Saturday, August 9, 2014

For Conservatives, "Facts Are Stupid Things."

"Facts are stupid things" is a quote from the Conservatives' darling boy, Ronald Reagan.  He could have said, "Conservatives are stupid things," and would have made a lot more sense.

From "Consider the following 2006 study by the late California psychologists Jeanne and Jack Block, which compared the personalities of nursery school children to their political leanings as 23-year olds. Preschoolers who went on to identify as liberal were described by the authors as self-reliant, energetic, somewhat dominating and resilient. The children who later identified as conservative were described as easily offended, indecisive, fearful, rigid, inhibited and vulnerable..."

And from a snippet from, "Young adults who subjectively identify themselves as 'very liberal' have an average IQ of 106 during adolescence while those who identify themselves as 'very conservative' have an average IQ of 95 during adolescence..."

Maybe if they got together and formed their own party!

"Tea party turning out to be the party of very slow learners."

"The 2014 Senate primary skirmish in the larger Republican civil war has been decided mostly for the establishment. And my, how the vanquished do whine about it. Seems that everyone is to blame for their losses, everyone but the tea party candidates themselves, anyway.

"Take Bill Connor. He was one of the multitude challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and he's actually blaming the tea party. He says they promised him funding that never materialized and that he 'felt a bit like sticking the neck out and being left in the cold.' In that race, FreedomWorks president blames Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), who Kibbe says let himself be persuaded by Graham to stay out of the primary. And other tea party groups blame the establishment for the fact that they talk people like Connor into running and then don't support them..."

Here is what might happen when you mix politics and stupidity...

"Christian Taliban Radio Host Says Pro-Choice Candidates Will Confiscate Your Guns and Property (Video)."

"If you want to buy a Cadillac Escalade with dual exhaust, you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium package. Of course, upgrading to the $9,000 Premium package also means paying for a navigation system, entertainment system, headphones, touring suspension and 22-inch wheels. But what if you don’t want that stuff?

"What if you just want the base model with a $500 dual exhaust? Tough — you pay $9,000 for the whole Premium option package, or it’s one pathetic little pipe for you.

"People love buying things in packages; it saves thought, and eliminates the need for rational decision-making. That goes for ideas, too — particularly amongst those who are too intellectually lazy to come up with their own. People of that demographic love nothing more than a good thought package..."

Sadly, when one of the Conservatives' distinguished public official says something, it seems...well, stupid.

"Cuckoobird Michele Bachmann Wants to Impeach Obama, Then Calls Impeachment a Democratic Plot."

Photo Credit: Christopher Halloran/
"In her mind it makes perfect sense."

"In an appearance on “ The Lars Larson Show” last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann repeated  GOP talking points about how President Obama is somehow behind the  Republican-led effort to impeach him.

"Bachmann told Larson that Obama is trying to 'egg' Republicans to impeach him in order to 'help his electoral chances in the fall,' and then will go ahead and 'take any lawless action that he wants to because he really doesn’t think that the Republicans will impeach him. He figures it’s an open field day and now is the time to get everything he wants with his radical agenda...'"

But sometimes we're stuck with them...

...and their ideas:


Coming up with a post like this is easy.  Conservative pols prove themselves every day to be complicit in the proselytizing of the most stupid and hateful in our midst.

Only a criminal cartel would think like this of course, and that is why criminalizing the whole kit and kaboodle off them is an idea whose time has come.  Against the law, you say? We need a two-party system, you think?

Probably not.  From "Objections Rebutted" at our main site:

"1. The First Amendment's Free Speech Mandate.

"Free speech does not permit us to threaten another or to lie for profit with impunity, nor does it permit us the proverbial yell of 'fire' in a theater.  Mafia figures cannot invade our schoolyards to recruit our children nor to dull their minds by selling them marijuana, and confidence men are routinely sent to prison for robbing their victims without laying a hand on them.

"These are all viable analogies of the crimes committed against our country as a whole and to our citizens individually by Conservatives, and have nothing to do with honest political debates where opinions are examined for the benefits to the welfare of the People.  Conservative rhetoric is aimed solely to acquire total power, maximize income, and retain assets for the benefit of the rich by any means.  Speech supporting such goals cannot be tolerated in our democracy.

"2. The Necessity of A Two-Party System.

"The most specious of arguments:  The two-party system is not necessary to democracy, it exists in other political systems similar to ours, especially parliamentary forms of government, and hundreds of competing factions exclusive of right wing interests can coexist exist in every country.  In this country, labor interests have competed with environmental interests and feminist issues are often at odds with liberal faith-based factions.

"It can be argued with more validity that two-party systems are detrimental to democratic societies, and that in countries where two parties dominate the system, they are for all purposes alike except for their shared lust for power."


"You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity." 

Robert A. Heinlein, The Green Hills of Earth.


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