Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Israel Playing the U.S. For Suckers?

The Mindlessness of a Manifesto

Israel's feelings about the Palestinians has never been in doubt as we see by one of the quotes in a piece by, "There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed." -- Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister, June 15, 1969.

And while liberals have often been split on the Palestine issue, Conservatives have remained steadfast:

"Republicans Have Proven On Multiple Occasions That Their Loyalty Is Not With America."


"This column addresses patriotism more often than it should, but it is simply because over the past few years Republicans have demonstrated their loyalty and devotion to anyone except the American people or the nation itself. During the Viet Nam War, there was an oft-repeated phrase from conservatives that Americans who did not love America’s habit of perpetual war should get out. The implication was that opposing the war was supporting the enemy and therefore unpatriotic, but today, there is a tendency among Republicans to support foreign nations and leaders over the interests of this nation that clearly shows their patriotism is reserved for any nation other than America.

"The idea of patriotic duty to one’s own country, and its citizens, has never caught on with Republicans, particularly Republicans loyal to foreign nations. Over the past five years, Republicans worked diligently to advance the economic interests of the Canadian oil industry and preserve Canada’s environment by pushing to build Canada’s leak-prone KeystoneXL pipeline across America, heaped inordinate praise on Russia’s homophobic religious right President Vladimir Putin, and of course, provided unwavering support, and untold sums of taxpayer dollars, to the nation where their true allegiance and patriotism lies; Israel. In fact, as mentioned here last week, 'Supporting Israel unconditionally has become the hallmark of American patriotism, and questioning anything it does is of the Devil, treason, attacking god, anti-Semitic, assaulting the holy bible, and an affront to Christianity...'"

The Israelis are a peaceful people...

"Poll: More Than 50% Of Jewish Israelis Think Netenyahu Is Being Too Soft On Gaza."

Israelis cheering on the assault on Gaza

"A poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute at Tel Aviv University has found that just 4% of Jewish Israelis believe excessive force has been used on Gaza, while more then 50% argue not enough..."

And the Palestinians initiated the first attack...

"Debunked: The Mendacious Propaganda Israel is Pushing to Justify Its War On Gaza."
"It was Israel that initiated the assault on Gaza--not the Palestinians."

"It is time to clarify the real facts on the aggression the Israelis started on the Palestinians.  Unfortunately, the Israeli narrative has dominated in the global media. It’s very important to uncover the Israeli narrative and bring facts to the public’s attention. The world needs to differentiate between myths and truth.

"The first and very important point is that it was Israel which initiated this war and not the Palestinians.

"This is very different from what is presented in most of the media and it’s completely wrong to accept the Israeli narrative here.  Israelis claim that Israel was subjected to rocket shooting from Gaza to which Israel responded by airstrikes. This is not true. The reality is that Israel initiated airstrikes on Gaza, several times, and assassinated people in Gaza, trying to provoke a reaction until they got rockets being shot at Israel. And then, it was spun in the media as Israel defending itself..."

So let's look at the underlying issues...

"Gaza myths and facts: what American Jewish leaders won't tell you."

"Myth: Gaza is free. Fact: it has been under Israeli occupation since 1967 to this very day.

"If you’ve been anywhere near the American Jewish community over the past few weeks, you’ve heard the following morality tale: Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005, hoping the newly independent country would become the Singapore of the Middle East. Instead, Hamas seized power, ransacked greenhouses, threw its opponents off rooftops and began launching thousands of rockets at Israel.

American Jewish leaders use this narrative to justify their skepticism of a Palestinian state in the West Bank. But in crucial ways, it’s wrong. And without understanding why it’s wrong, you can’t understand why this war is wrong too..."

Here's what's happening...

Warfare like this only happens in a unique time in our history though...

So let's follow the Republicans' advice this time...what could go wrong?

Not a thing...



