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Everything You Need To Know About Why Guns Kill People -- For Kids.

Photo: Mike Thompson, The Detroit Free Press

"One only wishes Wayne LaPierre and his NRA board of directors could be drafted to some of these scenes, where they would be required to put on booties and rubber gloves and help clean up the blood, the brains, and the chunks of intestine still containing the poor wads of half-digested food that were some innocent bystander's last meal." -- Stephen King, Guns.

For anyone from the NRA reading this post, here's the NRA's version of the truth...

"Two Decades of Paranoid Pronouncements by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre."

Image Associated Press

"Since the Newtown massacre Wayne LaPierre, the face of the National Rifle for the last 20 years, has said some pretty shocking things, and he will say some more controversial things in his testimony before Congress today. (You can follow along live right here.) But in anticipation of his latest high-profile opportunity to make the case for guns, we took a tour of the archives, and learned that, if anything, LaPierre has toned things down. He hasn't — yet? — claimed that President Obama is not prosecuting criminals because he wants to stir up public demand for gun control, or blamed murders on one specific rap song, or said the press has one-upped Joseph Goebbels, or engaged in any other Nazi imagery. Indeed, LaPierre spent most of the 1990s warning how Bill Clinton had lead America to the brink of tyranny. Let's peruse the history of controversial LaPierre comments that led up to the kinder, gentler LaPierre we know today. Many of the comments have the same theme: a paranoid insinuation that the government is coming for your guns..."

The problem may be with the NRA's spokesman, LaPierre sounds so...well, French.

But to continue with our theme...

"South Carolina Shooting Rampage Leaves 4 Dead, Including Gunman."

"GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina authorities say a gunman killed two security guards and his stepfather and wounded a police officer before fatally shooting himself in the head.

"Greenville County Sheriff Steve Loftis says 23-year-old Evan Casey Bennett shot the security guards last Thursday night, but wasn't immediately identified and captured. Interim Greenville Police Chief Mike Gambrell says Bennett killed his stepfather on Monday before heading over to the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center, where he shot out windows and fired on the officer before turning the gun on himself..."

After all, kids have a Constitutional RIGHT to carry semi-automatic weapons around with them...

"A Tale of Two 9-Year-Olds: The One on the Playground, and the One With an Uzi."

"You should be absolutely terrified that a 9-year-old’s constitutional right to fire an Uzi trumps your right to decide at what age your kids can play at the park unsupervised

"Parents who allow their 9-year-old to play unsupervised at a playground can be arrested, but handing a nine-year-old an Uzi is perfectly acceptable.

"Unfortunately, that’s not hyperbole. It’s just the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves, after a 9-year-old New Jersey girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor at a firing range in Arizona..."

It's a good thing these kinds of accidents only happen once in awhile...

But let's continue with some factual information...

"Guns in the Home and Risk of a Violent Death in the Home: Findings from a National Study."

"Over 50,000 homicides and suicides occur each year in the United States, making them among the leading causes of death, particularly for young people. In 2001, homicide was the second leading cause of death and suicide the third for persons 15–24 years of age. Approximately 60 percent of all homicides and suicides in the United States are committed with a firearm.

"Although an estimated 40 percent of adults in the United States report keeping a gun in the home for recreational or protective purposes, the risks and benefits of this practice are widely disputed in the literature.

"Ecologic analyses have suggested a link between the prevalence of gun ownership and rates of homicide and suicide and between regulations restricting access to firearms and rates of homicide and suicide. Although these studies are useful in demonstrating an association between access to firearms and rates of homicide and suicide at the aggregate level, it is not possible with this methodology to adequately assess whether access to a gun increases the risk of a violent death at the individual level..."

Who is right, pediatricians or the NRA?

"Guns Kill Children."

"The overwhelming evidence that pediatricians are right and the NRA is wrong."

"Caroline Starks was 2 years old. Her 5-year-old brother was playing nearby with his birthday present: a .22-caliber Crickett rifle. His mother stepped outside for a moment, certain the gun wasn’t loaded. She was wrong. Caroline was pronounced dead a few hours later at the Cumberland County Hospital in Kentucky.

"Despite harrowing tragedies like Caroline’s death, the National Rifle Association is committed to expanding firearm ownership among children. The NRA’s recent convention in Indianapolis included a 'Youth Day' to promote firearms for children, an event from which the media was banned. For years, gun manufacturers and the NRA have marketed firearms to children ages 5 to 12, insisting that programs such as the Eddie Eagle Safety Program ensure the safety of children. If they truly believe this, they are mistaken..."

Naturally, as long as the NRA sees the facts they'll change their minds and ask Congress for help...

"Physician who headed up CDC's study of gun violence blocked by the NRA explains what they looked at."

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, CDC group on gun violence in 1996

"...the National Rifle Association won another of its battles with common sense by getting Congress to end any CDC programs that 'may be used to advocate or promote gun control.' So, the budget for CDC research into gun violence plunged from $2.6 million in 1996 to $100,000 last year. President Obama is seeking $10 million from Congress for new research in this realm.

"Forcing an end to research into the causes and possible prevention of violence that takes tens of thousands of lives each years is the height of arrogance. But then the NRA has reason for that arrogance given how willing the House and Senate and state legislatures around the nation have been to surrender to the gun industry mouthpiece's lobbying and intimidation. It's like having plutocrats ban research into the causes of income inequality..."

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It's obvious that Sarah Palin's "lamestream media" gave up the fight against the Cons. The lies about the Second Amendment (brought to you by the NRA) are easy to dismiss, but the media doesn't feel inclined to battle against the gun nuts.

The NRA uses the money it gets from its members and the gun and ammo manufacturers to brainwash the media and the public, and with the help of Conservative billionaires like the Waltons, the media thinks that they can't win the fight between our children and the Conservative War Against Our Children.

And maybe they can't, until Conservatism is finally criminalized.


"How many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys?"

Stephen King, Guns.


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