Friday, September 12, 2014

The Nasty, Nasty World of American Conservatism

Every vote for a Republican or any other kind of Conservative takes us closer to the nasty, nasty world of Conservative "values," a world of lies and insanity that help drive us closer to their dream of a New American Age of Feudalism...but first, a little non-history lesson:

"Conservatives claim 9/11 attacks are the direct result of legalizing abortion in 1973."

"The World Trade Center towers burn on Sept. 11, 2001"  by 911 photos on Flickr, Creative Commons licensed

"Ahead of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, conservatives have attempted to link a woman’s right to end her pregnancy to terrorism.

"The messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn went on 'Sid Roth’s "It’s Supernatural"' last week to explain how the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade was responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11, Right Wing Watch reports..."

No, you read it right.  And for more of the Cons' vicious insanity, check out the following story where "unpatriotic" is a euphemism for "seditious..."

"Republican Reaction to Obama's ISIS Speech: Inaccurate, Unhelpful, Even Unpatriotic."

"Minutes after President Barack Obama concluded his strong and sensible address explaining how he intends to destroy the terrorist organization the Islamic State, Republicans popped up on television like political snipers. He should have kept a 'residual force' in Iraq, complained Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and he is to blame for the Islamic State's advances. He sounds just like George W. Bush, gloated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and he is reluctantly enacting the advice of Dick Cheney..."

In the world of politics, Conservatives are fueled by the money their rich donors give them. "Scratch my back and I'll stab the rest of the country in the back on your behalf, say the Cons in Congress..."

"Predictably, Nasty Republicans Block Bill to Overturn Citizens United: Dems Vow to 'Keep Fighting.'"

"The Republican’ts are at it again, this time in the U.S. Senate, where — predictably — they foiled their Democratic colleagues’ attempts to get big money out of politics.

"The Democrats tried to bring a constitutional amendment to the Senate Floor that would reverse Citizens’ United and a series of other disastrous Supreme Court decisions on campaign financing. And of course the Koch-funded GOP Koch-blocked it with a filibuster..."

With Christ on their side, the Cons are creating a secular paradise on Earth...

"Christian-based Company Chick-Fil-A Demotes Breast Cancer Survivor After Medical Leave For Double Mastectomy (VIDEO)."

"Recently, a Chick-fil-A employee from Colorado has come forward with allegations that the Christian-based fast food company has not only cut her insurance, but demoted her after she went on medical leave for a double mastectomy.

"Daphne Richards thought she had found the perfect company when she first began working for Chick-fil-A. Having recently gone through a divorce and faced with the task of supporting her two children, the restaurant’s values and healthcare coverage were well-aligned with her family’s needs..."

Businesses can discriminate against anyone they want to, say the Cons.  We'll still keep religion out of government if you just vote for us, 'cause blasphemy is so out of date...

"Sacrilegious Selfies: Pennsylvania Teen Arrested For “Desecrating” Jesus Statue In Sexual Pose."


"There is an interesting case that in Pennsylvania where an unnamed teen is charged with 'desecration' of a statue of Jesus in front of the Love in the Name of Christ, a Christian organization in Everett, Pennsylvania. The charge against the 14-year-old raises significant first amendment questions in the alleged desecration of a venerated object. He could be (unlikely) jailed for two jails for insulting a religious statue, something that contravenes free speech and establishment principles as well as vagueness issues..."

If the citizens try to unseat the Cons in the voting booth, good luck with that...

"Top GA Election Official Warns Dems Are Registering 'All These Minority Voters' (AUDIO)."

Kemp the Bigot
"Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) warned that Democrats were registering minority voters and that needed to be matched by Republicans during a speech to Gwinnett Republicans in July.

"Audio of Kemp's comments were flagged by the Democratic-leaning group Better Georgia and reported by ThinkProgress and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"'In closing I just wanted to tell you, real quick, after we get through this runoff, you know the Democrats are working hard, and all these stories about them, you know, registering all these minority voters that are out there and others that are sitting on the sidelines, if they can do that, they can win these elections in November,' Kemp said in his speech. 'But we've got to do the exact same thing. I would encourage all of you, if you have an Android or an Apple device, to download that app, and maybe your goal is to register one new Republican voter...'"

Because when it comes to politics and money, Conservative birds of a feather flock each other...

"How Sarah PAC, Rick Santorum And Others May Be Duping Conservative Donors."

Image via
Image via
"Recently, a number of websites published claims that donations to ALS as part of the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' were mostly used for executive salaries and overhead, and not for the purposes of finding a cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people pour a bucket of ice water over their heads to raise awareness of ALS and drive donations to the ALS Association, has raised $111.6 million dollars as of yesterday..."

We'd better figure out who's to blame...

Finally, do you think both parties are "the same?" Then which scenario do you prefer, this...

Or this...


Proving that the Cons are lying, seditious, nasty criminals is easy, deciding on how they should pay for their misdeeds after Conservatism is criminalized isn't so easy.

Should we seek the Ultimate Penalty, or should we just throw them in prison and throw the key away?

Should we try to rehabilitate the Conservative Sheeplets whose genetic makeup makes them fearful, angry, authoritarian puppets?

The answer is probably All of The Above.


"Herbert Hoover once ran on the slogan, 'Two cars in every garage.' Apparently, the
Republican candidate this year is running on the slogan, 'Two families in every garage.'"

Harry Truman.


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