

So when the Cons crow about everything they've done for their people, try to find out just what they've done - just for fun...


In a study done not too long ago, it was found that not only did the Conservatives score a below-average I.Q. of around 95 percent, the Liberals scored a lot higher with an I.Q. of 111.

And in another study it was found that ignorance and bigotry go hand in hand.

If ignorance and bigotry are the identifying marks of the typical Conservative Sheeplet, maybe we should pass a law before it's too late, and...


"Hypocrisy is a value that I think has been embraced by the Republican Party.
We get lectured by people all day long about moral values by people who have
their own moral shortcomings."

Howard Dean.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Conservatism : A Malignancy On The Face of Democracy

While our title might seem a little harsh, let's take a quick look at a few of the most revered Conservatives running for President now...first, Mr. Christie and someone who has his number stands up to the bullying Fat Man:

"Christie Heckler Does Not Want to 'Sit Down and Shut Up.'"


"Chris Christie may have met his match. The New Jersey governor went off on a persistent heckler Wednesday at an event commemorating the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy in Belmar, New Jersey. His frustration mounting, Christie yelled at the man to 'sit down and shut up,' a line that received applause from many in the crowd. Moments later, Christie's security detail succeeded in confiscating the man’s television-camera-obscuring protest sign that read 'Get Sandy Families Back in Their Home / Finish the Job.'

"Sparring with vocal critics has become a regular part of Christie's job, but this time, the heckler, Jim Keady, isn't going away quietly.

"'He’s a bully,' Keady said of Christie in a phone interview hours after the confrontation. 'He tries to use his bullying routine to squash dissent.' It was a message that the suddenly-in-demand Keady was preparing to spread in separate interviews scheduled with network and cable news shows. 'I’m a 6-foot-4, 215-pound former pro-athlete. I’m not going to be bullied by him. And when he goes into his bullying routine, it lays bare the fact that he does not want to talk about the political realities that are being presented to him...'"

Do you really want a Hitler wanna-be bully boy to move into the White House?

If not and you like the "softer touch," there's this fan of "male-only" clubs...

"Lindsey Graham: White Men Will 'Do Great' Under My Presidency (AUDIO)."

"Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joked in a private meeting this month that white men would 'do great' under his presidency, according to audio obtained by CNN.

"The South Carolina Republican confirmed to the news outlet that he made the comment at a meeting of the Hibernian Society of Charleston, a charity organization that he said encourages speakers 'be earthy, to make fun of yourself, to make fun of them.'

"'I get to be president, white men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency,' Graham says in one audio snippet as the audience laughs..."

But speaking about old, misogynistic white men...

"Rush Limbaugh’s gross closing argument: How GOP still relies on race-baiting."

"While Mitt Romney claims GOP Senate will end gridlock, Limbaugh crows about 'white women' being threatened by Obama.

...On Tuesday Limbaugh crowed to his listeners about the way President Obama is threatening 'five white women' in tough red-state Senate races.

"Here you have five white women seeking reelection, they desperately need the black turnout. We just had a story today that in New Orleans only 5% of the black vote’s voted in early vote for [Louisiana Sen.] Mary Landrieu…if that’s all they get then it’s sayonara. And yet here’s the first black president, Barack Hussein Obama, and none of these white women want him anywhere near their campaign.
"So how do we explain this?  The explanation is the guy is toxic and will cause others who might want to vote for these white women to stay home.  So they don’t want him anywhere near their campaign.  And he said, “I don’t care, I don’t blame ‘em.  They just gotta do what they gotta do to get elected.”  In the meantime, the irony is the first black president is an albatross around the necks of five white women who need the black vote because he will hurt."

And speaking of the pedophilia vote, we digress for a moment to look at yet another malignancy on the face of democracy...

But if you have had enough of this...


And this...

...and this:

Before this happens (and they don't care if you know it), take a look at how the Cons suppress your vote...

"Unbelievable GOP Statements on Voter Suppression."

"Governor Chris Christie: Same-Day Voter Registration Is a 'Trick' and GOP Needs to Win Gubernatorial Races So They Control 'Voting Mechanisms.'"

"Fran Millar: Georgia Senator Complains About Polling Place Being Too Convenient for Black Voters."

"Doug Preis: An Ohio GOP Chair Says We Shouldn’t Accommodate the 'Urban — Read African-American — Voter-Turnout Machine.'"

(Click here for the rest of the sleaze -->

But if you DON'T vote in November, this is what you get...


The American voter thought Reagan was suited for the White House, then stood by while he took countless lives, inflicted misery on the middle class, and wrecked the country to the best of his ability.

We also stood by when the Fascist Five in the Supreme Court committed a judicial coup de etat in 2000, enabling Dumbya to complete the job.

When are voters going to wake up and smell the Conservative cyanide?

Probably when it's too late...but a vote to criminalize Conservatism WOULD change all that.


"Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see
that the world is moving."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why DO We Call Conservatives "Right-Wing Nut Jobs?"

Harry Truman once said, "Democrats work to help people who need help. That other party, they work for people who don’t need help. That’s all there is to it." That's what Conservatism stand for, but some add the fact that the Cons are rightwing nut jobs that should be locked up before they kill again.