We've all been attuned to backing Israel in whatever they do. When it comes to war however, the Conservative strategy is based on more money for the oil companies (Iraq), more campaign money from wealthy Zionists (any skirmish in the Middle East),  or more money for the armaments industry (all other military incursions).

And let's not forget the Christians' desire for the End Times in Israel...

The problem all started with the United Nations partition in 1948 and it will never be solved with the U.S. backing Israel as we've been doing since then.

America's Conservatives are Israel's chief protectors, bankers, and propagandists, and without this protection and the billions we send to them each year, they might be persuaded to settle the question once and for all.

But the Cons won't budge and we're stuck in this morass unless we...

Criminalize Conservatism.


"We, the Jewish People, Control America, and The Americans Know it."

Ariel Sharon.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brought To You By Your Friendly GOP Congressman: The NRA Kills Again

Our once-a-day essays are created on the spur of the moment as we see what news dominates the morning, and deaths and injuries by gunshot fill our boxes every morning.

With the NRA's phony interpretation that the Second Amendment is not a conditional clause in the Constitution, coupled with a whole lot of money given to Conservative shills in Congress, the shootings go on and innocent American men, women, and children get Second Amendmented to death by people who should never own guns in the first place...let's see what stories were on the internet today...

"Driver Second Amendmented to Death in Houston Road-Rage Incident."

"This particular crime could not have been committed with a samurai sword. It couldn’t have happened with a piece of rope, a baseball bat, a sharpened stick or a rock — only supersonic lead would do.

"In Houston Texas, at 12:30 a.m., 22-year-old Aaron James Francis and two passengers were eating in Aaron’s car at a strip mall. Not knowing it would be his last meal, Aaron pulled out of the shopping center and into the street, where a second car cut him off..."


"Jealous hubby ambushes, kills estranged wife, new beau on rural Kentucky road: police."

"Shaun Hiles, 35, turned the gun on himself but failed to kill himself with two self-inflicted gunshot wounds after he slaughtered Nicole Hiles, 35, and Larry Whiteker, 32, in a hail of gunfire late Monday night. Nicole Hiles had filed for an emergency order of protection against her estranged husband, whom her father described as 'a control freak.'.."


"Yet Another Man With a Gun Just Murdered His Wife and Children."

A photo of Heather Smith, left, and her sons from one of her Facebook albums Facebook

Robert F. Bukaty/AP
"In Saco, Maine on Saturday night, 33-year-old Joel Smith used a pump-action shotgun to kill his 35-year-old wife, Heather Smith, his 12-year-old stepson, and the couple's two biological children, a 7-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, before turning the gun on himself. The horrific scene was discovered on Sunday morning after a concerned family friend called the apartment complex where the Smith family lived and asked a maintenance worker to check on them. In a statement to the media, a Maine State Police official called the mass shooting "one of the worst cases of domestic violence in Maine's history..."

Of course, that wasn't a Good Guy with a gun...dive for cover!!!

"Cop Loses Robber After Good Guy With Gun Tries To Help, Shoots Wildly Towards Him."


"A man with a concealed carry permit thought he could help when he observed a foot chase between a police officer and a suspected armed robber. The man began opening fire at the robber, but bullets flew everywhere, prompting the officer to break off the chase and dive for cover. Thanks, good guy with a gun!

"When questioned afterwards, the man said he was about to enter an AT&T store in a suburb of Chicago when he noticed the place was being robbed. He stayed outside and made sure no one else entered (good), observed the suspect as he fled out the back of the store (good), then pulled out his licensed gun and decided to shoot the suspect (no!)..."

There were five or six other reports of shootings today, but let's see what our friends at the NRA have to say about a gun control bill and the Holocaust...

"NRA Lobbyist Belittles Any Jew Who Backs Gun Control Because The Holocaust."

"Brian Judy, a senior state lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, compared supporting gun control to paving the way for the Holocaust last week.

"His particular target: venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, who is affiliated with the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility and has supported a Washington state gun control initiative. Hanauer has said his family fled Germany to escape the Nazis..."

