Friday, September 5, 2014

Why DO Conservatives Make Up So Many Ridiculous Lies?

Why do Conservatives lie, even when the lie is obvious to any one who can think?  Some say it's because their principles are so anti-American and their practices are so criminal that they have to. As President Truman once said,  "Republicans don't like people to talk about depressions. You can hardly blame them for that. You remember the old saying: Don't talk about rope in the house where somebody has been hanged."

Here is an example of one the more famous Conservative congenital liars...

"Alex Jones' Info Wars questions if Joan Rivers was killed by Obama Illuminati."

"Just hours after it was announced that comedy legend Joan Rivers had died in her sleep, rumors started to circulate the circumstances surrounding her death. One controversial news source posed a question of whether President Obama and First Lady Michelle had anything to do with it...

"Alex Jones is the leading right-wing conspiracy theorists in the country. As host of Prison Planet and Info Wars, Jones pushes any conspiracy that can gain attention to his platforms. From claims that 9/11 was an inside job, to the Boston Marathon bombings being a false flag operation, the latest claim from Info Wars is yet another attack on the alleged 'Illuminati.'

"Just after 5 p.m. EST on Thursday, Alex Jones' Info Wars Facebook page posted a video that questioned whether the Illuminati, possibly backed by President Obama, actually killed Joan Rivers. 'Was Joan Rivers killed by the Illuminati for calling Obama gay and Michelle a tranny? Some people seem to think so,' the Facebook status read..."

Mark Twain knew all about the typical Conservative liar over a hundred years ago: "He knew everything - everything in detail that happened in the world, and a lot that was going to happen, and a lot that couldn't ever possibly happen."

Some lies are hard to disprove but all Conservatives lies come to light in the Information Age - so why DO they continue to lie? Here's a recent tall tale from our typical Conservative prevaricators...

"Darren Wilson Injury Photo."

"...the photo above is not of allegedly battered Officer Darren Wilson, but rather of now-deceased motocross rider Jim McNeil. McNeil, who was killed in an accident in 2011, sustained the injuries seen in the image above back in 2006..."

We expect the Cons' propaganda outlets to lie...

"Right Wing Media’s Claim About Michael Brown ‘Murder Charges’ Proven False."



"Charles C. Johnson, a vile, lying scumbag and twitter troll, is suing for Michael Brown’s juvenile arrest records. In fact, just recently he was assured by 'two law enforcement contacts' that one existed –and one of the charges 'involved second degree murder.' Unfortunately for Chucky, that story was about as accurate as Jim Hoft’s much-repeated claim that Brown had fractured Officer Darren Wilson’s eye socket.

"On Wednesday, a Missouri court official confirmed that Brown was not convicted, as has been widely claimed, of any Class A or Class B felonies as a juvenile, and was not facing charges for any serious crimes when he died..."

We also expect Conservative politicians to lie sometimes...

"Nearly Every Founding Fathers’ Quote Shared By A Likely Future Congressman Is Fake."

"A future 'constitutional conservative' member of Congress."

Take this quote that Hice attributes to Jefferson:

This is Jody Hice, a pastor and talk radio host, who recently secured a win in a Republican primary to replace Rep. Paul Broun. Hice is almost guaranteed to be the next congressman from Georgia’s 10th District.

Hice represents an anti-gay viewpoint based on pseudo-science and seriously outdated myths about gay Americans.

He also really loves freedom. He calls himself a 'constitutional conservative' and LOVES the Founding Fathers..."

And neither quote is true, they're BOTH typical lies - from typical Conservative liars.


There's no disputing it, Conservatives lie and they lie relentlessly and shamelessly.  But WHY do Conservatives lie?.

Huffington Post had the answer:

"So: why do conservatives sop up lies, on topic after topic?

"They do it because, if they didn't, they couldn't be themselves; they couldn't be conservatives. Lie-lovers is whom they are. It's their identity.

"Fool them once, and once is not enough; they demand more lies. It's like heroin to them. They're addicts.

"They can't get enough lies. They are addicted to being deceived. They need to believe conservatism and conservatives.

"The Republican Party relies upon voters who are addicted to lies. So, conservatism is a drug, which will also have its pushers. And pushers serve suckers. It's a huge market -- the market for lies. And a huge business, serving them.

"And that's why conservatives sop up lies: it's because they're conservatives. That's what a conservative is: someone addicted to lies..."

There oughta be a law...Joyce, Jnr.


"I have no skeletons in my closet."

Sen. David Vitter, speaking to the Louisiana Family Forum during his 2004 Senate
race. He won, but later confessed to frequenting prostitutes.


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