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"Show Me A Liar And I'll Show You A Thief."

"Show Me A Liar And I'll Show You A Thief" is a quote from George Herbert (1593-1633) that sounds like he was familiar with Conservatism in the 16th century, as we see by the following news stories today (All of our essays are derived from news and opeds of the day).

First, from

"Senate Report Confirms That Republicans Lied About The IRS Only Targeting Conservatives."

issa irs

"A newly released report from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations confirms that both liberal and conservatives groups received the same bad treatment and were targeted by the IRS. In short, Republicans lied about the IRS only targeting conservatives.

"The Executive Summary section of the report put the Republican IRS conspiracy down for the count,

"The Subcommittee investigation has reached many of the same conclusions as the TIGTA audit of the 501(c)(4) application process. The Subcommittee investigation found that the IRS used inappropriate screening criteria when it flagged for increased scrutiny applications based upon the applicants’ names or political views rather than direct evidence of their involvement with campaign activities. The Subcommittee investigation also found significant program mismanagement, including years-long delays in processing 501(c)(4) applications; inappropriate, intrusive, and burdensome questioning of groups; and poor communication and coordination between IRS officials in Washington and Cincinnati. At the same time, like TIGTA, the Subcommittee investigation found no evidence of IRS political bias in selecting 501(c)(4) applications for heightened review, as distinguished from using poor judgment in crafting the selection criteria. Based on investigative work that went beyond what TIGTA examined, the Subcommittee investigation also determined that the same problems affected IRS review of 501(c)(4) applications filed by liberal groups..."

It's always easy to recognize the lies the Cons spew into our airwaves daily, but they don't like to tell us all the details.  Simple lies from simple monsters usually come to light though, especially from Conservative presidents...

"Legal memos released on Bush-era justification for warrantless wiretapping."

"The Justice Department released two decade-old memos Friday night, offering the fullest public airing to date of the Bush administration’s legal justification for the warrantless wiretapping of Americans’ phone calls and e-mails — a program that began in secret after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

"The broad outlines of the argument — that the president has inherent constitutional power to monitor Americans’ communications without a warrant in a time of war — were known, but the sweep of the reasoning becomes even clearer in the memos written by then-Assistant Attorney General Jack Goldsmith, who was head of President George W. Bush’s Office of Legal Counsel.

"'We conclude only that when the nation has been thrust into an armed conflict by a foreign attack on the United States and the president determines in his role as commander in chief . . . that it is essential for defense against a further foreign attack to use the [wiretapping] capabilities of the [National Security Agency] within the United States, he has inherent constitutional authority' to order warrantless wiretapping — 'an authority that Congress cannot curtail,' Goldsmith wrote in a redacted 108-page memo dated May 6, 2004...

Speaking of Conservative presidents it's funny how bona fide research always finds out about the Cons lies, though in Reagan's case it may take awhile because he was one of the best liars Hollywood could manufacture.  Now only if the Low Information Voter could wake up and smell the lies...

"Research DESTROYS GOP’s Welfare Queen Myth: Food Stamp Program NOT Overrun With Fraud and Abuse!"

"Conservatives can be roughly divided up into two groups: Christian Conservatives, and Free-Market Conservatives. Christian conservatives, by far the rarer of the two, have a lot going against them — but at least they believe in feeding the poor, as is spoken of repeatedly in their instruction manual.
Free-Market Conservatives (which include pseudochristian conservatives) follow a different doctrine. Namely, the Classical Libertarian doctrine that says poverty and starvation are both inevitable, and desirable, necessary motivators to keep labor costs down.

"The latter group’s found a degree of moral justification for this belief in Ronald Reagan’s 'Welfare Queen.' You know, the lazy (probably black) woman with six kids, whose sole purpose in life is to make a living off the government by whatever means necessary. No fraud is too low, no effort too high for the Welfare Queen to take what she thinks she has coming to her. And to hear Free-Market Conservatives tell it, the Food Stamp system is practically nothing but. Especially since the recession that they had nothing to do with, and that time the black guy promised that they could all quit their jobs and still eat like kings. Or queens.

"Unfortunately, though, as is the case with so many conservative mythologies — this one seems to have little to no basis in reality.

"According to a new study by the non-partisan group Stateline, not only is the rate of Food Stamp fraud only at about 3.2 percent nationwide, it’s actually gone down since the Bush Recession. In fact, thanks to a set of initiates undertaken at both the state and federal levels, food stamp under- or over-payments are at the lowest they’ve been since SNAP’s original “Food Stamp Program” predecessor came into being in 1939..."

Conservatives in the GOP get all the help (lies) they need from their house organ, Fox News...

"ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was 'released by Obama in 2009...'"

"The march of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, across a swath of Iraq has fractured a nation and spurred Republican attacks that the Obama administration is on the verge of 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.'

"Fox News host Jeanine Pirro tied President Barack Obama to the roots of the current assault. On June 14, Pirro offered listeners this insight into the ISIS leader. (ISIS is also called ISIL, for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.)

"'The head of this band of savages is a man named Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the new Osama Bin Laden," Pirro said.' A man released by Obama in 2009, who started ISIS a year later. And when Baghdadi left Camp Bucca, where the worst of the worst were held in Iraq, he threatened his American jailers saying, 'I’ll see you in New York...'"

As house organ for the GOP, Fox News is no different than any other real news network except they can read minds, unlike some of their sympathetic cops...

"Ferguson Police Chief Lied About Why He Released Alleged Michael Brown Robbery Tape: Report (UPDATED)."

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) 
"Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson lied when he said he had received 'many' specific requests for the videotape that allegedly shows Michael Brown robbing a convenience store, according to a new report.

"'All I did -- what I did was -- was release the videotape to you, because I had to,' Jackson told reporters on Aug. 15 when asked why he released the robbery footage. 'I’d been sitting on it, but I -- too many people put in a [Freedom of Information Act] request for that thing, and I had to release that tape to you.'

"Writing for The Blot, Matthew Keys reports that the police department did not receive any specific requests for the videotape.

"'A review of open records requests sent to the Ferguson Police Department found that no news organization, reporter or individual specifically sought the release of the surveillance tape before police distributed it on Aug. 15,' Keys writes..."

And what is the moral of today's essay? It's as plain as the nose on your face: CONSERVATIVES LIE.


It's impossible to stop Conservatives from lying, they can't even stop lying...because they have to.

Conservatism's core value is to protect the interests of the wealthiest among us, which includes the age-old rationale of governance of the 2 percent over the rest of us: the 2 per cent are rich, so they must be smarter than we are.  Divine right of kings, anyone?

In a participatory democracy this is a hard pill for the non-rich electorate to swallow, so the Cons have to lie, no matter who gets killed, maimed, diseased, or impoverished - QED.

Maybe there ought be a law.


"Thou liar of the first magnitude."

William Congreve, Love For Love.


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