And finally, what is the NRA Poster Boy up to?

"What Could Go Wrong? George Zimmerman Now ‘Patrolling’ FL. Gun Store At Night Looking For Burglars."

"The very last time George Zimmerman patrolled an area to help prevent property crimes, he ended up shooting an unarmed 17-year-old boy to death. Apparently, he hasn’t lost the itch.

"Aside from his occasional arrests for violent and troubling behavior, Zimmerman has been keeping a pretty low profile after his acquittal for the aforementioned murder. He recently surfaced during his divorce proceedings only to claim that he was dead broke, homeless, and traveling a lot. He also admitted to still owning five guns, including a shotgun that he bought after his trial. Now, he is reportedly doing a voluntary stint as a security guard for a Florida gun store..."


As the representative of gun owners, the NRA pumplts millions of the owners' money into the pockets of Conservative pols.  And the pols pump their insidious propaganda into our eyes and ears.

The result?  These merchants of death are directly responsible for countless injuries and death of innocents every single day of the year.

Criminalize Conservatism and make the merchants of death pay for a nation-wide campaign to tell us the truth about the Second Amendment and why it was put into the Constitution as the only conditional provision in the Constitution - not to defend ourselves from imaginary tyrants, but to arm the militia (read: the Natonal  Guard).


"A heinous act of mass murder—either by terrorists or by some psychotic who
should have been locked up long ago—will be the pretext to unleash a tsunami of
gun control."

Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

America's Gun Violence Epidemic Kills Or Injures 10,000 Kids Annually

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Would you rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away … or a minute away?" Wayne LaPierre, NRA president.

Here's the problem, Wayne:

"America's Gun Violence Epidemic" is a collection of stories about our gun problem in Rolling Stone, one of them titled, "How to Beat the NRA In 7 (Not-So-Easy) Steps."...why don't you take a peek at it.

Members of the Reston-Herndon Alliance To End Gun Violence, Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images
"The NRA remains one of the most formidable forces in American political life. But it is not bulletproof. Since the massacres in Aurora and Newtown, states from New York and Maryland to Colorado and California have made modest progress against the gun lobby, passing a raft of new laws aimed at reducing gun violence. There are sharp lessons to be learned from these victories, and even more important ones to be gleaned from the playbook of the NRA itself. The seven strategies below can empower gun-control advocates to stop bemoaning their helplessness, and start carrying the day..."

Is the NRA keeping you awake at night?

Here's a solution...

"I started a topless gun protest because ammo-sexuals still won't shut up."

boobs not guns

"Open-carry advocates won't stop at Target and Chipotle? Fine. I'll stop wearing a shirt. Do I have your attention now?"

"I have lived in Austin for 35 years, and I have seen some weird shit here. But when my friend Lola and I decided on Saturday that enough is enough with the kind of people who take out their guns for play dates, I have to admit that it was my first time actually seeing that particular kind of people ... in person.

counter protestor at open carry rally

"In person, and while I was topless..."

And the ammosexuals went ballistic...

Here...and here.

Oh, and here:


Over 10,000 unjustified homicides by firearms per year is over 10,000 too many, and 10,000 children killed or injured by guns every year is 10,000 also too many.

Wayne LaPierre's NRA is responsible for all off them and the NRA's Conservative stooges in Congress can take the blame too.

They're murderers hiding behind a false interpretation of the only conditional Amendment in the Constitution, and common wisdom tells us that murderers should be put behind bars -- or executed.

Before we kill even more of our citizens and their children, criminalize Conservatism -- NOW.


"We [the NRA] are the largest civil rights organization in the world."

Wayne LaPierre, NRA president.


Monday, July 28, 2014

"Polarization" Or Right Vs. Wrong?

In an article at, "It's Been 150 Years Since the U.S. Was This Politically Polarized," "A new survey from the Pew Research Center reveals that political polarization in the United States has reached a dangerous extreme. The gap between what Democrats and Republicans believe is enormous, with almost no center ground. We haven't seen such strong polarization since the Civil War..."