Are the Cons criminally insane, or are they just criminals...let's see if class warfare needs help from the clinically insane:

"They're Called Right-Wing Nut Jobs For A Reason: These People Are Clinically Insane."


"Just when I think there’s no possible way these far-right sociopaths can sink any lower, they prove me wrong. It’s one thing to distrust the government; I think it’s healthy to be skeptical, but. . .

"This country was founded by men who did not see eye-to-eye on every issue, which is why they devised a system of checks and balances which allowed for divergent opinion and a stable government. Too many of today’s right-wing pundits and politicians, however, aren’t just disagreeable — they’re certifiably insane.

"Yes, I know that anything that comes out of Rush Limbaugh’s pie hole is designed to increase ratings and keep himself 'in the news.' A week without progressive, liberal outrage over some idiotic invention from his diseased imagination is just another missed opportunity to cash in on a dwindling advertiser base.

"The problem, as I see it, is 'normal people' (okay, Republicans) actually believe Rush when he posits 'people at the highest levels of our government' think Americans should get Ebola and die because of slavery. Wait, what? Ask him directly and he’ll deny saying it, calling the accusation another attempt by the left 'to smear me with this Ebola business.' Fine — judge for yourself..."

Not convinced? Okay, here's something straight from the GOP nuthouse, Fox News.  Are they crazy, or just "crazy like a fox?"

"Fox News: Obama Plans To Flood U.S. With Foreign Ebola Patients."

Fox News Ebola to America

"With just one week left before the consequential midterm election, the crackpot right-wing conspiracy theories are starting to erupt faster than they can be recorded. And the common theme among them is a frightening tale of some dastardly scheme devised by President Obama to rain misery on the American people who elected him twice.

"The latest plot uncovered by the intrepid reporters on Fox News is that Obama has a secret plan to import Ebola patients from West Africa into the United States where they will consume our scarce resources and infect our children. The plot was discovered by the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, who claims to have confidential information that came to him via an 'inside source' within the administration. Naturally he takes this skimpy, unverifiable gossip to Megyn Kelly of Fox News. He tells her that…
"There’s increasing evidence they’re making those plans. Members of the media, my office, have received confidential communications saying that those plans are being developed. [...] If you are concerned about this problem spreading – and this is a deadly disease that we’re even concerned about the great health care workers when they come back not spreading it – we certainly shouldn’t be bringing in the patients."
"The alarmist anxiety of Rep. Goodlatte is typical of the fear mongering that Republican politicians and pundits engage in so frequently. And as usual he has no on-record evidence of his allegations. This is just another unattributed assertion from a source whose credibility can’t be ascertained..."

Sometimes it's pretty hard to tell if the Conservatives are crazy...

...and sometimes it isn't hard at all!

"Conservative Columnist for WV Paper: Unarmed Teen Michael Brown Was an 'Animal' Who Needed to be 'Put Down.'"

"Don Surber, a columnist for Charleston, WV paper the Daily Mail, had some awful thoughts about Ferguson, Missouri in a now-deleted opinion piece on his personal blog.

"Surber, as conservatives are wont to do, chose the 'socially-acceptable n-word alternative,' the word 'thug,' to describe Michael Brown, who was gunned down in the street by Officer Darren Wilson. Falling in line with the right-wing mantra regarding black people, Surber explained that Wilson 'had to put this animal down.'

"'My initial reaction was Michael Brown deserved to die and I was right. His death was a justifiable homicide,' Surber added..."

Sometimes a little chuckle will hide the craziness behind a veil of stupidity, sometimes not...

And sometimes craziness comes to us in the form of Conservative racism...

"Jim Crow Returns."

"Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters, are threatened. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least one battleground state, and the numbers are expected to climb, according to a six-month-long, nationwide investigation by Al Jazeera America.

"At the heart of this voter-roll scrub is the Interstate Crosscheck program, which has generated a master list of nearly 7 million names. Officials says that these names represent legions of fraudsters who are not only registered but have actually voted in two or more states in the same election — a felony punishable by 2 to 10 years in prison.

"Until now, state elections officials have refused to turn over their Crosscheck lists, some on grounds that these voters are subject to criminal investigation. Now, for the first time, three states — Georgia, Virginia and Washington — have released their lists to Al Jazeera America, providing a total of just over 2 million names..."

So sometimes the psychopathic insanity gets mixed up with the Cons' War On Women - sometimes by Conservative women themselves...

Sometimes the crazy Conservative hatred even runs for decades and decades...

As the insanity marches on...

And if you think the Con job called "Benghazi" is insane, you got another think coming...

The truth is that the Cons may be crazy, but their meanness and hatred trumps craziness all day long...


The truth is that the Cons aren't all crazy, and we can change an old saw slightly to say, "The Conservative movement is made up of a whole lot of crazy people, and a few sane ones." The problem is that the "sane" ones want to steal everything we have -- money, liberty, and our lives.

With a little less than a week before the Election, the Cons are favored to take over the Senate, capturing all three branches of governent, and you may remember the last time that happened under Bush 43.

Conservatism is the vanguard of the most greedy and wealthy among us, and that greed, coupled with the insanity of the typical Conservative follower, kills.

Maybe there oughta be a law.


 "I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head before you find out
who’s hitting you? It’s about time that the people of America realized what the
Republicans have been doing to them."

Harry Truman.