Sunday, August 24, 2014

America The (NOT SO) Beautiful?

Conservatives would be shocked to know that the composer of America The Beautiful, Katherine Lee Bates, was a lesbian and " Christian socialist and an ardent foe of American imperialism...(and that)...Bates (1859-1929), a well-respected poet and professor of English at Wellesley College, was part of progressive reform circles in the Boston area, concerned about labor rights, urban slums and women's suffrage.

Let's sing the song that we all know so well:

"Oh Beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...

"Ozone-Depleting Compound Found In Unexpected Concentrations Despite Ban."

"New research from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center shows that large quantities of a chemical responsible for depleting the ozone layer are still being emitted, even years after an international ban.

"New measurements have revealed that despite the Montreal Protocol, which limits the use of a variety of ozone-depleting chemicals, releases of carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) continue. There should be zero emissions of the compound under the international agreement, but NASA measurements show an average of 39 kilotons are still emitted every year. That's about 30 percent of what peak emissions were before the substance was regulated.

"For purple mountains majesties, above the fruited plain!

"California Drought Leaves Homes Without Water."

"PORTERVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Hundreds of rural San Joaquin Valley residents no longer can get drinking water from their home faucets because California's extreme drought has dried up their individual wells, government officials and community groups said.

"The situation has become so dire that the Tulare County Office of Emergency Services had 12-gallon-per person rations of bottled water delivered on Friday in East Porterville, where at least 182 of the 1,400 households have reported having no or not enough water, according to the Porterville Recorder ( ).

"Many people in the unincorporated community about 52 miles north of Bakersfield also have been relying on a county-supplied 5,000-gallon water tank filled with non-potable water for bathing and flushing toilets, The Recorder said..."

"America, America!

"Death in the suburbs: Why Ferguson’s tragedy is America’s story."

Death in the suburbs: Why Ferguson's tragedy is America's story
A man is arrested as police try to disperse a crowd during protests in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 20, 2014. (Credit: AP/Jeff Roberson)
"What's happening now in Missouri isn't new, and the changing face of America is making it much more common."

"A man in a black helmet and gas mask, assault rifle tucked at his side, shoots a fireball of tear gas into a dark, smoky sky. On the cover of the St. Louis Post Dispatch this Tuesday, the image looked like a still from a war movie.

"Its setting, however, could not have been more banal: a six-lane blacktop, flanked with Sherwin-Williams, Sam’s Club, Burger King and other fixtures of suburbia. It’s called West Florissant Avenue, but check it out on Google Streetview: It might as well be Anywhere, U.S.A.

"In a nutshell, that has been the dissonant visual effect of the scenes in Ferguson, Missouri. Video-game firepower in a landscape of numb routine. Civil unrest in the suburbs..."

"God shed his grace on thee...

"And crown thy good with brotherhood...

"From sea to shining sea!"


Ms. Bates would be in shock if she were alive today.  Her "brotherhood" has been ignored and buried by Conservatives and their propagandists and they have made sure that their plans for a New American Age of Feudalism will be brought to you with the sound  of  gunfire in the background.

There are approximately 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States, close to one firearm for every man, woman and child, and coupled with police brutality and racism Ms. Bates' song will go down as dead on arrival.

You say there's no such thing as the "vast rightwing criminal conspiracy?" The arming of  America and the militarization of our police weren't done by accident and the race between the Conservative takeover of America and planetary extinction is in a dead heat.

Still think criminalizing Conservatism is a bad idea?


"America! America! God shed his grace on thee. Till selfish gain no longer stain
The banner of the free! "

Katherine Lee Bates, in her America The Beautiful.


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