It's Been 150 Years Since the U.S. Was This Politically Polarized
Photo by Andrew Kuznetsov
Here's a broad overview of the problem.

It's Been 150 Years Since the U.S. Was This Politically Polarized

But is it really "polarization," or is it Right Vs. Wrong?  Let's see...

"Partisan animosity has increased substantially over the same period. In each party, the share with a highly negative view of the opposing party has more than doubled since 1994. Most of these intense partisans believe the opposing party's policies "are so misguided that they threaten the nation's well-being."

"On measure after measure – whether primary voting, writing letters to officials, volunteering for or donating to a campaign – the most politically polarized are more actively involved in politics, amplifying the voices that are the least willing to see the parties meet each other halfway..."

"Pew also found that "ideological silos' are now common on both the left and right. People with down-the-line ideological positions disagree over where they want to live, the kind of people they want to live around and even whom they would welcome into their families.

"For instance:

Liberals would rather live in cities, while conservatives prefer rural areas and small towns. 
Liberals are more likely than conservatives to say racial and ethnic diversity is important in a community. 
Conservatives are more likely than liberals to want to live in a place where many people share their religious faith. 
15% of Democrats and 17% of Republicans would be unhappy welcoming someone from the other party into their family. 
Just 35% of Americans say most of their close friends share their views on government and politics. 
That last indicator is an important one, because it reveals the extent to which those on the Left and Right have hunkered down in their silos. While only 35% of Americans say most of their close friends share their political beliefs, among conservatives, roughly twice as many say most of their close friends share their views as say many of their friends do not (63% vs. 30%). Among liberals, that attitude is less extreme, but still a plurality: 49% vs. 39%.

"As Pew notes:

"These indicators suggest that there is a tendency on the left and the right to associate primarily with like-minded people, to the point of actively avoiding those who disagree. Not surprisingly, this tendency is also tightly entwined with the growing level of partisan antipathy. In both political parties, those with strongly negative views of the other side are more likely to be those who seek out compatible viewpoints..."

So far, so good...until we see what the split is all about.

"The Political Climate."

"The Pew survey measured the extent of political polarization around 10 key issues that are traditional ideological flashpoints, such as the size of government, protecting the environment, minorities and military strength:

It's Been 150 Years Since the U.S. Was This Politically Polarized

Aha, "Polarization!"  Except on all of these issues the "gap" between Democrats and Republicans is a moral gap, not simply a convenient description. Let's look at the issues:

Government regulation of businesses is necessary for the protection of the people, and laissez faire economics isn't; as we see by the Medicare program, government is not always wasteful and inefficient; poor people don't have it easy and if we restore the progressive income tax we can eliminate poverty; blacks are not responsible for "their own condition,"; immigrants don't take our jobs, housing, or health care; corporations are swimming in dough; lax environmental laws may have pushed us beyond help in regards to man-made climate change; military aggression has almost bankrupted us; and no group except for Conservatives should be marginalized.


The role of Conservatism has been to proselytize Eric Hoffer's True Believer  - the racists; the ecumenical Christians;  the "misfits,"...the "chronically bored"; the physically disabled or perpetually ill; the talentless; and criminals or "sinners"...In all cases, Hoffer argues, these people feel as if their individual lives are meaningless and worthless."

We're not polarized, we're fighting a battle between right and wrong, between the upper class and the 98 percent; between democracy and plutocracy; and between law-abiding Americans and the criminals that make up the vast rightwing criminal conspiracy called "Conservatism."


"I know of no safe repository of the ultimate power of society but people. And if we
think them not enlightened enough, the remedy is not to take the power from them,
but to inform them by education."

Thomas Jefferson.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Conservatism Equals Kleptocracy In Amurica

From Wikipedia: "Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: κλέπτης - kleptēs, 'thief' and κράτος - kratos, 'power', 'rule', hence 'rule by thieves') is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often with pretense of honest service..."

There isn't a single Low Information Voter that knows the effect of Bush's tax cuts on their wallets, the tax cuts that were meant for the rich, aka the "job creators," and here it is:

"Report: $6.6 trillion lost on Bush tax cuts could pay all student loans, car loans, credit cards."

"In an Al Jazeera America column on Wednesday, investigative reporter David Cay Johnston calculated the average income of Americans between 2001 and 2012 — the years President George W. Bush’s tax cuts were in effect. After adjusting for inflation he compared that income with the average income in 2000, and determined that $6.6 trillion was missing.

"'Consider what $48,000 of additional income over those 12 years would have meant to you,' Johnston wrote. 'It is the equivalent of $11 appearing in your wallet every morning from the start of 2001 through the end of 2012.'

"'Had that $6.6 trillion shortfall been realized as income, it would have been enough to pay off all the student loans in United States ($1.26 trillion), all the automobile loans ($892 billion) and all the credit card debt ($827 billion),' he noted. 'After paying all that debt off and taking taxes into account, Americans still would have more than $2.4 trillion left in their pockets and bank accounts...'"

Can you spell k-l-e-p-t-o-c-r-a-c-y?

"Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents but Not to Businesses Who Owe Millions."

"More than 15,000 households have had their taps turned off for being past due. Yet the bankrupt city hasn’t touched 40 businesses who owe $9.5 million in total..."

But that's just an isolated example and shouldn't be taken seriously...'cause the free market is always right!

"Bill Maher Slams The Right's Unwavering Faith In The Free Market: 'Big Business IS The New Big Government.'"

"Bill Maher closed this week's 'Real Time' by poking a stick at the notion that the free market is always right. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the right's adherence to that belief, he insisted, 'Big business is the new big government. It is the massive, unwieldy bureaucracy that just doesn't work.'

"Using the lack of real costumer service in big business as a jumping off point, Maher explained that the absence of choice due to any real government pushback on mergers has left our economy at the whim of people whose policy is to annoy you out of your money..."

Anyway, Amurica is the best and we love it just the way it is!

"Why People Are Organizing to End U.S. Empire."

Photo Credit: Rawpixel/
"World history is filled with empires, e.g. the Roman and Byzantine empires, the European colonial empires, various ancient Iranian empires, the Arab Caliphate and Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union to name a few. These historic empires have one thing in common: they no longer exist. As the lifecycle of empire wanes, rather than being a benefit to the home country, sustaining empire becomes more expensive than it is worth.

"While the US economy and military remain the largest in the world, the economy is faltering and losing its vitality. Chalmers Johnson, a CIA analyst who became a critic of the agency and author of a series on US Empire, writes:
"Thirty-five years from now, America's official century of being top dog (1945-2045) will have come to an end; its time may, in fact, be running out right now. We are likely to begin to look ever more like a giant version of England at the end of its imperial run, as we come face-to-face with, if not necessarily to terms with, our aging infrastructure, declining international clout, and sagging economy."
"The US began as a colony of European empires, especially of England, and then evolved into its own North American Empire..."

But what are the Conservatives up to anyway?


So Low Information Voters, they've picked your pocket and nothing will stop them from stealing you water if they want to...are you getting it yet?

When the middle class LIVs finally get it into their unconcerned skulls that Conservatism is a vast rightwing criminal empire maybe we'll start to reverse all the policies, laws, and decisions that they have shoved down our throats since the late forties.

Or we can criminalize Conservatism!


"The Republicans believe in the minimum wage -- the more minimum, the better."

Harry S. Truman.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why American Conservatives LOVE Putin's Mafia State

From Wikipedia: "A mafia state is a state system where the government is tied with organized crime, including when government officials, police, and/or military take part in illicit enterprises. The term mafia is a reference to any organized crime groups strongly connected with the authorities..."

And further down in the entry:

"The term has been used by some Western media to describe the political system in Russia under Vladimir Putin's rule.[13][14][15] This characterization came to prominence following the United States diplomatic cables leak, which revealed that US diplomats viewed Russia as a "a corrupt, autocratic kleptocracy centred on the leadership of Vladimir Putin, in which officials, oligarchs and organised crime are bound together to create a 'virtual mafia state.'"[16][17] Journalist and author Luke Harding argues that Putin has 'created a state peopled by ex-KGB and FSB officers, like himself, [who are] bent on making money above all.'[18] In the estimation of American diplomats, 'the government [of Russia] effectively [is] the mafia.'[19][20][21]

"According to the New Statesman, 'the term had entered the lexicon of expert discussion' several years before the cables leak, "and not as a frivolous metaphor. Those most familiar with the country had come to see it as a kleptocracy with Vladimir Putin in the role of capo di tutti capi, dividing the spoils and preventing turf wars between rival clans of an essentially criminal elite."[22] In 2008, Stephen Blank noted that Russia under Putin is 'a state that European officials privately call a Mafia state' that 'naturally gravitates toward Mafia-like behavior.'[23]

"Nikolay Petrov, an analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Centre, said 'it's pretty hard to damage the Russian image in the world because it's already not very good'.[24]

"London's Mayor Boris Johnson, writing in 2013 for The Telegraph, pointed to 'a scam, a gigantic criminal conspiracy by which the Russian police and tax officials colluded with the judiciary and mafia to steal millions from the Russian state', referring to the murder and subsequent trial of a Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky.[25]

Does it begin to make sense yet?

Conservatives love Vlad (The Impaler) Putin's mafia state...from

"Russia has become a dangerous place for dissent. Its ex-KGB president, Vladimir Putin, has accomplished what Republicans in America only dream of: he’s built an electoral majority by appealing to the most religious and conservative elements of society, including by courting the alliance of the Russian Orthodox Church. With his victories, he’s becoming increasingly autocratic, dispensing with even the pretense of democracy.

"Besides his notorious sidestepping of term-limit laws, he’s presided over show-trial prosecutions of political opponents and reformers on flimsy or trumped-up charges. He’s brought down the wrath of the state against artists who mock religion. He’s looked the other way as crusading journalists have been brutally beaten and murdered, and his government may have been directly involved in at least one such killing. In the classic tactic of dictators everywhere, he’s diverting attention from his own authoritarianism by painting a marginalized minority as a powerful and sinister enemy corrupting society from within. In this case, the invented enemy is Russia’s LGBT community..."

A few of the Cons get an itchy feeling between their toes...the two big ones, that is...

"Sarah Palin explains Vladimir Putin's manly qualities."

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (R) assists in polar bear research during his visit to Alexandra Land on Franz Josef Land in the far north of Russia in the Barents Sea, April 29, 2010.  REUTERS/RIA Novosti/Pool/Alexei Nikolsky  (RUSSIA - Tags: ANIMALS) - RTR2D8Y8
Wrestling a bear and putting a tracking collar on a tranquilized bear accompanied by a large group of scientists are two different things.

"Sarah Palin demonstrates the dangers of only talking to people who share your world view: 'People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil,' Palin said to Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday night..."

But back to "Putinism" and the Cons' goal of a New American Age of Feudalism:

"The political system under Putin features some elements of economic liberalism, a lack of transparency in governance, cronyism and pervasive corruption, which assumed in Putin's Russia 'a systemic and institutionalized form..."

The Conservative Pledge...

...with a little help from their friends.

Every one of their benefactors will do well in the Mafia State of America!

Unless you're some kind of Librul...


The Cons can only fantasize about their dream ticket, and if Rafael Cruz can become naturalized why not?

It's not going to happen, but let's Criminalize Conservatism...just in case.


"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral
philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."

John Kenneth Galbraith.